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  1. I miss her acerbic attitude already but I'll deny saying that if anyone tells her.
  2. Like Riker before him Karrod has only one off duty outfit and that's all he needs. All credit and praise to @Aliethfor Karrod's rizz.
  3. Jeeze you torture someone in a cave one time and you never hear the end of it Great sim @Addison MacKenzie - reminds me of simpler days gone by.
  4. The early bird something something the quote thread.
  5. @Dekas really has a way with words that makes a scene pop right off the page. Unfortunately in this case it popped us right off the page and into their drafts folder:
  6. Every part of this little exchange makes me happy:
  7. A true joy is giving out MSNPC assignments with very little in the way of detail and then watching what talented writers decide to go and do with them. @LuxaLorana has been delighting the Ronin with her completely innocent/deeply suspicious colonial administrator for weeks now - we're lucky to have her. Although we may have to shoot this woman at some point. ((Aerodrome, Temporary Medical Outpost, Landing City, Grus Beta Three.)) Emzai resisted a smile as the doctor and the nurse blundered about, she barely acknowledged them. Healers, especially the Starfleet variety, did not pose a threat to her. They'd perform the roles she'd mapped out on her head. She realised that they mistrusted her and that it wouldn't be long before they worked out what had been going on here. And her apparent involvement, and Kipal had ensured that she was involved, at least on paper. The tall human woman, she was one that required consideration. As well as the Andorian, Kos, a constant annoyance. Hardly a threat though. Either of them. Carpenter: Administrator… Carpenter: Finally comin' to render that "full support" you promised us? Emzai: :: indicates the crowd and then the enforcers :: I suggest you unhand our people :: to the crowd :: Starfleet have come here, under the guise of peace. Desperate, on our knees, and they came like they did before, and they brought with them phasers and a battleship. They can't heal our world, or our people. Instead they fire weapons from the skies, they destroyed several of our homes! They brought the fire so they could reclaim our world in their war! They done it before :: to a man:: Jesa, they left your planet to the Cardassians and then to the Dominion. What became of it? Grandstanding always made her feel tacky. It was the lowest form of baiting. It was further evidence that she had now resorted to tactics that were beneath her. It was necessary for her to have an audience for this next part. The results were almost immediate. She observed the ebb of the crowd swell, the rustle of anger spread like a virus. Jesa: Starfleet … they have an outpost there … Emzai: They turned his home to the enemy and then into an outpost for themselves. Emzai ensured that her voice cracked slightly, a display of emotion that she knew would illicit a reaction, as rare as it was for her to appear weak. She needed them to see her falter. They needed weakness from her now, and she'd give them that. She'd become the tireless leader, the woman under pressure. Out of her depth. Emotional. Clairis stepped forward and spat at them. Emzai was impressed by the sheer force of it, and raised a hand as if she meant to stop her. The good doctor took it on the face, without flinching. Emzai made a display of crying out in shock and pulled Clairis back. A show for the crowd and for the officers. Kos: That's enough Emzai you ridiculous klahz**. ::surveying the crowd:: Every one of you knows Emzai would sell you out for a song. Emzai raised a hand to her mouth, and looked to the crowd. She allowed a faux tear to fall. Their resolve faltered, the situation wasn't as solid as she'd anticipated and now a little fear crept into her own demeanour. Emzai: :: pathetic faux whine :: That's not true! :: turns to face the crowd :: I've always been here have I not? :: looks to Clairis :: Didn't I baptise your child in the springs? :: allows her voice to croak :: I danced with you all at the harvest festival not a season ago! Carpenter: T-thank you, sir. And despite our...disagreement earlier. I've played straight with you. ::she shouts toward Crowd:: Toward everyone! ::she whirls on Emzai and her party:: Can your Administrator say the same? The Andorian snorted deeply. Emzai felt Clairis hand on her shoulder, it appeared to be turning around again in her favour. Starfleet's obstinate declarations only turned them in her favour, although she knew that she needed the tide to remain balance. She needed their help. Kos: ::batting his eyes at Carpenter:: Don't flatter yourself darlin'. You're a tall drink of water, but I don't like Starfleet any better than saggy butt here ::pause:: In this case I'll take the devil with the better assets. She heard the crowd mutter. Annoyed with Kos as much as she was. Beck: Not to belabor the point, guys, but uh… we're rapidly running out of time to help treat any of you, let alone evacuate you so you don't… y'know… die in the fire. I don't know what's going on between you all, but personally I think we could all stand to put our differences aside at least long enough to stay alive. Good. The Doctor had his uses. She moved towards him and grabbed his arms, her eyes pierced into his own. Her true nature hidden by the guise of a desperate woman. Emzai: :: panicked :: Why would you fire on us?! What have we done to you? :: desperate :: We just wanted you to help us?! Carpenter: Then WHY are you making this harder?! Showing up to a TRIAGE CENTER with drawn weapons?! Setting containers of unstable and psychoactive ore around CIVILIANS?! Just what's your game, lady?! Emzai wanted to smile, the chief was moving into the exact position she wanted her in. Instead she cowered, and raised a frightened arm.. Drisila stepped forward as if to care for her. The crowd tensed, their was jibes and insults thrown. The Andorian had one other comment himself. Kos: ::Narrowing his eyes:: Keep this in mind Drisila. You can't wake the bear and not expect to tango. Drisila shot him a look. Emzai squeezed her arm to keep her focused on the task at hand. He seemed to narrow his eyes in confusion. But he left the comment as it laid. Emzai: :: looks to Beck :: Please, don't hurt us anymore. Then she allowed herself to cry, she gave them the performance the crowd needed. A woman broken. Defeated. She fell to her knees. Something she never thought she'd do. Their was gasps behind her. Carpenter: It's not just here. It's inside the planet itself. But then again, you probably knew that already, didn't you? Emzai shook her head violently, her hair fell from its perfectly styled chignon and tumbled around her shoulders. The more belligerent the Chief was the more the crowd sympathised with Emzai. She seemed at the Chiefs feet. Beck indicated toward the blown out tunnel in the Aerodrome alcove. Beck: That there is the danger right now - that maleconite you've all been mining, it's not just a mineral. It's reactive, it's dangerous, and it's poisonous. I don't know how long you've been mining it, but I would stake my life and my commission that it's been having some long-term effects on… all of you. Perfect. The crowd cried out. This was their life, the Maleconite had given them freedom and prosperity. They all had their hand in it. Emzai had believed it was a blessing, a rarity that they were able to refine it and it granted them freedom. Freedom from the Federation, and the rest. Except when it became a trap. A trap that none of them knew they were in. Laid out perfectly by Kipal, Droz and the Lattice Alliance. She suspected many others. Emzai had tried to stop them, she truly had. Yet, it was too late. The damage had been done. Starfleet would be next, and Emzai just needed to get as far away from it all as possible. One of those Starfleet runabouts would do the trick. Emzai: :: sobs :: Save us Doctor, please. Kos: Response Carpenter: Oh, for-...Nurse Rox, please recruit some of my people and start setting up air scrubbers throughout the parameter. If we can't clean the air out there, let's at least try and clean some up in here. Rox: RESPONSE Kirsty clomped back toward the alcove, drawing once more her tricorder and shooting a quieting finger (but not the one she REALLY wanted) toward the sputtering Emzai. She took some cursory scans of the inside of the blown out entryway. Higher ambient temperature for sure. Direction was right too. The tunnel wound away toward the range of Kite Springs. Emzai: :: stifling tears :: That's the storage, for the ore. There's an emergency release, it would nullify the Maleconite by burying it under the Earth. I can take you and show you how? Emzai had no intention of going into those tunnels. Truth was she'd never set foot in one of them. Dirty, dark and miserable places. Carpenter: Here's what's REALLY going to happen. Nurse Rox and her medics are going to continue to help those that need it here, with or without your help. Meanwhile, me and Beck are gonna go help the rest of our crew save your frakkin' planet an' people from the FIRE currently eating through it from the inside out. Perfect. The woman turned forward slightly, squaring up her shoulders (fully aware and hopeful in Crowd's rapt silence). Carpenter: Are you goin' to stop us? Emzai: :: to the crowd:: Do as she says. We have no choice. They've made that clear. :: cries :: I just hope it's not too late. The crowd rumbled at this, there were cries of protest from those that held a deeper mistrust of Starfleet. No doubt visions of uniformed officers forcibly removing them from the DMZ. To them it must seem it's all happening again. Kos/Beck/RoxCarpenter: RESPONSE Emzai: :: to a random child :: Go on little one. We must leave, Starfleet demands it of us :: to Carpenter :: I must retrieve Kipal. Kos/Beck/Rox/Carpenter: RESPONSE Emzai: What? For a split second the facade dropped, the steel returned to her eyes. Kos/Beck/Rox/Carpenter: RESPONSE Emzai: Uhm sure I can show you … of course. -- Lt JG Luxa Lorana Science Officer USS Ronin A240004LL2
  8. Sometimes it takes a while for a group of writers to settle into a vibe with one another and to begin forming those bonds that help a crew evolve into a family. Then there are the good folks aboard the Ronin who already write like they've been together for years. As a CO it's a joy to behold and more than worth sharing with the rest of the fleet. Bravo folks - although I don't know why you think the Ronin needs a Junior Officer Protection Association. ================================================================= ((Lounge, Mission Pod Level B, USS Ronin)) Vomek paced again across the lounge. Rox sat in one of the padded chairs and watched him go back and forth. She was not sure why she’d come. She was not an officer of any kind and while the Oumuamua crew had accepted her as part of JOPA, there was no reason to think that the Ronin crew would do so automatically. Still, there was the entertainment value of watching Vomek squirm. He was not what you’d call a people person. Rox was impressed he’d gone this far out of his comfort zone. Vomek had seen Toxin run one of these meetings with no trouble at all, but Vomek could feel sweat on his face. He had chairs and he’d gotten several pizzas and various types of beer replicated. Now he waited to see who might walk through the door. He made another circuit of the Lounge and was about start yet another when the the door to the Lounge opened. Luxa stepped through the doors, her tail swayed behind her confidently. Luxa's hair was flattened down against her skull, straightened and fell straight down her back. It accentuated her feline features and striking amber eyes. Her dress was golden silks that matched her eyes and crossed in several places along her chest, only revealing two triangles on her side. It was a Caitian design, that then floated out around her legs; beautiful and freeing. She had only had cause to visit the crew mess onboard, and she was stricken with how beautiful the lounge was, it was as if she'd stepped into a different time period. The bar area was situated between two pillars, that dominated an entire wall. The pillars were embossed with warm, dim glimmering lights that swirled into differing shapes and images. She believed she could see a man, swinging what appeared to be a blade in those lights. It was the briefest of flashes. The rest was decorated with what appeared to be strong, dark wooden tables and chairs positioned in various formations to offer both larger areas for groups and more intimate spaces for those who liked to keep things private. There was latticed wood on the walls, with luscious plants that crawled along them. She enjoyed that they seemed to have opted for a selection of Federation plants throughout the lounge. She went to the nearest, leant over and sniffed; an orchid that she knew most if not all would recognise. A midnight orchid, she wondered if this came from the Academy gardens themself. Maybe tended to by the famous Boothby, or his holodeck alternative that now tended to the gardens. The thought sent shivers down her spine. It felt unnatural and ghostly, although others seemed to find it comforting. Vomek: Hello. I’m Ensign Vomek. Welcome to JOPA. Luxa spun towards him. Lorana: Hello Ensign. oO a Romulan? Oo She smiled, and extended her hand. Her second Romulan meeting in a matter of months. Times were changing. Lorana: Ensign Lorana, and Science Officer :: she indicated her gown :: Today I'm just Luxa. Vomek took the Caitian’s hand. Vomek: Echante. Luxa smiled. Vomek: If you help yourself to some pizza and beer I’ll tell you more about JOPA once all our potential members have arrived. Luxa scented the nurse before she saw her, with her pale skin and dark raven hair. Nurse Rox, with the not quite human scent. Luxa moved towards the pizza and beer. She'd encountered beer before, at Hiro's movie night on the Artemis, and knew that she'd skip that beverage. She hoped that the friendly Romulan wouldn't mind. The pizza however, she wondered how many pieces would be considered polite. She'd certainly eat it all if given the chance. Vomek: ::turning to Rox:: You finally going to join us. Go to the academy and all? Rox: No I’m not a member, purely here for logistical support. ::indicating her bowling shirt from the Oumuamua:: see “Crew Girl” Says it all I think. Lorana: Harry Kim? :: looks to Vomek confused, points to his shirt :: You bear his name? :: confused :: Relation? Vomek: ::looking at his shirt:: Yes it was a gift from the JOPA chapter on the USS Oumuamua. The “Harry Kim” is just a bad joke. The door to the Lounge slipped open again and Quentin stepped in wearing his blue coat with PADD in hand, typing out his patient notes for the day, his brow furrowed slightly. He didn't look up until he'd nearly run into one of the tables that had been moved for this meeting, and he looked around only mildly embarrassed before shutting off the screen and tucking it into his pocket. He spotted Rox and Avae chatting, offered them both a nod, and then cleared his throat to address… anyone, really. Beck: Uh… this is for the JOPA meeting, right? Got a message in my inbox I might want to be here tonight. Vomek: Welcome doctor. Please help yourself to some food and a beverage. The Dark Island brew is from my adopted homeland, Orkney. He nodded and raised a hand to scratch the back of his neck before crossing to the food table, letting out a low whistle. Beck: Quite a spread. Just realized how hungry I am. Luxa popped another piece of the pizza in her mouth, and almost swallowed it whole. It was warm, and delicious. She was glad that she'd managed to get her appetite back after not eating a mouthful during lunch. Lorana: :: swallows :: Hello, again. :: extends paw :: We didn't get to properly say hello before in Sickbay. Quentin Beck isn't it? Quentin brightened a little at her greeting, reaching out to shake her paw firmly, his eyes crinkling with amusement. Beck: Yeah, that's right. And you're Luxa. Pleased to meet you in better circumstances. How are you feeling? Any better? Lorana: Much better doctor. Beck: I gotta tell ya, I appreciate you letting me take care of that final bit of treatment for you - first day in Sickbay so I was a little nervous, but you made things easy. He picked up a plate and started loading it with pizza, a slice or two from each pie, picking at extra melty pieces of cheese that were falling off and scooping them into his mouth immediately. Lorana: I wasn't about to refuse, having your molecules begin to lose cohesion can make you very willing to accept any treatment available :: laughs :: And you were very delicate with me. I appreciate that. Looking across the room, Vomek was satisfied that phase 1 of his plan had been successful. People had come and were now enjoying themselves. It made sense that phase 2 should begin. Vomek: Uh hello everybody? Rox chuckled. No one was paying attention to Vomek. She wondered if she should tell someone about his Oumuamua nickname. Vomit. She decided to hold her tongue for the moment. The room was crowded with junior officers and they could be fickle on a good day. The less they noticed a non-commissioned crewman the better. Vomek: ::louder:: Uh guys? Hello? Just coming off his shift, Ian knew he was going to be late for this JOPA meeting Ensign Vomek was putting together but better late than never. It was at least a chance to meet some of the other “lower decks” folks. Ian knew that Luxa and C’iri would be there so he’d at least know a couple people. The doors of the lounge opened and as Ian was about to step through the entryway. Deciding that she could not watch Vomek suffer further, Rox walked over to stand beside Vomek and gave a loud, shrill whistle. The room went silent. Ian stopped in the doorway, not entirely sure he wanted to walk through at that moment, the shrill whistle was still ringing in his ears. Vomek: ::looking at Rox:: Thank you. Rox walked to the back of the room and leaned against the wall. Vomek: I didn’t get to meet you all yet. My name is Ensign Vomek, helm and comms officer from the USS Oumuamua. He glanced around the room. Vomek: I was also on the Foxy Lady during the Denali Invitational. We took third. Vomek gave a broad smile to the room. He expected that information would impress the room and give credence to his leadership. Luxa narrowed her eyes, they had engine troubles and had to leave the race. She was certain they'd have won. Lorana: :: jokes :: You're lucky the Vela had to leave the race. I hope you enjoyed the Kryptilithium though! :: laughs :: Vomek: ::calling back to Lorana:: That was just rude. Ian was pretty sure Luxa’s comment was intended as a joke but it didn’t seem as though Vomek was comprehending the humor. He’d met the Ensign several times but their only real interactions had been as Helm officers at shift transfer of duties times. Routine and professional stuff only. Quentin snorted. Beck: The Foxy Lady? Who came up with that one? Rox happened to be walking past Beck and hearing the name of her precious vessel being dissed, she stuck him sharply on the shoulder with her fist. Rox: ::saucy:: I did. Do you have an opinion on it? Beck: ::grinning and rubbing his shoulder:: Ouch. Just thought it was amusing, that's all. Rox raised her eyebrow and continued her walk to the back of the room. O’Connor: :: Finally walking fully into the room:: I believe Ensign Lorana was just poking a little bit of fun, no need to get riled. We are all here for some fun and to find out what this JOPA thing is all about. Ian hoped Luxa wouldn’t get mad at him for the comment but he didn’t want things to get out of hand…at least right off the bat. Luxa appreciated O’Connor's attempts to defend her but felt they weren't necessary. A little bit of friendly banter was fine by her, although she still gave him a friendly nod. Vomek: So JOPA is the Junior Officers Protection Association. We’re here to watch out for each other. We all know things can be rough if you’re lower decks, lower ranked than a Lieutenant. JOPA is here to help and support you. Because we have former members, we can use those connections later. Ian wondered if Vomek realized that Ian’s deflective comment just protected him from Lorana. Probably not. He’d bet it went right over his head like Lorana’s ribbing. Quentin cradled a cup of coffee to offset the beer he'd been drinking earlier, steam rising from the rim. Beck: So how does that work once you're promoted? Is that the 'former member' thing? Kind of like being an alumnus? Vomek: ::nodding to Beck:: Yes once you’re an alum you can help others up the ladder. ::looking across the crowd:: No one is obligated to join, I just wanted to present the opportunity. He glanced around the room again trying to make eye contact with as many people as possible. Vomek: I enjoyed JOPA because I made friends. We did lots of social stuff and I was able to connect with a bridge buddy more easily. Rox had strolled back to stand next to the pizza table. She was debating whether a piece of pepperoni or a piece of cheese would be better. She looked up thinking Vomek was just about to miss something important. Rox: ::shouting from the back:: Pranks! Ian swung his head around to nurse Rox. Luxa wasn't sure pranks were a good idea since she'd been in enough bother since arriving. O’Connor: Pranks? On who? Vomek: Well ::hesitating:: in order to be full members, there is a requirement to play a prank on a senior officer. O’Connor: Wait so this group encourages us to prank the multi-pips? Vomek: We encourage risk taking as preparation for command. This seemed pretty darn ironic for what Ian knew of Vomek. Maybe he was misjudging him. O’Connor: You’re encouraging that? Vomek gave O’Conner a broad smile. Beck: So hazing the newbies. Got it. I had to do that at MIT, too. I assume they're meant to be good-natured pranks and not things that'd get your commission revoked. Vomek: Well for my prank I convinced our XO that another JOPA member was an ambassador. I got him to give a tour of the Oumuamua in only his pants. Oh, yes. Ian had definitely misjudged Vomek. Rox: I heard somebody once glitter bombed Wes Greaves office. Vomek: We can assign teams for pranks. I suggest Lorana and Beck show Commander Carpenter a good time. Perhaps O’Connor and Tucker could give Doctor Kel a thrill? Beck: ::wrinkling his nose over his mug:: Prank the Chief of Security? Man, that feels like bad juju… ::looking to Lorana and smirking:: But I bet we could come up with something good… Lorana: Not sure I want to feel Carpenter's wrath :: looks to Beck :: Although it might be fun to … try something. Rox: ::loudly:: No!. Dr. Kel is off limits. Vomek: No one is off limits Crewman Queen. Rox: V’Len was off limits on the Oumuamau. Vomek: No, we just didn’t get to him. Rox: I’m telling you he’s off limits. Rox: For one one thing I don’t want to get caught up in someone's prank. I work in sickbay. Beck: Hey, I do, too, but as long as it isn't a stupid prank that'd get somebody hurt, I'm sure it'd be okay. He sighed, rubbing a hand over his jaw and studying Rox for a moment before shrugging. Beck: Besides, he seems like he's got a good sense of humor to me. Vomek: ::nodding:: He is always pleasant. Rox: Dr. Kel puts us together when we’re hurt. You really want to piss him off? You could end up with two heads! O’Connor: That’s okay, I think, I’m going for the big guy…but I need a science buddy and someone medically or first aid trained. Any takers? Beck: I can help with that. I'll have my hands full working with Luxa to prank Carpenter, but I don't see why I wouldn't be able to provide you with some assistance. Luxa smiled at Beck. Vomek: What if Ico, and Vailani take Commander Raga? Luxa laughed at the thought of Vailani doing a prank, and then shuddered at the prospect of it. Especially the Bajoran duo on the case. Vomek: And just to show I’m a good sport ::looking around:: Jones and I will take the good Captain. Vomek: Great. Everyone enjoy some food and thanks for coming. With that done Vomek stepped down from the podium and headed toward the back of the room Vomek: Well that went well. Vomek received only an eye roll from Rox, but he decided to ignore the woman for the moment. He made his way over to the Caitian, Luxa Lorana. Vomek: ::tapping Lorana on the shoulder:: So, the Vela eh? It’s a shame you had to drop out. The Kryptilitium was a good trick. Quentin eyed Lorana with amused curiosity. Beck: Oh, wait a second - I was trying to remember why all that sounded familiar. I remember watching that race at the Academy, they even canceled classes for the day so we could all enjoy it. Were you piloting the Vela? Lorana: Yes I was, until we got some engine problems and had to bail out. Myself, Ensigns Kader and Kuva from the Artemis. We were the ones who deployed the Kryptilithium over the course, and slowed the racers down :: sneaky :: Never trust a scientist. Vomek: Well I was impressed by the subterfuge, and I’m Romulan. Lorana: I take that as a compliment. Beck: Sounds like I'm gonna have to keep a close eye on you both. He looked up to see O'Connor leaving the lounge. Beck: I'm gonna go chat with him about what he needs - Luxa, let's touch base later to discuss our plans for the CTO. Waving to them both, he downed the last of his coffee before jogging to catch up with Ian. O’Connor: :: walking out with “science buddy” and first responder :: …so from what I understand, the Yilga Bat guano extract should only work on a joined Trill and will either make their hair glow in the dark, preferred option, or cause an allergic reaction that will make all of their spots swell to the size of golf balls, unpreferred option… Beck: ::blinking:: Uh… well, I can take a look at his medical file to see what allergies he might have. That's a wild, wild idea… Rox shook her head as she watched O’Connor walking out of the room. They had forgotten one thing. She decided not to warn them, she’d just make sure she was ready when the time came. With all that being said, and the others leaving. Luxa decided to follow suit. She was no real use at pranks but she found that she wouldn't mind getting to know this human doctor a little better. – Ensign Vomek H/C/O Officer USS Ronin NCC-34523 T239811VK2 He/Him (character and player) & Ensign Quentin Beck Medical Officer USS Ronin NCC-34523 A238810SA0 & Lt JG Luxa Lorana Science Officer USS Ronin NCC-34523 A240004LL2 & Ensign Ian O’Connor HCO USS Ronin NCC-34523 R240009IO4 & Rox Nurse USS Ronin NCC-34523 T239811VK2 He/Him (character and player)
  9. This year's theme for the USS Ronin will be - We just launched! We won't be contestants this year but we're happy to cheer on everyone else around the fleet! Have some spooky fun everybody!
  10. I.I. is a serious issue affecting dozens of mature vessels. Ask your Engineer if Nacellion is right for you. If warp field lasts for more than four hours, contact the Starfleet Corps of Engineers immediately.
  11. One of the greatest things about our format is the idea that you can release an idea into the wild and, if you're very very lucky, others will take hold of that idea and run with it in ways you never could've imagined. I started the Brew Continuum as an Ensign and somehow, years later, the idea of the little coffee shop that could but probably shouldn't has kept growing and evolving and delighting writers across the fleet. This newest installment is one of my absolute favorites and features a brilliant characterization of one of the hardest species to do well, the Children of Tama/Tamarians. Bravo @Robin Hopper! ====================================================================== ((Brew Continuum, Deck 3 – USS Artemis)) Javaris stood behind the counter of the small caffé, nestled into a nook-like room across from the ship’s Mess Hall, beaming with pride. It was now the second day since his venture had opened its doors, and with much of the crew enjoying their ‘shore leave’, he was sure that business would boom like Kaelor’s forge, its fires never ceasing. It had taken quite some convincing to talk his managers aboard Deep Space 224 into allowing him to open and operate his own franchise aboard the newly-christened USS Artemis-A but, much like Orani, with her eyes on the summit, he had persevered. Now, his hopes and dreams had been made a reality, and it was only a matter of time until his efforts would prove successful – Javaris was sure of it. So, he began puttering about, preparing for the day’s activities – grinding beans, heating steam, and flicking on the aroma dispersal unit which would fill the café with the smell of delicious baked goods. Javaris: ::Sighing contentedly:: Raesh and Jorin, sailing prosperous seas… As he predicted, it was not long before the first customers of the day found their way into his establishment, and his work could begin in earnest. Jibrore, piping hot. Macchiato, its foam extra frothy. Raktajino, its intensity tempered with oat milk… The hours of day sailed along as one, by one, new loyal customers were earned through the crucible of dedicated and studious mastery of the arts of caffeination and customer service. Many of his first customers were, predictably, those already familiar with the Brew Continuum’s outlet aboard the Spacedock… Engineering Crewmen who had been tasked with assisting the Artemis’ crew in their repair efforts whilst the vessel was docked. After several hours, however, a new and altogether unfamiliar face entered – a most auspicious visitor… One of the Artemis’ own complement of Starfleet Officers. The Tamarian barista waved cheerily, greeting the newcomer and inviting them to experience one (or several) of the Brew Continuum’s delightful offerings. Javaris: ::Grinning:: Amara's hearth, its embers glow for all who draw near! Any: Response Javaris nodded, eagerly, happy to attend to the officer’s caffeic needs and desires. He indicated the menu, projected onto a screen above his head so that daily offerings could be customized depending on the availability of fresh ingredients (after all, much like Raesh and Jorin on their journey of trade, once the Artemis ‘set sail’, it could well be some time before they made port again). Javaris: ::Indicating the breadth of available options:: Temba, his arms wide, with pastries abundant... Any: Response Clapping his hands together, Javaris exulted in his customer’s selection. It was a fine choice – and one which he would dearly enjoy preparing as well. Javaris: ::Reacting favourably:: Mirab, receiving nectar from the stars! With the order input into his inventory tracking system, Javaris moved to his devices and began preparing the order. However, customer service neither began nor ended with the preparation of goods. No, no, it began and ended with connection. With that in mind, he attempted to engage his visitor in polite, yet friendly, conversation… Javaris: ::Indicating himself:: Javaris, the huntress’ humble barista. ::Indicating the newcomer:: Lumara's tapestry, woven with shared stories? Any: Response TAG / TBC == PNPC Javaris (he/him) Proprietor & Barista, Brew Continuum USS Artemis-A V239806K11
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