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  1. Hello! My name is John, and I just got approved to start the Academy. I am super excited to be here. So a little about myself... I am an education major, and am in my final term at my university, and doing my student teaching in a Kindergarten class. I have been simming/RPing Start Trek for 13 years, this will be my first Pbem, my experience is 90% in NOVA and 10% elsewhere. So excited to try this out! I have been into Star Trek since I was around 10 years old, when my dad first showed me The Wrath of Khan, have been in love with it ever since. Here, I am going to be playing a Benzite named Vurdal. I haven't made the final decision of what department I want him to be in, but I am deciding between Security, Science or Helm. Again, I am super excited to be trying a new type of Star Trek RP, and excited to get to know all of you better as we share this similar hobby!
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