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  1. I think it would be rather interesting to have a mini series with a Klingon commander and a Bird Of Prey to get more than just a sliver of Klingon life. That would be fun, I think...
  2. Personally for the new year, find new ways to consistently work out at home while COVID-19 is on the loose. Read a few more books. Finish the novel I'm writing. On the SB-118 side, it's time for Hannibal to make Commander on his way to Captain. The road won't be easy, but he is more than willing to travel on it...
  3. It's a sticky situation, no doubt about it. Negotiation would be the first consideration. Second would be the safeguarding of Federation citizens. Intervention in a possible civil war is not something I would want to do. Defend my ship and citizens absolutely, then maintain the ability to observe the status of the factions on the ground and in space. Even offering assistance to those in distress could cause problems, but as a Starfleet captain, that aid would be provided to either side if requested on an emergency basis.
  4. Right now, you need time, and going into the nebula to make what repairs you can makes the best tactical sense. You still have working sensors, which are better than the pirates' gear, so you will see them coming long before they get there by dropping a relay just outside the nebula relaying sensor data to the ship. If you have shuttles which are or can be more heavily armed, place them on each side of the ion trail you are going to leave (and the pirates will follow) and ambush them, quick striking the pirates then retreating into the nebula, where your superior sensor capability will give you the advantage. If the shuttles can continue to keep the pirates in a running battle, whittling them down, then you come out with what ever weapons you have online to finish off whoever is left, or watch them retreat, or demand their surrender. Pirate vessels are not built for long running battles, and they have lost the advantage of surprise. Most likely at that point, they will retreat after taking such losses.
  5. I gotta go with the Sovereign Class. They can take a licking and keep on ticking while pounding on the bad guys.
  6. Hannibal is a soldier to his core, so political office is not something he would seek. He feels he will have a greater effect out in the black than cooped up in some plush office....blech....
  7. That is hard to believe...but you can't beat Defiant Class nose art....where would you put it on a Nova Class?
  8. Mirandas are playable as far as I know....Defiant Class not sure....
  9. I've got a real love for the Miranda Class. Lots of guns, multi mission capable and capable of just about anything. I like them so much when I do make Captain, I'm picking a Miranda Class as my ship...an updated one...with armor, regenerative shields and a bigger hangar bay. According to STO, Miranda production was restarted in 2406, so you never know...heh..heh..heh...maybe it started a little early...
  10. Although I did not submit one this time, I look forward to reading them. Hopefully next time, I will have the time to write one.
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