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  1. Aww thanks buddy! It's my privilege and pleasure to introduce our current tormentors
  2. Okay, wow. @Meidra Sirin and @Yalu have knocked it out the park with this beautiful romance JP. This is how you do it folks. ((Holodeck One, USS Resolution)) The sea of stars above Meidra’s head were of Vulcan in early autumn, from the last night she’d spent with her father. They’d been up on the roof of the estate, talking about life and her upcoming kahs-wan. He’d been a gentle presence, logically talking through her fears and insecurities. He’d been the last man to ever truly love her. Her brother was close to her, yes, but none could replace what her father had meant to
  3. A superlative log and letter home which really pulls at the heart strings and also makes you feel pretty good! Nothing to do with my name drop, promise. ((Yogan & Iljor's Quarters, USS Resolution)) Sat at the small workstation he shared with the currently absent Yogan, Iljor read the letter that he had finished writing for the third time, making sure that nothing was left out or spelled incorrectly. Dearest parents, First of all, let me say how sorry I am that I haven't written to you since I last saw you during the graduation ceremonies on Starbase
  4. For once, we’re not going to be asking about relationships, but STARships. One thing Star Trek has done really well in their fifty-plus year history is that almost every show has a completely different style of spaceship on which the stories take place, and in many of them, the ships themselves almost become characters in their own right (certainly I think the Deep Space Nine and the USS Voyager have distinct personalities). So, our question this week is, should a new series be commissioned tomorrow, what kind of spaceship would you like to see our heroes (or villains) flying throug
  5. I was fully prepared to scream "ANCIENT ROME, ANCIENT ROME" until I went hoarse, but actually, upon seeing your options, the idea of travelling 30 years is fascinating. That's an inconsequential amount of time in the long run, but in personal history so much could change. Not to mention if we look at how society has changed in the last 30 years ourselves is just astonishing. I would love to do that as a mission. Especially considering the length of this group, who's to say we won't reach there anyway.
  6. Now Star Trek has a history of tugging at our heartstrings, from the “his was the most… human” speech at the end of Wrath of Khan, to the death of Data at the end of Nemesis (okay, the rest of the film is kinda trash, but still his sacrifice is pretty emotive). But both of those examples come from the films, which are given two, two and a half hours to make us cry, as well as the weight of seasons go past. However, even in the forty five minutes of a regular episode, there are still some incredibly powerful moments in the Star Trek ouvre. This might be more telling of what makes me cry than is
  7. Oh I wish I'd put this in the options now!
  8. One of the big things that Trek loves to do, and probably one thing I enjoy most about the shows, is that they drop in historical events like candies to be picked up and chewed on. Most of them are, unfortunately, wars, but many have led to fascinating diplomatic situations. And the overwhelming majority of them are only mentioned in passing, and it is left to others to extrapolate or hypothesise what these events might have been about, how they came about or how they finished. So, this week’s question is to ask what you would like to see expounded upon in the Star Trek lore? I have detailed a
  9. This a beautiful ending to a storyline by @Meidra Sirin, a character at the end of their rag, forced to murder and suicide. ((Bridge, the Megalana)) Teril was not a good being, that was never in question, but he was not proud of how his life had turned out. Fighting the weak was not part of the mercenary code he’d followed his entire life. You kill those who have what you want, but you do it and move on to the next score, you don’t become part of the established cruelty. He found his way to the communications area and frowned. What he was planning was considered treason,
  10. Well @Alieth, IC I guess I'd like to advance a bit here. I've got some mission ideas bubbling around in my head, I'd like to get them onto paper and then maybe actually use them on the Res. OOC - I'd like to get back into my theatre stuff. Admittedly that's less to do with me, and more about the whole 'plague' situation.
  11. So we're now two weeks into the new year, be that 2021 for the writers, or 2398 for our characters. We've shrugged off the festive coma, started working out to get rid our beer bellies, eaten the last of the Christmas chocolates, and polished off the last of the port. So now is the absolute perfect time to look at some good old fashioned New Year's resolutions (and not the New Year Resolution, which is to do with one of our ship's current missions); what are your Starbase 118-related resolutions and goals? Perhaps you'd like to get yourself a shiny new pip for your character, or make a De
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