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    Art & Design, Writing & Roleplaying, Social Justice, Sci Fi & Fantasy... and Dogs!

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  1. Congrats and welcome to the fleet, all of you! Hope you enjoy your postings.
  2. Welcome to the fleet. Glad to have you with us! Live long and let me pet your pug.
  3. Well done, and welcome to the fleet! It was a pleasure simming with you in our training - I look forward to seeing where your adventures take you!
  4. Since transferring to Amity Outpost from the Gorkon, Ensign @Torvi Ylvor has been doing an excellent job establishing Torvi's presence on the Amity team while also exploring the feelings of instability and uncertainty she's experiencing as the newest member of the crew, still finding her footing. This sim, which picks up at the end of a Ribbons Ceremony not long before the start of our next Mission, was a particularly impressive exploration of past trauma, current uncertainties, and hope for the future that was worth appreciating in full. Heres the link: https://groups.google.com/g/sb118-amity/c/8DQnd67nkM0/m/lcSyZtKoBQAJ
  5. Often, it's these extremely specific lines that really get me. An amusing nod to a classic movie line - but also, just so suitable for the character. Good one @Nathan Richards:
  6. Congratulations to you both on successfully completing the training course. It was a pleasure writing with you both! See you around the fleet!
  7. Welcome to the three of you! Hope you enjoyed your training cruise and have fun with your placements!
  8. Welcome to the Fleet, all! It was a pleasure writing with you.
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