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  1. Something smells fishy about these Hirogen, or my name is 'Stinky Lou Lou'... and thank goodness it's not.
  2. Amity Outpost's Chief of Security Cassian Iovianus made his appearance at the gala in a classic suit designed by Andorian designer Zasse Sh'renirh.
  3. "Make it so." It is so versatile that you can fit it in casual conversation easily. Heck I will be using it tomorrow when I get the Little One onto their homework so I know I will use it again. 😂
  4. It's been a long road, To get from there to here. It's been a long time, But my time is finally here
  5. I will admit without hesitation to doing exactly what Deigo was talking about by clicking edit for some neat ideas.
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