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    Obscure/Weird RPG books, board games, miniature painting, graphic design, photography, Star Trek Lower Decks, Cells at Work, Transformers, Vaporwave/Synthwave, the kids on bikes genre of fiction (ex: Stranger Things, Tales from the Loop), Stranger Things, Tales from the Loop/Things from the Flood RPG, DnD

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  1. Aww! Thanks, my dude! I'm glad you're enjoying Ikaia's journey and the Wongception! 😄
  2. When your Captain is also an empath, you can't get away with ANYTHING! Here's looking at you, @Wil Ukinix
  3. We aim to misbehave, @Alieth! Glad you got a kick out of it! 😄
  4. Try 6' Klingon VS a very tiny 5'3" Captain! XD
  5. So this wonderful @Roshanara Rahman moment happened. Her sass level is on FIRE! Remember, kids - your Captain is NOT an armrest.
  6. Thank you, everyone, for making this work. It's been my first awards season and I had a BLAST! Thank you!
  7. As a DnD nerd, I thought @Tracey/Ensign Thorne's comment was pretty hilarious!
  8. Today, I come with a new quote written by @Zhanyt Lafizatar playing the role of Badgey a Desk in a scene so funny that I just couldn't breathe for a few minutes. I tell you this desk saga has taken so many twists and turns with each being amazing!
  9. Parker's whining is pretty danged funny! He's a big beefy marine and he's WHINING about an appointment. It's super relatable!
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