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  1. I'm so happy to have @Geoffrey Teller guesting with us on the Resolution for this mission. I'm always amazed by his ability to find his way inside a character with very little information to go on and yet, he's incredibly descriptive and elusive at the same time! ((A Grove of Seven Trees, Memorial Forest, Thama Homeworld)) A warm breeze flitted through the graceful, slender branches of the l'far trees, filling the grove with a gentle rustling that Ashal Koas found pleasant and soothing. Her spade dug into the rich black dark soil easily as it had for the last two hours,
  2. (( Prime ministerial offices, Vman – Da’al capital city )) ((OOC: I paraphrased and took inspiration from Philippe Pétain’s speech to the people of France from 1941.)) Ypartin: Are we ready? Speaking to a junior staff member in his office, of whose name he wasn’t certain enough to attempt, Ypartin impatiently awaited the all-clear. The text had been written, checked, re-checked, and approved by all of the necessary people. He had spent much of the afternoon committing the finer points to memory, but also had it programmed into the viewscreen opposite him just in case. T
  3. Congrats, grads! Excited to have you on the Resolution!!
  4. I am humbled by the presentation and by those who chose to nominate me for the award. A hearty congrats to all the other winners - they are all much deserved!!
  5. Sincere and heartfelt congrats to you all, and many thanks for building/maintaining such a great community. Proud to be a part of it!
  6. Congrats to all winners, especially those who have helped make my time here so special - @Roshanara Rahman, @Geoffrey Teller, @Jo Marshall, @Blake, and @Alieth!
  7. Congrats to all the writers - it was really hard to judge these! So glad to write along such talented people. Congrats to @Geoffrey Teller and @Pholin Duyzer!
  8. ...only once every 200+ years... 🤣 ....
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