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  1. Career advancement... maybe. Relationships... maybe. Improve as a writer... hopefully. Gonna hope.
  2. "I was thinking about that dame upstairs, and the way she had looked at me, and I wanted to see her again, close, without that silly staircase between us."
  3. Oh man... its a toss up between Dixon Hill (Im a sucker for detective noir like that) and Julian's 007 escapades (because I also like spy stories).... and then Vic Fontaine (I love that style of music and the setting)... so many choices. (Also Data never was a Deadwood Gunslinger in his private life... that was Alexander, Worf and Deanna).
  4. Thanks, Jess! Id really like to say i know what I did to deserve the praise... but I really have no idea.
  5. Defiant. The first purpose built warship, and the best.
  6. Oh I just noticed, Faith of the Heart was not composed by Dennis McCarthy. (Also apparantly the Enterprise version is titled 'Where My Heart Will Take Me")... but its a reused song from Patch Adams. It was composed by Diane Warren.
  7. Ive heard both of them a handful of times... and for the life of me... I couldnt describe what they sounded like if you asked me. They have no substance to them as far as themes go. That doesnt make them good themes (even if they might be otherwise competent pieces of music). Meanwhile after one or two viewing of any other Trek show I could describe and hum each of their themes.
  8. I have... very serious concerns about the results of this poll... I picked Voyager, because it was my first Trek, so it will always be my favourite theme...
  9. Mmm... wow how different of a history that would have been. ~~ I picked the Defiant-class. Its like an A-10. Hits hard, survives pretty much everything.
  10. The only correct answer here is "These Are the Voyages...". It was a disrespectful way to end a series, and wasnt even that good of a premise to begin with... Also I dunno that I would count 'The Thaw" as a holodeck episode...
  11. Im biased toward Riker and his trombone... but that may be because he was the reason I started playing the trombone myself... (even if I dont play it anymore)...
  12. I used to like the DS9/Voyager style uniforms back when I first got into Trek, but as I watched the TNG films and the later parts of DS9 those uniforms grew on me, and as far as canon uniforms go theyre my favourite, but my actual favourite uniforms designs are the 2410 variants from Star Trek Online, with a minor change of using the AGT combadge instead of the default STO ones. I particularly like dress jacket's recall of the monster maroons from the TMP-era (though in STO I choose to use it as the standard duty uniform much like the monster maroons were the standard uniform in the late 2270s).
  13. I think Sol would make a great Strategic Ops officer, if not in Intelligence.
  14. Right now Sol is looking to be Chief of Department again... then maybe 2/O.
  15. Sounds like a reasonable explanation to me. Knowing her she may not have asked permission... lol. Would love to sim with you (and her) again.
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