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  1. I actually think Kayla would make a very capable counselor.
  2. Kayla loves coffee, but recently the CMO on the Eagle (Dr. Foster) advised her to cut back her intake. Still though, her idol is Janeway, and what better way to get into one's idol's head than indulge in the same pick-me-up? ❤️ K
  3. Holy. Moly! Thank you so much! I'm extremely honored by this award, and in my characters words, I won't let you down, sirs. Also, a VERY heartfelt congratulations to the other winners. I'm humbled to have been counted among such excellent writers/players.
  4. Very well done, everyone! Congratulations are indeed appropriate. Your hard work, dedication, and unique flavors are much appreciated. 😁
  5. WOW, Congratulations everyone! I love seeing how many and varied contributions are being made. I'm truly honored to be part of this amazing undertaking. TIME TO PARTY!!!!!
  6. Think I'd have to say Vulcans ftw for me. The use of pure logic to science the heck out of things would be amazing, but you know Kayla would be geeking out the whole time. I'd probably annoy the heck out of them - not that they'd show it. 😉
  7. I have an idea for a future poll: You have an opportunity to take part in an officer exchange program. Where would you like to serve? 1. Klingons 2. Vulcans 3. Tamarian 4. Jem'Hadar 5. Bolians
  8. Decided to change my outfit last-minute. (It's called a woman's prerogative. Deal.) What do you think?
  9. Well sure, but the ceremony happened in June. We're not all outside the flow of time and space, you know, Admiral.
  10. Also @Oddas Aria to Captain! (USS Eagle)
  11. It's vintage Prada! From the 21st Century! Really hope I don't spill bean dip on it....
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