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  1. Maxwell: No really. Space battles, insane cults, chaos on the station. ::He shrugged, grinning.:: You know, pretty quiet. He jerked a thumb towards the lift, indicating for Wallace to follow on. Stepping into the inter-deck lift, the pair lifted slowly up to deck eight and made for Max's office and more importantly, his filing cabinet. Offering Wallace a seat, Max opened the middle drawer before pulling out a bottle of scotch which he brandished with a grin. this is one decently hidden stash! *Wally will remember that*
  2. you beat me to it! Yes this one was amazing, I really need to learn how to write emotionally like that @Sheila Bailey, Amazing! Looking forward to the responses!
  3. I agree with you Hannibal, but the others do indeed have valid points aswell.
  4. That's actually amazing and Hard to achieve Hannibal Wallace managed to save 40% of the crew and take down a Ship. Not bad right? But the point is he retreated to protect his own crew, as a good captain would.
  5. Wallace prefers his food dead and cooked! NO Klingon dishes or Ferengi for him! But.. if it's a survival situation... he... Well... No choice there right?
  6. Goals:


    Survive on the Thor

    Become best at the FNS!

    help train the rookies one day!

    See my banner top bar? yes thats a Star ship, you know what it's called? the USS "Captained by Wallace one day"

  7. I may have not seen enough trek to know who you guys are talking about here! I should totally get back into Next Generation, DS9 (never seen it) and my personal favo, voyager
  8. Yep trip, definetly Trip for all of the above reasons, I could literally copy past that.
  9. HOW DID I MISS THIS? I am so sorry! Thank you all for the welcomes! I am having a lot of fun simming with all of you!
  10. Wallace loves the Resort worlds, he was undercover there ones, rolled up a entire gang... and had time to spare, so he enjoyed Risa, fell in love with the Chocoalte vanilla icecream! Good times, good times.
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