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  1. Maxwell: No really. Space battles, insane cults, chaos on the station. ::He shrugged, grinning.:: You know, pretty quiet. He jerked a thumb towards the lift, indicating for Wallace to follow on. Stepping into the inter-deck lift, the pair lifted slowly up to deck eight and made for Max's office and more importantly, his filing cabinet. Offering Wallace a seat, Max opened the middle drawer before pulling out a bottle of scotch which he brandished with a grin. this is one decently hidden stash! *Wally will remember that*
  2. you beat me to it! Yes this one was amazing, I really need to learn how to write emotionally like that @Sheila Bailey, Amazing! Looking forward to the responses!
  3. Welcome aboard! We have a lot of fun here! You're ordered to join!
  4. Welcome to the fleet and good luck! and we will bow to the Cat's will. It is our way.
  5. Silor! Stay save at work and welcome!
  6. I agree with you Hannibal, but the others do indeed have valid points aswell.
  7. That's actually amazing and Hard to achieve Hannibal Wallace managed to save 40% of the crew and take down a Ship. Not bad right? But the point is he retreated to protect his own crew, as a good captain would.
  8. Wallace prefers his food dead and cooked! NO Klingon dishes or Ferengi for him! But.. if it's a survival situation... he... Well... No choice there right?
  9. Goals:


    Survive on the Thor

    Become best at the FNS!

    help train the rookies one day!

    See my banner top bar? yes thats a Star ship, you know what it's called? the USS "Captained by Wallace one day"

  10. I may have not seen enough trek to know who you guys are talking about here! I should totally get back into Next Generation, DS9 (never seen it) and my personal favo, voyager
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