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  1. This JP was wonderful in so many ways. From @Dekas getting all flustered or miming the cartoonishness of @Quentin Beck, to @Karrod Niac trying to keep his cool (only somewhat successfully), I had a really fun time with this 2-parter. Here are both parts, combined for your reading pleasure:
  2. This made me snort. I always appreciate being made to sound like a mirthful pig. lol Nice one, @VLen Kel
  3. Lenny is something else. I can't wait to see what he gets up to. Glad you like him!
  4. This really was an incredible post. I meant to post it here myself, but I haven't been on a computer since Friday. Lol Masterfully crafted, @Alieth 😊
  5. This was a great year, and a strong showing from every participating ship. Really well done, everyone!
  6. There are many reasons you should all be aware of LtJG @Jovenan. The thought that goes into developing not only her character, but the periphery details that make the character and her developmental process so incredibly believable are astounding to me at times. I'm often struck first in awe, followed by inspiration and aspiration by these sims. In the sim linked below, she uses the Edo language to flesh out a particularly tangled bit of plot while pulling us readers deeper into the richness of the universe being built here. Not for my sake or even hers, but for your own, give it a read. You're a freaking legend, Jo. ❤️ https://groups.google.com/g/sb118-artemis/c/Q_AcRthh46Q/m/RZq8BhflBQAJ
  7. If you EVER stop appreciating her, Imma kidnap her back. The Ronin struck gold with my friend here. ❤️
  8. I'm super late to the game, but Hiro wouldn't stop fussing with his hair. I was like, "Dude! We're gonna be late!" and he was like, "It has to look perfectly messy." You wouldn't think him a diva, but when it comes to formal events, I guess everybody likes to preen.
  9. I've served under all but one, and wholeheartedly endorse these. 😁 Congrats, y'all!
  10. Hiro Jones

    They Watched

    They watched. They had seen the first photons whizzing away from that tiny point so full of potential for so long. They smiled as electrons nudged their way into existence and laughed as the protons, neutrons, and electrons (though they called them by other names) coalesced into matter. That matter joined together to form substances that still spread far away from their place of birth, changing and growing as they zoomed along. They watched nebulae, the great glowing wombs in the dark reaches continued the work, turned matter to energy to matter, shaped matter into stars, then lovingly setting them along a course that would bring new experiences and planets into their orbits. The planets themselves would continue the work in their own way, nurturing all that they touched. On many planets, the spark of life rose out of this tender lineage. They watched as lives - these brilliant flashes of existence lit up the planets. They watched as chloroplasts of certain life forms transformed photons from such great distances into food for themselves. They watched as other lifeforms consumed the first, growing strong from the strength garnered from starlight. They watched as these larger lifeforms succumbed to entropy and faded, becoming sustenance for smaller lifeforms, which in turn shared the starlight with the planet. They watched as a very few lifeforms gained the ability to dance among the stars themselves. Like the first photons, they sped far and wide from their place of birth, changing and growing as they zoomed along. They watched as the star dancers encountered their cousins among the stars. They watched as the tumultuous choreography of evolution brought new shape to what was and what could be. The star dancers grew, and still they watched. Some, like the lifeforms who shared their starlight, fostered harmony as they shared what they had and grew strong together. They watched. Some who once flitted through the stars no longer did. Stars would give what light they had, dim, and collapse, becoming something new. While the light they gave billions of years previously still had yet to meet a curious eye, the once-star inhaled deeply, preparing for its next song. They watched. They watched as a life form from a small blue planet, third daughter of a yellow star, looked up and took in the ancient photons meant for no other ends than this, and chloroplast-like, transformed it into dreams. They smiled as the being turned dreams to vision, vision to reality, then lovingly set them along their own courses.
  11. Gotta give some credit to @Yalu. We recently wrote a JP where Hiro had to encase him in the stuff to rid him of a weird Da'al tick enzyme that was threatening his host-symbiont connection. (Resulted in a really fun acid trip dream quest) But yeah, he put the idea in my head.
  12. That's the great thing about playing an MSNPC: they don't have to make it out alive.
  13. @LuxaLorana Came out of the gate strong. One of our newest arrivals, and she's already made me tear up. This. This is what did it. I adore this sentiment, the simple poetry, and the hope contained in these few words. It's a sentiment that resonates with my soul, and a blessing/benediction I echo for everyone. May the new dawn be kinder than the last. Nicely done, Ensign. Happy to have you on the Artie. Original post: https://groups.google.com/g/sb118-artemis/c/K8dwOS7VT8U/m/KYXEAsUbCAAJ
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