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  1. From @Talia Ohnari This is one of those ideas that becomes more ominous in linear relation to the amount of enthusiasm with which it is said.
  2. Wow! A huge class! Welcome all, and well done to our trainers!
  3. Hi everybody, let's talk podcasts! Around the time that I joined SB118, I also started listening to Star Trek podcasts! In fact, it was one podcast in particular, "The Greatest Generation," that inspired me to join SB118. So grateful was I to the show and to this community, that I submitted a thank you note attached to an advertisement for Starbase118.net a few months ago, and they read it on air! It actually resulted in a few applications to our academy! Do you listen to podcasts? Any Trek shows you really enjoy? Talk about them here! Do you have fond memories of this community's podcast? Share away! On my preferred shows, The Greatest Trek and The Greatest Generation, the hosts review every episode of Star Trek one by one, and stuff it full of very crude humor. Only the best Star Trek-themed fart jokes for my tender ears! But that's not for everybody. What's your poison?
  4. Every now and then, it's good to reassert the chain of command. Some happen to be more blunt about it, is all.
  5. From @Talia Ohnari Sir David Attenborough voice: "And here, in the bowels of a starship on the edge of civilized space, we chance to witness a rare and miraculous transformation. Watch as a fledgling one-off NPC transforms into a full-grown PNPC!"
  6. From @Zenno: Narrator: It was not the data they'd been looking for.
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