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  1. Dermont seems to rarely leave Engineering, so any time somebody wants to have some soul searching with him, they tend to drag him into the CEO's office. It's gotta be that or the Nova Room on DS26.
  2. Very well written. Found myself holding my breath a bit until I had finished reading.
  3. Way to go, everybody! I love seeing the longevity of those that are here and the TLC that you can see they put into everything they do! Here's to 26 mooooooorrrreeeee!
  4. I actually almost feel bad for him. He isn't actually guilty of treason. Just being an absolute tool... And everyone on the Atlantis just keeps being so damn mean to him...๐Ÿ˜†
  5. As annoying as many people find him, I have to say Neelix. I just love trying new things and he is the man most daring in the kitchen.
  6. Well, before Starfleet, Dermont spent a lot of time piloting for a freighter, so pretty sure he'd love to get behind the helm from time to time.
  7. I almost cried real good ole wet years reading this one. Of course, no one really likes reading about themselves being fried into crispy bits o' ash...
  8. Even though I picked Odo...isn't Tuvok a master level in like a dozen different martial arts styles? Worf who? I love Worf, but I'd pick Guinan first.
  9. I have changed my answer! The best friendship in Star Trek is clearly Toryn Raga and Valin Dermont on board the Atlantis!๐Ÿ˜
  10. Dermont had a traumatic experience that he allowed to pretty much ruin his life. He fell into a deep, angry depression that eventually turned away his friends and family. As he pulls himself out of it, he feels Starfleet was the best way to prove to his ex-wife and his kids that he is a man worthy of their affections again. Or at least he will be.
  11. Odo and Quark...but I see how that might not be the best answer. So Julian and Garak it is!
  12. Oh Dermont would do it alright. Badly. And he would hate it. All that ceremony and posturing. But he would do it. If he had to. If ordered.
  13. Toss up between Dukat or Garak, but then I remember the terrible arc they gave Dukat that last season and it clinches it for Garak.
  14. As an outsider looking in, I had the same tingles while reading this as I did the first time I saw Kirk and crew fly out and gaze upon the Enterprise A... Well done, sir.
  15. @Tasha MacFarlane! Picard is a Captain's captain! The man of the highest moral fiber! He who others Captain's wish they could be! He is a perfect specimen of Captainliness!
  16. A small bar with a poker table, dim lights, and a comm jammer.
  17. Ughh. Thanks for the love, but there are soooo many grammatical issues with this sim. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
  18. First of all, congrats to all the winners! While obviously my fellow Atlanteans hold a special place in my heart, all of you are truly what makes this place so special. And so real. Reading the appreciation forums reminds me again and again of the skill that most everyone here holds with the pen. And more than that. It reminds me of the heart and soul so many of you put into your sims. I am blown away to even considered in the same league as many of you. Secondly: Wooooooooooo!!!! This place has quickly become my favoritest favorite on all of the whole durned internetz. Thirdly: @Toryn Raga, awwwwwwwwwwww. I heart you too!
  19. Taking inspiration from an old holo-novel he secretly enjoys from time to time, Dermont replicated himself a classic tuxedo complete with bowtie. While personally dreading celebrations, he respects the Captain enough to represent the Atlantis properly and managed to trim his beard and mop of a head to be somewhat presentable. He does, however, still have a flask of black coffee flavored with tobacco tucked inside his jacket. These things can get boring and he might need a little pick-me-up.
  20. This conversation got deeper than I had expected pretty fast. But based on Quark's bar alone, is it possible Starfleet gives their officers a small commission (is this the right context for this word? i dunno...) for their service when dealing with other cultures that still require currency? I feel Quark was pretty adamant about payments in latinum. And having a station full of Starfleet officers had appeared to be profitable. Before the Dominion War of course. Totally separate fact...I am very glad that this subject was brought up. A large piece of my character's backstory is the fact that he owes a large sum of latinum to a Ferengi lender for a loan from his pre-Starfleet days. I have gone on an assumption that either the replication of latinum is illegal (to not crash it's value and make it worthless) orrrr seeing as Ferengi have zero ethics and would do it anyway, that for whatever reason latinum is incapable of being replicated.
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