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  1. If you know that Plokmetto is a Saurian, makes it even more special: Thanks for the laugh, @Genkos Adea
  2. Scene: Quinn's hand is trapped in some amber-colored substance. @Quinn Reynolds Thank you for the laugh. 😄
  3. @Tahna Meru You know, I wanna see this happening now. 😂
  4. You can tell @Alieth is a real dogfriend. This sim put a smile on my face so, deserves a spot here. And the Admiral didn't throw either in the brig so it's a win-win. 😃 ((Stick House, Deck 8, USS Gorkon)) After reached her new favorite place, Cheesecake have picked a stick for her very newest friend, then, she flopped down on her chest, hindquarters still held high, in a clear playful attitude. The big mastiff was overjoyed, things couldn't be better. In fact her day couldn't have been nicer. It was just perfect! Her dull morning had turned into an ADVENTURE with NEW friends and NEW things and places and.... Reynolds: What the— Uh-oh The animal froze in place, tail halfway to a happy wag. Her ears flicked back in concern. Liva: Hello. ::She smiled some more, readjusting the bag.:: Is this your dog? Reynolds: No. That’s Cheesecake Watanabe. ::Her head canting to the side, Quinn squinted at the sight in front of her.:: She’s Lieutenant Alieth’s, our science chief. Uh-oh.. Watanabe: ::innocently:: worf? Her new friend's attitude changed beside her and the hand buried in Cheesecake's fur trembled slightly, a telltale indication of nervousness. Familiar with her role as a therapy dog, Cheesecake leaned against her leg (or, rather, against the whole tiny woman) as a demonstration of support. Including, of course, a gentle nudge with her head that would unbalance nearly any biped under seventy kilos. Liva: I don’t understand. Why did she take me here? She didn't break anything in there, did she? Her tone wasn't cheerful at all, so the large canine gave an animated wag of her tail and leaned more firmly against her. She was a good girl. The best. Of course the tallest biped (the friend of the human with the pets and the balls in her pokets!) couldn't be mad if she was being SUCH a good girl, right? That frown that started to crease over her eyes would soon be gone, wouldn't it? Would it? Yesssssss? Pretty please? Reynolds: How she took you here is the far more interesting question, because this is a restricted area. Neither a vet nor a dog should be able to wander into shuttle maintenance unaccompanied; it’s a security and a health and safety risk. ::Her tone flattened, and she crossed her arms with a frown.:: Maybe someone took it upon themselves to change the clearance requirements because it’s my workshop. UH-OH... Watanabe: ::soft whimpering:: arf…. The big cream-coloured mastiff plopped down on her hindquarters and lowered her ears, contrite for... she didn't really know why, but that face always scored points. And the puppy eyes. The usual whole repertoire. Even in an act of remarkable willpower, Cheesecake poked the stick with her nose towards the annoyed biped. Liva: Your workshop? I… I am so sorry, ma’am. I didn’t mean... We didn't mean to intrude. I followed her, thinking she wanted to show me where I was needed. ::Her hand moved to the furry head, swallowing before she tried to put on a brave smile.:: So you don’t need any help? Reynolds: No. And what do you mean you followed her? She was unaccompanied? Liva: Response The bipeds kept talking, trading information that escaped the canine's understanding except for the occasional glance in her direction, so the animal did the only sensible thing: she remained VERY still and tried to make herself VERY small. A real challenge when she had been luring several bipeds into feeding her treats and her figure was... rounder than usual. Of course most of it was fur and fluff but it still didn't make the process of shrinking into invisibility any easier. Reynolds: I see. ::She gestured toward the door.:: Well, let’s get the pair of you to your quarters for now. And please, call me Admiral Reynolds or Doctor Reynolds, whichever you prefer. I don’t care for ma’am. Liva: Response Watanabe: ::Relieved:: Bork, bork! Scooping the stick from the floor, Quinn offered it to Cheesecake and shepherded the rogue pair out of the maintenance area. The mastiff interpreted the gesture as a sign of peace and took the piece of wood excitedly, her whole body frisky and energetic like a fawn in springtime. It seemed that it was time to go somewhere else (to another adventure!) and that she was invited. And with a stick! Cheesecake didn't drop it not even to push the hand of the tallest biped with her wet (and really lovely) nose. And then her whole head, and her whole long, shaggy back before she pranced forward in front of the couple in a spirited fashion. Behind her back the women continued their conversation, oblivious to (or perhaps encouraged by) her playfulness. Reynolds: Don’t worry about it. ::Finally, she found a small grin.:: At least you’ll have an interesting story to tell your new colleagues. Always handy to have an icebreaker. Liva: Response Cheesecake didn't understand what they were saying and didn't really care, she only knew that she was in the company of two good friends, that she had a stick and that the day was fantastic. And that as long as they needed her ('cause who didn't need a furry friend or a wet snout?) she would be there for them. [[FIN]] ================================= Crewman, 1st Class Cheesecake Watanabe The captain's bestest friend USS Gorkon NCC-82293 E239702A10
  5. Howdy folks, We have a winner for QotM May, namely none other than our proposing Trill Sevo: With one vine squished into pudding, Fingers leapt over to Staples, currently being assaulted by dinner. Congrats Ayiana and thanks to Jo for making this awesome badge. And although we don't know what's happening next in the Skarbekverse, but I suspect Headhunter and Red sitting next to each other, swapping pregnancy ailments at one point or another. Greetings Sami.
  6. Congratulations to @Wes Greaves and @Hutch and to all the other participants. Every single story was a pleasure to read, sea shanty included. 😃 Well done all and it shows again what amazing and talented writers this place has.
  7. They know each other so well. 😂
  8. Howdy Gorkonites, Don’t despair, we haven’t forgotten. But knowing who was the winner for QotM February it had to be perfect. Now who’s the winner, you ask? It’s none other than Tali Namura with: Namura: Physically, yes, I could fight a corpse. But emotionally? Imagine the toll. Congrats and thank you Jo for this awesome badge again: Seeing we're almost at the end of March, don't hesitate to toss in a few more quotes in your next sims. Greetings Sami.
  9. Shedding tears? Uhm nope. But Inner Light left an impression with me for whatever reason.
  10. Hello Hybrids and non-Hybrids, We have a first winner this year for our first QOTM 2398 and surprise, surprise, the winner is... Jona ch'Ranni with: Oh, sure, sure, sure, sure. Yes, of course. You have the best parts ... I mean you have the best parts here in this shop. An amazing sex ... selection. And that for the second month in a row. Congratulations with your new badge Jona and thank you to Jo for making it. 🙂 Greets Sami.
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