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  1. Anything other than Temporal Cold War... I really dislike time travel lol
  2. Even with rules in place, I feel people would find a way to abuse it. Personally, I'm not all that crazy about Section 31. It taints everything Starfleet and Star Trek was supposed to be. Just my honest opinion.
  3. I would mostly because I would follow Seven of Nine to hell and back.
  4. I actually love the change they've made to show beyond Starfleet. And I'm loving the new 7 of 9 and the way she has grown. It took a while for things to make sense but I've still enjoyed it.
  5. Vampires are always intriguing to me... just not the ones that sparkle... those aren't real vampires.
  6. It's been a long time since I could say it about a new ST series or movie. But I am actually excited to see this one.
  7. It looks awesome. Definitely one I can't wait to see.
  8. WOW... I am absolutely surprised by being included in the Duty Post winners and extremely happy & thankful. Thank you to everyone who as continued to believe in me even in the rockiest of times, especially @Theo Whittaker and the crew of the USS Columbia!!! Congratulations to to all the other duty post award winners... Special shout out to: @Toryn Raga, so proud of my fellow Al-Leyan!! @Jarred Thoran, so proud to be on Columbia with you and thank you for all the hard work both IC and OOC that you do. I appreciate you!!
  9. Congratulations to all the winners. You all deserve your awards and thank you all for helping make this the greatest group on the planet.
  10. It's a toss up between DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. Though I voted DS9 because it was so different. Truthfully, it's impossible to make everyone happy and some criticize them just for the sake of criticizing. I happen to love all of them barring the fact TOS is so cheesy by today's standards it's difficult to re-watch any of it. I have actually never watched the animated series or if I did I've blocked it totally from memory.
  11. I think this may be a different project but maybe based on the same ideas. It's kind of unclear to say for certain.
  12. ((The Queen’s Studio, The Imperial Palace - Irvaytho Proper, Losaria)) ((Time Index: Thirty minutes before the crew’s arrival in Royal Court)) ::Normally, Enora found the snowfall that floated through the air just beyond her balcony a delightful sight and a welcome distraction from the work of a head of state. Instead the vast cityscape accumulating a light coating of snow went unnoticed. Her eyes were fixed on the Editorial Page of The New Glacell Gazette. Specifically the full-page opinion piece titled “A Child on the Throne”. Nearly six months into her reign, and they still questione
  13. ((Holodeck, USS Columbia)) ::The cold night air bit at the few areas of skin exposed to it as the pin[...]s of light continued their trek across the sky, oblivious to the scattered movements far below. Gusts drove whispers through the trees, sending darkened leaves into a frenzied dance as they rushed to escape the icy fingers of the darkness. Silent bootsteps fell between the equally feverish swirls of grass blades, giving the impression of dark waves moving swiftly across the land.:: ::In the distance, the singular call of a wolf rang out into the night, howling at a non-existent m
  14. We don't do joint posts during training but once you're assigned to a ship, we love joint posts but mostly during shore-leave. Very few, if any are done during missions as things need to move at a good pace. You can ask whomever you want to do the joint post with, most are happy to do them.
  15. Congratulations to everyone. You are all such amazing people. I am honored and thankful to be a part of this community.
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