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  1. (Nice insight into the both of your characters, and an enjoyable read throughout! And I'm just so relieved that the coffee situation was worked out diplomatically.) 😀 (Deck 15, USS Juneau. Unassigned Science Lab)) Sitting on top of a now-empty transport crate, Geoffrey Teller was wiping his hands and waiting anxiously for the results of his efforts. On the counter nearby, gleaming but irregular pieces of equipment were variously whirring, grinding and beeping away merrily, unaware of their vital importance to the whole project. The work itself had become something of
  2. Loved this little insight into one of the Symbiote's former lives from our newly-joined Trill officer. --- ((Lilla Kiax, Mount Voslaarum, Ayai'leh-hirh Range)) ((Stardate 230006.25)) Up with the Lark, her eyes barely open. She strolled through the dark, the lamp as her guide. The wind brought a chill as she buttoned the fleece up to her neck. She paused, and enjoyed the dawn’s misty light. The temperature would warm throughout the day, but out here in the Ayai'leh-hirh Range, the
  3. I didn't see the new Picard trailer posted anywhere here yet, so I thought I'd drop it off here for interested folks.
  4. I agree with Wolf here above, I often forget it's supposed to be a prequel until Enterprise shows up and looks positively ancient next to Discovery. But mostly, I just can't stand Ash at all. Character, actor, story-role, romance, half-evil-Klingon-but-also-Section-31-nonsense, his face, his lousy beard, the whole thing, whenever he's on screen, I'm like. Please. stop. Go away. Georgieu too, I preferred her character much more back when she was dead. Her whole walking edgelord schtick, I can't really help but to cringe sometimes. I thought the Red Angel thing was building to something a l
  5. Hobby restoration project back from those Academy days while messing around in the Engineering department. She's been locked away in a storage compartment in Sausalito, had it shipped out special order just to arrive at this shindig with the proper amount of style. No touching. ---------------------------------------------- Lieutenant Kiliak Jo Asst. Chief Engineer USS Atlantis A239509KJ0 -----------------------------------------------
  6. All right, fine. I'll put on a dress. But hands off the bike. Classic beauties never go out of style. ---------------------------------------------- Lieutenant Kiliak Jo Asst. Chief Engineer USS Atlantis A239509KJ0 -----------------------------------------------
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