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  1. (( Redstone-Waltas Quarters // USS Discovery )) :: She had finished her shift and, since the there appeared to be no immediate threat to the ship, left a member of her department on the Bridge with orders to contact her should that change, and headed back to their quarters. Worry etched into her features as she waited impatiently for the turbolift doors to open. Only a few days from the start of her sixth month of pregnancy, her rapidly expanding belly had begun to alter the way she moved, slowing her down a bit, making it harder to get out of a chair that was a bit too comfortable. Still, she moved as quickly as she could, entering their quarters to find Tyr sitting on the sofa in the living area. She made sure that Teagan wasn't home yet and then sat down beside him with a slight 'oofing' sound. :: REDSTONE: So .... ::He was quiet. Withdrawn. Even his posture on the couch showed that. Knees drawn up, elbows on them. Chin resting on forearms. Blank stare out the window at the inside of the Dyson sphere.:: WALTAS::Swallowing hard:: I thought I had them beaten, Eden. I didn't think they'd defeat me again. REDSTONE: :: Looking concerned :: Thought you had who beaten, Tyr? Are you alright? What happened? WALTAS::Voice cracking:: Old scars. Before you knew me. :: She reached up to stroke his hair back and slide closer to him, drawing his head to her shoulder as she continued to rhythmically stroke his hair, his forehead. In her embrace, he felt safe, comforted. He chided himself-a grown man being held and comforted like a child-but there was strength there. Strength he lacked. And love that had saved him.:: REDSTONE: Tell me ... please? I'd like to understand. WALTAS: I.I tried to describe it to the Counselor I don't think I can. God, Eden.if you could only.. REDSTONE: Then show me ... How about that? ::He sat up and she turned toward him slightly, one hand reaching up to touch the side of his face. So dearly loved. :: REDSTONE: If you're sure ... WALTAS::He hesitated, then spoke, his voice flat. Emotionless:: It's the only way. REDSTONE: :: nodding :: My mind to your mind ... WALTAS: My thoughts, to your thoughts. WALTAS/REDSTONE: Our minds are merging..our minds are one. WALTAS: They had my sword. ((Borg Cube, Dead Space, 30 years ago)) ::He was a young Lieutenant wearing the gold uniform of Security / Tactical. His hair was a dark brown, lacking the gray. His eyes were bright and intense, both with mischief and wonder. Then the scene panned back to reveal the horror of a Borg Cube-the chaotic circuitry surrounding them.:: Waltas::Turning, grinning.:: I'm going to get my sword back, of course. ::Tyr ignored Gabriel's protests and approached them as quietly as he could. The nearest drone looked to be female, or at least it used to be. His lip curled in derision. Before they could act, Tyr already had his prize. The katana was in his hand. He smiled as he remembered Nakagawa's words. "May you find peace, but if conflict comes, strike, and strike true." Tyr brought the blade down hard on the nearest drone and it dug into the shoulder. He removed it and drove the blade into the neck, then twisted. Sparks flew as the drone hit the ground. The third drone, blade-arm attached, stalked him. :: ::As expected, the drone attempted to use the new weapon and sliced at Tyr. Tyr blocked the blade with his own, spun and swung the katana as hard as he could against the blade of the drone. The weapons clashed together, but Tyr's katana was hand-made, folded over, and over, thousands of times, so that it was nearly unbreakable. The Borg's weapon failed and snapped in half. The drone looked, stunned, at the shattered weapon.:: Waltas: A cheap imitation, Borg. Just like you are. ::Tyr drove his blade deep into the Borg's chest, then ripped upward, effectively killing him.:: Gabriel: Lieutenant! Look out! ::Hearing Gabriel's warning, he turned just in time to see the third drone close in on him. Before he could act, the Borg struck him, hard, on the side of the head. As he fell the drone grabbed him, and two small tubes shot into his neck. Tyr gasped-he knew what was happening. He struck out with his blade frantically but could do little. The pain was growing...:: Waltas: Gabriel...sword... ::Gabriel smashed the heavy claymore into the back of the drone and killed it. Tyr dropped to the floor, pain shooting through his neck and spreading quickly. He was dizzy and his vision was blurring. He was slowly being assimilated. His stomach turned as his mind told him there were nanites crawling through his body-corrupting him, confiscating him in the name of the Borg. His worst fear had come to pass-he was becoming a Borg. He shook his head and screamed.:: Waltas: No...NO!!! (( Present )) :: He had always been a bit rash. That was Tyr even back then. First one to jump into the middle of it. She'd loved that about him from the first because that was her as well. She enveloped him within the strength and support of her love for him so that he knew he wasn't alone in his memories any longer. She had never insisted on a complete sharing between them and she saw now that that had been wrong. :: o 0 This has all been festering inside of him for so long. 0 o :: She kept her own reactions behind a tightly held shield, one she knew he didn't have the strength to penetrate, saving all of that for later. For now, it was important only that he remembered it all. Let the poison out. :: ((30 Years Ago, Borg Cube, Dead Space)) Gabriel: We should leave Lieutenant, now! ::Tyr gazed at the young Ensign. He was so full of life-just beginning the journey that Tyr had begun 230 years ago. While Gabriel was at the beginning of the road, Tyr knew he was at the end. His road ended in a cliff where he would fall from grace-fall from the loving touch of Nature's hand into a dark, dreary existence. His eyes told the Ensign all he needed to say.:: Gabriel: You will have to explain what I should do sir. ::He let out a sigh holding back the tears forming in his eyes. Tyr placed a thankful hand on Gabriel's shoulder, resisting the whisper that told him that the fifth vertebrae was nearby and he could easily snap it and kill the human. He shook his head, fighting the urge. He gazed at the Constitution on the viewport and tears filled his eyes. He'd never get to see his ship again-the first ship he ever set foot on as an Ensign. He would never walk her corridors again, or feel the camraderie of his shipmates.:: ((30 Years Ago, Borg Cube, Dead Space)) Borg Collective: You are drone 14732. You will assist in the assimilation of Federation units nearby. Comply. o O No.... O o Borg Collective: Drone 14732. You will comply. o O NO!! O o ::With his last ounce of strength, he withdrew the remote shuttle control from his uniform, now ripped from Borg implants piercing his skin. He reached for the program he'd written to retrieve them all. He looked down at his golden comm badge on his chest, grabbed it, and tossed it away. He watched it clatter to a stop near the center of the away team. Tyr took a deep breath as the Borg drew closer.:: Borg Collective: Drone 14732. Do not aid in the Federation escape. Comply immediately. ::Tyr looked at his friends. As they disappeared within a transporter beam, Tyr's world crumbled. He stood, extended his arm, now covered in implants, and accepted the lead drone's injection of nanites. He turned to look at the shuttle and the Constitution in the distance. As his mind filled with instructions, commands and information about how to best assist in regenerating the cube, a single tear slid down the face of Drone 14732.:: ((Present)) WALTAS: They had me..they used me..to kill them. :: She held him safe in her arms and within the meld, channeling love and support to him, as she listened and took in every bit of the horror he had experienced. In a way, they were both experiencing this now. :: REDSTONE: They had us ... we didn't have the strength to resist .. ((30 years ago, Borg Cube, Dead Space)) ::Drone 14732 positioned himself out of the line of sight of most of the combatants, and he watched his drones battle as he crawled into position. The two drones were cut down by the Brikar, but he was visibly tired and possibly wounded. Now was his chance. He leapt from the platform onto the back of the Brikar and grabbed his hair. Using all of his technology-driven strength, he drove him to the ground. The metallic, blade-like weapon emerged from his right arm and he thrust it down into the Brikar's shoulder, pinning him to the deck. The drone looked down at the fallen Brikar, a moment's hesitation stopped him. His Ba'ku side intruded once more, but was quickly cut off.:: BORG COLLECTIVE: Drone 14732: Proceed with assimilation of command personnel. ::The hesitation was gone. He moved to assimilate the Fleet Captain, but something, or rather, someone, stopped him.:: ((Present)) WALTAS: They brought me back to the Constitution. To save me. And in thanks I killed them. I broke out of Sickbay, and that's where I truly fell. :: Behind her own shield in that protected part of her brain, Eden already understood something that Tyr seemed to discount or overlook. He had fought the assimilation every step of the way. He had hesitated, fighting to regain control. But he was Ba'Ku and it was a fight that he had been unprepared to face. :: ((30 years ago, Sickbay, USS Constitution)) ::The blast from the phaser stunned him, but the beam continued, digging into his Borg armor and into his flesh. His entire body spasmed as the beam forced him to the ground. Intense pain radiated from the wound outward to his extremities. Every muscle clinched, every nerve ending screamed out in pain. Were he still Borg, he would be easily repaired, but he was once again Ba'ku-and a very weakened one. He collapsed onto the deck as a hypospray was placed against his neck. ((Present)) WALTAS: I died, Eden.I was truly gone. :: Of all the people in the universe, Eden was probably the most well equipped to deal with the memory of one's own death. She felt the pain along side him, felt him fall to the deckplate. Felt the spasms that made his muscles contract as the pain radiated outward. And now she too would carry the memory of his death. A burden she shouldered willingly. :: REDSTONE: We were gone ... ((30 years ago, Dead Space, USS Constitution)) =/\= I regret to inform you that.....Lieutenant Waltas has died, sir. =/\= ((Nowhere)) ::Something deep inside Tyr stirred. He recalled the cold, lifeless touch of technology. He remembered what it felt like, and knew that those same Borg implants were now active again, except this time they sought to heal instead of harm. In the abyss where he now floated, he began to feel again-to sense things around him. The implants sparked to life, forcing his lungs to draw breath, his heart to beat, his blood to flow. He could feel himself being pulled back from where he was now-that place that defied description. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, he was drawn from the ether. He was whole again. :: :: He took a breath, and felt the implants fade. He hovered on the brink of existence and oblivion. All of his hopes rested on that which he'd hated his entire life. The same implants that ripped and corrupted his body now fought against death itself. He lived within that moment-battling death-frozen in time. His strength ebbed. Had he given them enough time? He was answered by a deep breath drawn into his lungs. He could BREATHE again. His heart beat furiously, forcing blood through his body. The implants which had fought so hard for him finally failed-every one of them shut down, but it was enough. :: :: Tyr opened his eyes. His hand moved to grip the blanket over him and he slowly drew it away.:: ((Sickbay, USS Constitution)) ::The nurse spun in utter shock and confusion as the sound emanated from Waltas. She gasped in amazement as she saw the sheet drawn down from his face, and saw him gasping for breath.:: Best: DOCTOR! DOCTOR GABRIEL!! HURRY! ((Present)) ::The mind meld faded, leaving him weakened from reliving those moments, but strengthened by the fact that he had shared them. Finally, someone could see-truly see-what had happened. What they had done to him.:: WALTAS::Quietly:: Now you know. :: She opened herself to him through the bond they shared, let him see her reactions, her thoughts. Let him short through her feelings and understand that she both understood what had happened and that she loved him still. She let him see that she empathized with his pain, the horror of what he had been through. Nothing held back. Even the security officer part of her who was noodling around ideas for how to help him fight should he ever be threatened with that again. :: :: Mostly though, she flooded him with her love and support and care for him. Let him know that the memories were shared now, a burden they would carry together from this point forward, let him know that he was loved. Heart and soul. He opened his eyes fully, the blue reflecting the same intensity of that young Lieutenant who had seen the other side of death. His voice was now steady, his strength returning. He placed his hand gently on her growing abdomen.:: WALTAS::Determined, steady voice:: We're getting out of here. Captain Tyr Waltas Commanding Officer USS Discovery -and- Commander Eden Redstone Chief Tactical Officer USS Discovery
  2. ((Holodeck 2, USS Independence-A)) :: Sidney entered the holodeck and simply stared at the yellow on black grid for a moment. She took a deep breath and sighed. Closing her eyes, she felt a knot in the pit of her stomach. She took several more deep breaths, tears falling from the corners of her closed eyes. Collapsing onto the floor, she opened her eyes, staring at the grid for what seemed like a very long time.:: ::In many ways Sidney felt as though she had given the wrong answer to Jade's question, "...is it always like this? I mean, before I joined I understand you have Operation Bright Star, and before that the Gorn War. It is war and death in every direction and through time. I fear I'm not strong enough, I can never be like you." War, death and destruction had filled her life in so many ways for a long time...was there joy, love, happiness?:: ::She hadn't said it not verbally, but she had really wanted the child she had lost. She had wanted someone to love and take care of, someone who was a part of her. She loved Belleau. She loved Tirzah. She knew she always would, but there was something different about *having* a child. She was a mother, but in many ways she felt like she wasn't.:: ::How could she be? She was a Starfleet Captain. Her personal life was a mess, she couldn't make up her mind...she couldn't control her emotions. She was...different. She wasn't like anyone else. She had tried to talk to Bron about it, but she always felt as though she were talking to a brick wall with him. She didn't fit the mold she had been taught was right as a child. She didn't fit the mold people wanted to place her in now. She felt so many emotions coursing through her being they threatened to overwhelm her.:: ::Sadness over the loss of her daughter. Anger at herself for things not working out with Alleran. However, she didn't fit that mold...didn't fit the mold because she was different. Anger that she had been placed off duty. Anger at the ship having been attacked...Anger that she had been attacked. She bit at her lower lip just hard enough to draw a drop of blood.:: ::She could feel her heart rate rising. When she finally pushed herself up slowly, she felt herself becoming light headed. She pushed herself through it with determination to stand. Her face was set in a solid almost blank expression.:: Riley: Computer, activate Program Riley 5. ::The holodeck came to life, the interior of the room was stark. The area surrounding her darkened. The light which illuminated where she stood cast shadows along the walls in eerie ways. The Terran/Deltan walked over to her right where a rack of swords stood. Carefully she selected the one she wanted, a slightly thicker sabre than she normally used. She moved gracefully as she tossed the sword from hand to hand her eyes intent on the blade. She watched as the light played on the surface, glinting as she moved into the lighted circle.:: ::Taking a deep breath she paused. Her eyes a deep determined green.:: Riley: Computer, create adversary... ::A woman shimmered into existence. A Terran woman with long brown hair who was slightly taller than Sidney.:: Riley: Computer, use the records from the attack of Fleet Captain Sidney Riley. Can you create a holographic image of the assassins? Computer: Affirmative. ::The woman disappeared and was replaced with the image of two Bajoran men. Both were over a foot taller than Sidney. Both armed with swords. The men were dressed in engineering gold. Sidney's eyes narrowed. They had been a part of the crew. Her face took on another expression one which held the betrayal she felt had been committed.:: Riley: oO They were one of us...part of the crew...Oo ::She bit into her lower lip again without thinking. Engineers! Crew members! She stared at them for good long while. She had never gotten a proper look at her attackers. They had stabbed her in the back, not just figuratively.:: ::Her breath became uneven as she watched the holographic images. She could feel the emotion running through her, like an electric current.:: Riley: Computer...calculate ability based on service record and physical stature, begin program. ::The figures came to life, both moving carefully their eyes trained on her. Sidney moved stealthily just outside of attack range for a moment, sizing up her opponents moves. They were clumsy, not well trained. Her eyes narrowed further, her expression as intent as a hunter following his prey. One of the Bajoran men lunged in her direction, crossing his feet. Quickly she swiveled her body, a 90 degree turn, just outside of the man's reach. She moved gracefully, if one had not seen the swords it would have looked like dance.:: ::Her small frame moved quickly, her moves becoming more and more calculated as the two began to attack from different sides. She felt her emotions beginning to well up as the two men went on the offense. She took up a defensive stance as she tried to keep her emotions under control.:: ((Flashback, 2386, Holodeck, USS Tiger)) Clack: Then lets begin. ::he raised his sword toward Sidney's face:: Discipline is the most important issue to remember.... if you let your emotions get the best of you... you are lost. ::Sidney raised an eyebrow but said nothing.:: Clack: Let's start with the basic cutting action. Once you learn them we can put them together for an effective offensive motion. There are three generic cutting techniques. ::break:: With the basic overhead cut, there are four basic motions. Overhead position, with the sword perfectly horizontal cast out, much like a fishing rod by pulling with the left hand at the bottom much like a lever until it makes contact with the head or shoulder of the opponent. ::With speed and agility, Darius brought the blade frighteningly close to Sidney's neck stopping just inches from her skin. Sidney didn't flinch as Darius' sword came perilously close to her neck. She kept her bright green eyes firmly planted on Darius' face.:: Clack: Then simply drop down to stop horizontally again. The action should be done without `power', allowing the blade to drop down. ::break:: Don't use too much force in the right hand, which is really only just guiding the blade. One way to minimize this is to practice the casting movement holding the sword in the left hand only. ::break:: Now, you try. ::Sidney took the sword from Clack and mimicked his movements, but for some reason her wrist felt stiff.:: Riley: Like this? Clack: Your wrist action is too rigid. Loosen up. ::Stepping behind her, he placed his hands on hers as he tried to correct her technique.:: Clack: The sword is not your enemy.... it is an extension of yourself. Riley: An interesting thought...::Laughs:: ((End Flashback)) ::Sidney blinked and ducked as one of the swords swung in her direction. The man's move had been awkward opening him up to attack. The Terran/Deltan moved quickly, her muscles flowing as she brought the sword in contact with the man's middle. He fell to the floor and faded out of existence. She didn't have much time to gloat as the other man moved towards her from behind. She sensed his presence more than saw him. She moved quickly, ducking down when she suddenly felt very light headed.:: ((Flashback, 2386, Holodeck, USS Tiger)) Clack: Interesting juvenile comparison.... your Captain Hook though had the right idea. ::break:: You need to be serious... this blade will cut you. Riley: No, no I am being serious. I do want to learn... Clack: Perhaps there is method in such a comparison with Peter Pan. Riley: Are you always so uptight Darius? Clack: ::Surprised:: Uptight? ::break:: I am not uptight. In an actual confrontation with someone, you can lose an arm or wrist if you are not careful. ::break:: One needs to be serious. ::Sidney moved quickly, letting Darius guide her hand with the sword.:: Riley: Alright, let me try. ::Sidney smiled as she swung around quickly completing the maneuver not perfectly, but much better than when they had started.:: Clack: You are very graceful in your motion. ::break:: Not perfect, but with time. Riley: I never said I was perfect...besides I was a Doctor in another life... not a security officer...::Chuckles:: Although I doubt many security officers could complete that move. Clack: Security officers across the fleet would be grateful if they had a tenth of your graceful talent. ::Sidney stopped and looked at Darius Clack for a moment. She smiled and blushed slightly as she caught his gaze. Quickly she turned away practicing the maneuver again, this time with much more gusto and determination.:: Riley: You know, emotions can at times be advantageous. Even when fighting an opponent... Clack: Not always. ::break:: They affect your motion.... cause you to expose yourself with no defense. ::break:: Ever been in an actual fight? Riley: Well, no I've not had much cause for fighting...although I have when necessary and I've lived to tell the tale... Clack: Interesting. ::his eyes flashed red to blue:: Riley: I've lived through war Darius, I've seen death...as no doubt you have. But just because I worked on saving those lives instead of taking them doesn't make me any less an officer. Clack: I never said it did. ((End Flashback)) ::Sidney fell to the floor, dropping her sword and rolling lightly. The man moved quickly coming around. It took Sidney a few extra seconds to stand, her hand grasping the blade of the sword instead of the hilt. She felt the steel against her skin, but didn't flinch. She tossed her sword lightly in the air and caught it properly. Somehow she spun around, dizziness threatening to over take her.:: ::Her moves were not graceful, but the sword made contact with her second opponent. He fell to the floor and dissipated as the one had before him.:: ((Flashback, 2386, Holodeck, USS Tiger)) Clack: I never said it did. Riley: I prefer to talk about happier things...It's much better for me to focus on the here and now...too much thinking about the past only hinders my progress...it brings on problems...I care too much. ::Walking directly in front of Sidney, he blocked the motion of her sword with his Talwar with spectacular speed. His eyes caught hers for a few seconds as he stared at her. She gave him a devious sly smile her eyes shining. Finally, a devilish grin spread across his face.:: Clack: We are products of our past.... good or bad. It is who we are. ::break:: I care too. Perhaps it doesn't show, but I do. ::break:: Drawing on strength from the past sometimes gives the desire to continue. Riley: I would agree with that...without our past experience we wouldn't be the people we are today. Clack: You are improving. ((End Flashback)) ::She simply stood there for a moment, staring into space. Her breathing was ragged. She sat down on the floor. Her muscles ached, the pain filling her senses, blocking out the emotional pain that had overtaken her when she had entered the holodeck.:: ::Products of the past. Was she a product of her past? So much had happened, so much was past. Sometimes it felt like there was only past and future. Sometimes...:: ::Sidney blinked, if it had been a fair fight... If she hadn't been stabbed in the back. Memories continued to come back to her.:: ((Flashback, 2386, Holodeck, USS Tiger)) ::Sidney attempted to mimic Darius' moves.:: Riley: That doesn't seem that hard... Clack: Once you complete them, we can simulate a holographic opponent for you. ::Sidney gave the man a questioning look.:: Riley: You think I'm almost ready for an opponent...I am honored... Clack: Then you will be ready for you first real opponent. ::break:: Me. ::Sidney laughed softly, out of the sheer enjoyment of the session as well as nervousness. Again she raised her sword in salute.:: Riley: I look forward to the challenge. Clack: I intend to be nothing less. Riley: I've come to a conclusion... ::She paused and looked in Clack's direction.:: Clack: What is that? Riley: I don't understand why people are afraid of you, you're quite unique yes...but deep down, you're a really great guy. Clack: Fear is a rational response to things one doesn't understand. Riley: I can't say I've ever met anyone like you... ::Sidney walked over and took a seat on a nearby bench.:: Clack: That I find hard to believe. ((End Flashback)) ::The fight had been easy. Too easy...Stabbed in the back.:: ::Sidney closed her eyes and took another deep breath. Slowly she opened her eyes, blinking back emotions that were rising to the surface. Mixed emotions, emotions she didn't understand, or at least she didn't want to admit she understood consciously. Darius' words echoed in her mind...:: oO "Drawing on strength from the past sometimes gives the desire to continue." Oo ::Strength from the past to continue on...:: oO "I care too. Perhaps it doesn't show, but I do." Oo ::A sad smile crossed Sidney's face as gentle tears streamed down her face. She pushed herself upward, standing again with her sword. A familiar voice still echoing in her mind...:: oO "Don't be afraid..." Oo Riley: Computer, create another holographic opponent. ::She paused.:: Female, use the data tapes from the attack on the Bajoran Central Archives. Adjust ability based on the tapes. ::An image of a taller woman in a red cloak appeared frozen. Sidney moved slowly walking around the figure. Wisps of blonde hair could be seen from under the cloak, but the face remained a hidden blur. She looked at her new opponent with curiosity for a moment. The Scarlet Brotherhood, this figure represented them all. The Terran/Deltan closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her eyes narrowed as she took up her position.:: Riley: Computer begin program. ::This figure moved much quicker than the previous two. With expert precision and in one graceful motion two swords were suddenly produced from beneath the cloak. Sidney felt her emotions threatening to over take her. She blinked taking up a defensive posture. The figure immediately went on the offense and she found herself having to duck and recover a better stance.:: ::Her movements were awkward, much like when Darius had first taught her the basics of swordsmanship. The figure moved with speed and Sidney found herself caught weakened by her condition and the previous fight. She gasped as she spun around to avoid one of the thrusts of the sword, almost losing her balance. She fought the sensation to lose what meager amount of food she had eaten in the past few hours.:: ::She moved quickly, dizziness threatening to overtake her. Slowly she felt herself falling, falling forward. She hit the ground hard, harder than she had expected. She could sense the movement behind her, sense the figure closing in. The darkness threatened to take her as she tried to push herself upward.:: ::With a quick movement Sidney rolled to the side just as one of the swords made contact with the holodeck floor. It got stuck there and the Terran/Deltan had just enough time to push herself upward. She regained her posture and again faced the menace before her. This time she felt her sense of discipline slowly returning as she fought her own body.:: ::Her head clear, she went on the attack, pushing the figure back from her. Now that there was just one sword, things were more even. The cloaked figure began to retreat. Sidney thrust towards the red cloak, cutting the fabric with ease.:: ::The figure lunged and Sidney spun away from the direction of the attack. Sweat was dripping off her brow, onto her shirt, onto the floor. She pulled on her emotions, pushing herself further.:: ((Flashback, Earlier the Same Day, Riley's Quarters)) ::She tilted her head lightly, questioningly.:: Riley: Fire? Storos: Deltans feel strongly. We love strongly, that is well-known. But that is only part of it. Everything is felt so strongly, it is like being a spark in the midst of the fire. We...it can be hard for us to reach out to other species. Perhaps we fear we might burn them. Fire is dangerous. But fire can also be the hearth-fire of home. ::beat:: Does that make any sense? ::Bron offered Sidney a quirky smile. She paused in deep thought for a moment. She closed her eyes, opened them and then sighed.:: ((End Flashback)) oO Fire...Oo ::She felt the heat of the fire as it burned through her being. Everything, all the emotions, anger, sadness, despair, friendship, love...All rising to the surface is one massive flame, burning bright...:: ::Sidney turned quickly, bringing the sword across, her wrist firm, but loose, in one graceful movement. It was over...The figure fell, disappearing into the holodeck...:: ::A rising flame, a phoenix rising from the ashes...anger, regret...love, mostly love...:: ::A voice echoing in her mind...a familiar voice, a comforting voice...:: oO "You are safe here ... Don't be afraid, you will never lose me..." Oo ::Strength from the past to continue on. No matter what anyone thought. No matter how many times she had been attacked. No matter who thought she shouldn't exist. No matter who thought something was wrong with her. No matter what happened she was...:: ::She was... ...Sidney Riley.:: TBC... Fleet Captain Sidney Riley Commanding Officer USS Independence-A
  3. ((Timewarp: After Clack and Townson's Visit, Outside the Captain's Quarters, USS Independence-A)) ::Sidney slowly stood, even still she felt light headed when she did so. She took in a deep breath. Perhaps one day Starfleet medical would learn how to replicate her blood, but until then... She knew it would be another couple days before she felt well enough to do many regular tasks. And even then, the Doctor probably wouldn't let her go back to work.:: ::She walked over to the replicator and then paused. That was right...they were offline. She closed her eyes and turned slowly. Walking over to the hidden cabinet in the wall near the replicator she pulled out a medium sized Victorian style tin box. She smiled as she looked at the ornate pattern a moment before moving her thumb over the lid and pulling it upward. There was a soft click and the box opened to reveal a small container of real coffee grinds with chicory from New Orleans, a small container of creole seasoning and a stack of pecan pralines neatly arranged in a row. Taking out two of the sugary treats she closed the box and put it back in the cabinet for another day.:: ::She carefully pulled at the wrapper of the first candy when the door chime sounded rather unexpectedly. She almost dropped the sugary treat onto the floor and moved a little too quickly to try and catch it. After she regained her composure she called out.:: Riley: Who is it? ::She waited rather impatiently for a repsonse as she took a bite of the pecan candy.:: Storos: It is Bron Storos. ::Sidney's eyes widened and she caught her breath. Townson had mentioned security detail, but she hadn't thought it would be...It was a long moment before she responded.:: Riley: Come in... ::She took another hearty bite of the praline.:: Storos: I hope that I am not intruding, Captain... Riley: No, of course not. ::She motioned for him to enter with the hand that held the candies. Bron blinked at the treat in Sidney's hands but said nothing about it.:: Storos: I was... I just wanted to make sure that you were alright... ::A genuine smile crossed Sidney's face for the second time since she'd been released from sickbay.:: Riley: I will be alright. ::She paused.:: So, you've been assigned as my security. ::She tilted her head questioningly.:: Storos: That is correct, Captain. ::Sidney walked over and sat back down on the couch. She took several more bites of the praline before responding.:: Riley: Forgive me if I eat...I haven't had anything in a while. The replicators are down so I had to raid my personal stores. ::She held up her remaining candy.:: Storos: There is nothing to forgive. Though I believe the ship is now secure enough that you could eat in the mess hall. Riley: Yes, well... I'm not going to the Free Spririt to eat, especially if Tan is cooking. He'd probably poison my food... ::Bron let the faint hint of an emotion play across the corners of his mouth, though he quickly reigned it in. He gave a nod indicating the room around them.:: Storos: I notice that your quarters seem...less cluttered. Riley: Heh, yes well, I took care of that problem... Storos: So I am given to understand... ::Sidney focused her eyes on the rigid Deltan.:: Riley: Look, if you're going to stay here, you're going to have to sit down. Storos: Of course, Sir. ::Bron looked around for a moment, then sat on a chair across from Sidney. He sat only on the front half of the chair, his back ramrod straight.:: Storos: Better? ::Sidney raised an eyebrow, leaning back. She let her gaze fall over the Deltan man for a moment, once upon a time things had been very different between the two of them. A time when he hadn't called her "Sir...but that was a long time ago...a very long time ago.:: Riley: I suppose so... ::She raised both her eye brows this time, a very animated gesture for her current mood.:: Storos: I of course do not mean to intrude on personal matters. ::Sidney had opened and taken a bite of her second praline. At the security officer's comment she looked up with some surprise.:: Riley: No, of course you don't... ::Her voice trailed off...the very leading nature of the comment didn't escape her though.:: Storos: I am simply glad to see you looking well...all things considered... ::Sidney laughed lightly and shook her head.:: Riley: All things considered? What's that supposed to mean? ::She gave him a look full of scrutiny.:: ::Bron smiled at Sidney's laugh. It was a good sound to hear again.:: Storos: I mean the recent attempt on your life. Of course. Riley: I see... ::She set the rest of the praline down on the table.:: Storos: Yes. ::Bron swallowed. This was going to be a...most interesting shift.:: ::Sidney crossed her legs lightly and settled back into her seat. She closed her eyes and then opened them before speaking. Her mind drifting back to a conversation she had what seemed like long ago with then Karynn Ehlanii. Then to the statements made by Alleran about her blood. About something being wrong with her. She looked at Bron, her bright green eyes suddenly more intense.:: Riley: Bron? Storos: Yes, S-- Captain? Riley: What does it mean to be Deltan? ::Bron blinked, not entirely sure where the question was coming from.:: Storos: What it means to be to be a Deltan? ::Her gaze focused on the Deltan man, her expression very serious.:: Riley: Yes, what does it mean to be Deltan. Storos: I am not entirely sure that is an easy question. Some species I think can be summarized in one word. Vulcans -- logic, Klingons -- honor, Ferengi -- profit. Even then, there are nuances from person to person. And then there are other sorts of species. Could you sum up everything it means to be Terran in one word, or everything it means to be Andorian or Romulan? ::It was Sidney's turn to blink. She looked at him curiously for a moment and then reached forward, picked up the praline and took several more thoughtful bites before responding.:: Riley: I don't know... ::She paused again, setting the candy down. Did she really know what it meant to be Terran? She was raised by Terrans, she'd thought she was Terran for most of her life. But, she'd always been different, she'd always been part Deltan. Did she know what it meant to be Terran? Sometimes it felt like everything she knew was wrong.:: Storos: I am not sure I can speak for all Deltans. I can only speak for myself. ::She wrinkled her nose.:: Riley: Then what does it mean to you? Storos: To be Deltan -- for me...is to be fire... ::She tilted her head lightly, questioningly.:: Riley: Fire? Storos: Deltans feel strongly. We love strongly, that is well-known. But that is only part of it. Everything is felt so strongly, it is like being a spark in the midst of the fire. We...it can be hard for us to reach out to other species. Perhaps we fear we might burn them. Fire is dangerous. But fire can also be the hearth-fire of home. ::beat:: Does that make any sense? ::Bron offered Sidney a quirky smile. She paused in deep thought for a moment. She closed her eyes, opened them and then sighed.:: Riley: I think so...I don't know...::Pause.:: They can't replicate my blood, did you know that? ::Bron blinked again, it taking a moment for him to adjust to the change in subject.:: Storos: I did not know that. Though I am given to understand that people with a mixed genetic makeup do have such difficulties. Riley: Apparently Terran/Deltans aren't a very studied group. Starfleet medical says there aren't enough of us for any research to take place. ::She shrugged.:: And then of course, I'm not half, just one eighth. And well, you know how Deltans feel about anyone who isn't pure Deltan. Storos: ::with a rueful smile:: Not quite every Deltan. Though the prejudice is unfortunately widespread. Riley: I could have bled to death in the corridor...because there's something ::She paused, Alleran's words coming back to her.:: *wrong* with my blood. ::Bron felt his hands clench into fists, holding back his anger.:: Storos: ::blankly:: Who told you this? Riley: It's just something I was told by someone... ::Bron nodded and filed Sidney's evasion away for further investigation.:: Storos: Ah... Sidney, may I ask you a question and then give you the answer from my outsider perspective? Riley: What's that? Storos: What does it mean to be Terran? ::Sidney laughed.:: Riley: Do I really know? ::She shook her head. Her previous questions coming back to mind.:: Storos: ::nodding:: Terrans are perhaps the most diverse sentient species ever discovered. Certainly they are the most diverse humanoid species I know. They are not united by appearance or creed or way of life. What defines a Terran? Riley: I don't know I... ::She stopped, she was beginning to get frustrated. It was always like this when she talked to Bron. How could she explain? She was neither Terran nor Deltan, she was something in between, something different, something...many considered *wrong*.:: Storos: As a Deltan, someone observing Terrans from the outside, what it means to be a Terran is that you have the power to choose. Unlike any other species in the known galaxy, you choose your own path. You do not limit yourself to logic or emotion, to honor or to profit. You are what you choose to be. ::Sidney sighed.:: Riley: Yes, yes...::She waved her hand gracefully.:: We better ourselves for knowledge, for the good of others...etc, etc, etc.... Storos: I think sometimes that that is why Terrans have so many enemies. All the rest of us are jealous. ::Sidney gave Bron Storos a skeptically raised eyebrow.:: Riley: I'm sure many would disagree with you. Storos: The question you should be asking yourself, I think...is not what it means to be Deltan, but what it means to be Sidney Riley. ::She simply looked at the Deltan man for a moment. She took another deep breath.:: Riley: But why does being Terran mean anything to you? ::Her eyes narrowed.:: Storos: It means something to me... ::trailing off:: oO...because you mean something to me, Guardian of my heart. Oo ::She closed her eyes. Talking to Bron was like talking to a wall.:: Riley: But why don't you understand? ::She opened her eyes and raised her voice. Her previous feelings coming to the surface.:: Why am I the way I am? ::She moved on the couch lightly, fidgeting. If she had thought she wouldn't have been light headed she would have stood.:: Storos: You are the way you are, because of who you are. That is a sum of everything you are, Deltan and Terran both, as well as your unique experiences. Riley: Why is there something wrong with me? ::She hit her fist on the table as she leaned forward.:: ::Bron lifted his right hand, hesitantly at first. His index finger curled and rested under Sidney's chin. He attempted to raise it so he can look into Sidney's eyes. She made no move to stop him which surprised her slightly.:: Storos: ::very softly:: Who told you that there was anything wrong with you? Riley: Someone I trusted. ::Her voice was a mere whisper.:: Storos: I do not believe it. Riley: Maybe he was right? Storos: Perhaps you only feel that way because you do not know how to reconcile what you are feeling with your previous experiences. ::She pulled back from Storos' touch.:: Riley: What? Storos: Talk to me. Tell me what you are feeling... Riley: You wouldn't understand... Storos: Why do you say that? Riley: Because you can't even tell me what it means to be Deltan. ::She laughed lightly, but it held a hint of sadness.:: Storos: I will try, if you want me to... ::Sidney nodded.:: ::Bron closed his eyes. He rested his right hand on his heart. Then he opened his eyes and smiled at Sidney, though there perhaps was a sadness about his eyes.:: Storos: My creche tells a story. It is sung to us in our cradles. We sing it as we work in the fields. We whisper it to each other making love... ::Sidney listened intently.:: Storos: In the beginning there was Fire. Fire burned bright upon the earth, but Fire was alone. So Fire divided itself, again and again. He filled the world with heat and light and love. All things that move have this Fire within them. When I meet a member of my creche, Fire speaks to Fire. Fire flows between us. Fire grows. Fire rejoices to be reunited with itself. ::She blinked, deep in thought as he continued.;: Storos: For my creche, this is what it means to be Deltan. It means to be aware of the Fire within, to know when to hold off on letting it burn, and when to give in to the flames... ::laughing:: And I am sure that that helps not at all... Riley: I have to admit, the story is cryptic. ::Sidney smiled lightly, sighed and shook her head.:: Storos: ::smiling in turn:: If it were not cryptic, it would not be a true story... ::Bron paused, feeling that there was more Sidney wanted to say.:: Riley: It's just... Storos: Go on. Riley: I have such strong emotions and...I don't know how to deal with them. :: A single tear escaped from her eye.:: ::Bron hesitated for a moment, then he reached out and brushed away Sidney's tear with the back of his index finger.:: Storos: Tell me. Let me help... Riley: No one understands me...maybe it is my fault, maybe there is something wrong with my blood... Storos: ::shaking his head:: I refuse to believe that there is anything wrong with you. Riley: I lost the child I was carrying...in the assassination attempt. ::Bron sucked in a breath.:: Storos: I... I did not know, Sidney. I am truly sorry... ::Sidney shrugged lightly, her eyes staring off into space.:: Storos: The Deltans of my creche believe that death diminishes those left behind, but the Fire within those we have lost rejoins the greater Fire of the universe. The closer we draw to the great Fire, the truer we are to the Fire within ourselves, the closer we draw to those we have lost. ::She blinked looking over at Bron. She gave a wry smile.:: Riley: Thanks... ::Her voice was very quiet.:: Storos: You are very welcome. ::The Terran/Deltan was very quiet for a moment.:: Riley: ::Sighs.:: I just have such strong emotions...they pull me in every direction...sometimes all at once. Storos: Emotions are not bad things. The important thing is to be true to yourself. Riley: I just want things I can not have... Storos: What sort of things? Riley: You couldn't understand... Storos: ::with a wry smile:: I may know a few things about wanting things one cannot have... ::Sidney raised an eyebrow, she seriously doubted what the Deltan man said.:: Storos: If you do not wish to speak about it, especially at this time, I understand. ::She nodded.:: Storos: I do want you to know, though, that I am always here if you do want to talk. Riley: I just want to know what it means to be Deltan... Storos: I am not sure what more to say than what I have already said. Riley: You don't understand... Storos: I can tell you more stories. I can suggest cultural studies to read. I would be happy to show you more of Delta IV on the holodeck. With the greatest joy. But I am not sure to what extent that would be helpful to explain what it means for Sidney Riley to be part Deltan... ::Sidney took in a sharp breath, it was always like this when talking to Bron. It was why things were the way they were. She stood slowly.:: Riley: I am headed to the Free Spirit... ::She walked past Bron and then turned around her eyes flashing a smile.:: I guess that means you're supposed to follow me. Storos: ::with an answering smile:: I suppose that it does. Riley: Well come on then... ::She motioned for Storos to follow her as she walked out the door and into the corridor.:: TBC... Fleet Captain Sidney Riley Commanding Officer USS Independence-A and Lieutenant Bron Storos Security USS Independence-A
  4. http://www.montrealgazette.com/opinion/op-ed/Capt+Kirk+Shatner/4881967/story.html William Shatner was in Montreal this week to receive his honorary Doctorate from his Alma Matter, McGill University. (you can waatch his speach at the link above.) He was able to attend this ceremony, but he was not able to attend West Hill High School's 50 reunion, which took place a few weeks back. William Shatner also attended the now defunct Baron Byng High School in the Park Extension area of Montreal, for those who have ever visited. I know this because my mother went to the same school as Bill, but one grade below. Congrats Doctor Shatner
  5. You would have to attend a week-long academy training group, which is actually quite a bit of fun. You would then be posted to a ship determined by several factors. During training, you will be given a questionnaire which will determine what kind of ship would be best suited to your SIMming pace, etc. You will be posted as an Ensign. Speeds of promotion vary, but it normally depends on factors such as your enthusiasm, SIMming frequency, cooperation and helpfulness towards others on your ship, building both on the main plots and your character, and your contributions to the group as a whole. If you are concerned about starting off as an Ensign, I wouldn't worry so much. If you have SIMming experience and you still have access to you old SIMs and you wish to maintain your character, just remember, what would be a rehashing of old events to your old group, is brand new to us The only thing you would have to tweak would be the formatting. Other than that, coming with a pre-made character is quite a time-saver when it comes to pondering what sort of character to play, and adding a bio to that character. Also, this group is not going to fade away anytime soon. I have been in and out for the last 10+ years. (Yup, it gets in your blood) The group's creator is still around, and the staff are always there to assist when needed. It has maintained a steady level of participation since I have been here (that's 10+ years), and for that I thank the recruitment and advertising team, who keep a steady flow of Cadets coming in on a weekly basis. I hope this answers your question.
  6. When I returned to this group after a few years of absence, I also used the same character, but I changed her dramatically. One of the great things about returning with the same character after a LOA, is that you can almost reinvent the same character by using the logic of what they may have learned off screen during that time. In this way, I was able to return using an old character, who quite frankly I got tired of playing, but whom had a special place in my SIMming heart, and changed that character to someone whom I find much more interesting to play. In any game, RL always takes precidence over the "game". The UFOP is no different, and it is bad when it happens. Right now, due to an active recruiting group and a large amount of active players, we will soon see more and more Lt. Commanders and above in the group. I cannot say how things work if a Captain is unable to SIM for quite some time due to RL concerns, but at this time, and in the near future, there will be more than enough higher ranking officers to "cover" for the Capatain. At least for a while, or until a mission is complete. However, I am only assuming how this is how it would work. I understand the frustration of moving from ship to ship in the fleet, especially in the middle of a mission. I remember going from the Hammond to the Tiger years ago while a Borg ship was just off of our hull . If I ever get to the executive I will try to convince them that ending missions before any transfers would be in the best interest of all. But who am I? Perhaps these things are just not possible to overcome in group that is run by volunteers. From my personal experience, transfers have always been a breaking point for many SIMmers. Experienced or otherwise. We get attached to a specific ship and group and we feel comfortable there. When going to a new ship, you feel like you have to reexplain yourself and your actions to your new crew for them to get an understanding of your character. If you are transfered to a ship that is already established, you may feel like an intruder or outsider, having to relearn all again. Especially since some Captains have different SIMming rules than others. But all the things mentioned I find hard to believe would be any different in any other group such as this. Its something we all have to live with and make the best of if one wishes to eventually make Captain in this group. I am sure everry Captain has been through this at at least one point in their UFOP career. But remember first of all that this is a game. Take it as such, and have fun. Maybe make new friends along the way, and as you climb the ranks, you'll see all the hard work that goes into this group. I for one am happy to see you back Rogg. Even though I have never SIMmed with your character, you appear to have a very unique one, indeed
  7. The topic has kinda led me to songs that signify silence. What I mean are songs that are somber enough that one could play through silence, where no one talks. It reminds me of the Jewish hymn Kol Nidre http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mgaICZS79Y When I was a child, this song would play while the Rabbi would state the names, in alphabetical order of those who had perished during the course of the year, from the congregation. It was always played by an organ and left me with a lump in my throat
  8. Before I joined, years ago, I too was an avid fan and I had read several novels. I was never a writer and I still do not concider myself a very good writer, but the people in this group helped and the creativity this group allows, increases those skills over time. I am sorry to hear RL has taken you from training, but I am sure there will always be a spot open if you wish to return.
  9. ::Michelle Juneau stood in front of the class and took questions relating to the assignment handed out the previous day. However, the group of 7 and 8 year old Elementary school students would rather talk about the news they heard about their teacher the previous night. It was the news their 30 something year old female, human teacher was accused of being a double agent during the time of the Dominion war.:: JUNEAU: Please class. Lets stay on the subject at hand please. ::Michelle Juneau spent 4 years in Starfleet Intelligence, when 2 years before the end of the war, she was listed as "missing". She was being held and questioned by the Cardassians when she was found to be spying on them at the time. Starfleet Intelligence knew this due to the fact that regular reports were no longer coming into them from their agent. There was never a rescue attempt and she was left to be tortured and die at the hands of her abductors. For over 30 months, the woman endured the stresses, until a report came into Starfleet Intelligence that agent Juneau was no longer on Cardassia Prime. Whereabouts unknown. Starfleet Intelligence then listed her as "missing, presumed dead".:: ::Three months later, an unkempt Michelle Juneau was found begging for money on a backwater Federation colony. When an intelligence officer recognized her one day, the woman was returned to Earth and heralded as one of the greatest survivors of the war. She was given the chance to restart her life and chose one away from the military. She chose to be a school teacher.:: ::But despite the outward, public appearance of joy of the recovery of one of their own, Starfleet Intelligence was skeptical about the whole situation. It was not like the Cardassians to allow known spys to live. They were usually tortured for information, then killed. Therefore a closed door investigation began. An investigation that led to the conclusion that former agent Michelle Juneau was, and may still be, supplying information on the Federation to the Cardassians, and she agreed to this in exchange for her own life.:: ::A young boy quickly rose his hand and began to speak.:: BOY: But Ma'am, we saw you on the newsnet last night. Can you tell us about your time as a spy? ::Michelle Juneau sat heavily in her chair at her desk and put her head in her hands. She knew her newfound, peaceful career was coming to an end and the inquiry of her activities after her capture had become public fodder. She looked up at the young boy with a look that revealed the lines of stress in her face and said "no" while shaking her head.:: JUNEAU: We have to concentrate on the subject at hand. ::The rest of the day passed without incident and Miss. Juneau was now at home cooking her own dinner. She was about to sit and eat and prepare the next day's lesson for the children when the door to her apartment flew open. The tray holding her prepared dinner went flying as Michelle was surprised by the intrusion. Two Starfleet security officers had barged in and one pointed a phaser at the woman and spoke.:: OFFICER: Based on the evidence we have collected and the information gathered at the inquiry , you are under arrest for treason to the Federation. ::Michelle put her arms out to be shackled, without resistance and as she was being led out of her apartment, she turned to take one last glimpse of a photograph of a Cardassian soldier and a half Human/Cardassian boy and knew both what she had to do as well as knew that she'd never see her son again.:: ::The following day, the news came out that that two security officers as well as a former double agent were involved in a fatal accident that cost all three lives to be lost, the cause of which would never be found due to the disappearance of key evidence.::
  10. I just wanna see the original Constitution in a movie. If they're going to make this movie, they could do it with Captain Robert April, a character that was only seen in the animated show. This way you could have cameos from a young Kirk or Spock without any continuity issues. Basically I just wanna see this ship in a movie: http://www.lcarscom.net/fsd/enterprise/1701/ent-1.jpg
  11. Here's another vid. Bill Shatner at the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival. I don't know the year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFpIaBvoWrQ...movie%20shatner
  12. Here's a cool vid of Star Trek with all the Captains and tons of battle scenes
  13. I voted for the most recent unis, but I also liked the movie (II-VI) version as well.
  14. Congratulations to all of you. I had the opportunity to read all the entries, (which kept me busy for quite some time, seeing as how many there were) and I found them all good. I don't envy the judges. Must have been hard to choose.
  15. A sim I wrote about my character going home a long time ago. Enjoy ((USS Hammond)) ::Sector 001 was moments away. The Hammond and Ranger dropped out of warp at the outskirts of the Sol system and headed through the system on impulse drive. Eventually, a little blue planet, the third planet of this system, came into view on the main viewscreen. The planet that Tracey called home.:: ::The Hammond`s arrival at Earth left a sickly feeling in the pit of Tracey`s stomach. As most of the crew rejoiced in the Hammond`s homecoming, Tracey felt an awful feeling of lonliness. A couple of weeks ago Tracey felt just as anxious as the rest of the crew to get home and tell her parents about the mission. Tell them what life in Starfleet was like. Tell them about the first of her hopefully many adventures. But that would not happen. Her parents were lost, presumed dead, and listed as such by the powers that be. But the facts did not add up. No bodies were recovered and no debris was found. So what the h—l happened to that transport between Earth and Vulcan, a corridor of space that has been traversed by tons of vessels for so many years?:: ::The last two weeks were hard for Tracey. She didn`t put an awful lot of effort into her daily tasks and spent most of her free time searching for clues into the disappearance of her family. This was probably affecting both her physical and mental health since Tracey was eating little and was refraining from her regular exercise routine. She considered seeing Counselor Stewart but never got around to it. She was too busy searching through data banks and files. Time was the problem, and Tracey didn`t have enough of it. Tracey only had two weeks to get as much information as she could before going home.:: ::Information was hard to come by however. Tracey compiled a list of all Federation vessels that were in sensor range of the transport on that day. She tried to get access to their sensor logs and crewmember ships logs for clues but she was hitting roadblocks. Their sensor and ships` logs were inaccessible. Tracey found this odd. Ship`s sensor and general logs are usually public domain but in this case they weren`t.:: <What`s going on?> ::Tracey then tried to compile a list of all non-Federation vessels that were in the transport`s sensor range that day, but according to Federation records, there were none. Again a weird phenomenon. The corridor of space between Earth and Vulcan is usually very busy. All kinds of different vessels make that journey. Private couriers, Klingons, Ferengi, the list goes on. But there were none that day? All this began to lead Tracey to believe that perhaps there was some sort of coverup going on here.:: ::If this problem happened to someone else, Tracey would probably advise that person to let it go. Allow their parents to rest in peace. If the Federation is covering something up, it`s probably for a good reason. But this hit home. This problem was her`s and she would not be able to go on until she had exhausted every possible means of finding out what exactly happened. Then and only then would Tracey allow her parents to rest in peace, and she herself, rest peacefully.:: ::When the Hammond attained a standard orbit, Tracey went to her quarters, packed her data PADDS and headed for the transporter room. Tracey was not alone in wanting to go the surface. There were many other crewmembers who also wanted to transport down. Tracey had to wait her turn.:: WELLESLEY: "Tracey!" ::The ensign stopped and turned around immediately looking a bit surprised. Brynn walked quickly to catch up with her.:: TOWNSON: "Sir." ::Shaking her head, Brynn accompanied Townson to the airlock, who looked forlorn.:: WELLESLEY: "We're on shore leave, so just ignore the uniform for now." ::She smiled but her face turned somber right away.:: "I'm sorry to hear about your parents, I know by experience it's not easy…" ::Her voice trailed off.:: "If there's anything I can do, let me know, ok?" TOWNSON: Yes Commander, Thank you. ::Brynn simply nodded and walked silently beside her. After a while, she reached in her pocket and pulled out a tiny box.:: WELLESLEY: "I was going to wait until we returned from our shore leave to give you this," ::She handed the box to Townson, who looked all the more surprised. Brynn waited for her to open the box, which contained a half pip before continuing.:: "I wish I could given it to you under better circumstances. Congratulations, lieutenant." ::Tracey looked into the box. She wished that she had something to say. Some way to portray her gratitude, but all that came out was…:: TOWNSON: Umm, uhh thank you Commander. I really appreciate this. I will continue to do my best to serve you and this ship to the best of my ability. ::Instead of transporting each individual to a specific location on the planet, the transporter chief transported everyone to Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco. From there it was up to each officer to secure their own transportation to their various destinations.:: ::Tracey materialized on a transporter pad in Starfleet Headquarters and proceeded to a shuttle docking bay in order for her to get to her home in Canada. There was a long lineup as crewmembers from both the Hammond and Ranger were there. As Tracey waited in line, her patience began to wear thin and she began to mutter under her breath `let`s go, let`s go`. She shifted her weight from leg to leg as if she had to go to the bathroom. Tracey wanted to get to her home quickly and meet up with her Uncle Sorel. She believed that that was where he`d be.:: ::Around a corner, came a robed figure. The robe was black and it had writing down the front of it. The hood was covering the head of the figure. The robed individual headed towards Tracey. She did not notice this person until he spoke.:: FIGURE: Ensign. ::Tracey turned to look. She was not able to see who it was through the shadows of the hood. At that moment, the individual uncovered his head to reveal the figure`s facial features. The pointed ears, the upswept eyebrows, and the short-cropped black hair. Now Tracey had no problem identifying who this individual was. She dropped her bag and ran directly towards the man. When she got to him, she gave him a long hug and began to cry.:: TOWNSON: Uncle Sorel! ((Earth-Starfleet Headquarters)) ::Tracey`s uniform consisted of all the normal aspects with the exception of her uniform tunic. That was replaced by her pastel colored yellow and green ski jacket. She was wearing it with the collar up, covering her new rank pip on her red turtleneck underneath.:: ::Tracey backed up from Sorel to leave a short distance between the two of them. She lowered her ski jacket`s right side collar to reveal her new rank to her uncle.:: SOREL: Pardon me , Lieutenant. Congratulations. TOWNSON: Thank you. ::Tracey wiped her eyes dry with the sleeve of her jacket.:: SOREL: You don`t look too well. Perhaps you should see a physician. TOWNSON: No, no. I`m fine. ::Tracey felt much more comfortable now that she was in the presence of Sorel. Comfortable to the point where she felt like eating again.:: SOREL: Very well. I have secured us a shuttle. Are you ready to depart? TOWNSON: Hold on. ::Tracey ran back to the line to retrieve her bag of data PADDS and then came running back.:: TOWNSON: OK. Let`s go. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - ::The furthest the shuttle was able to go was New York City before Tracey had to stop and get something to eat. There wasn`t a lack of choice restaurants in this neighborhood, but Tracey needed something fast, so the two of them chose a little fast food restaurant called the Replideli. Tracey knew the food here was made through a replicator, but she didn`t care. She was starving and replicated food was fast.:: TOWNSON: How`s your salad? ::Sorel took time to finish chewing and swallowing before answering.:: SOREL: Agreeable. How was your sandwich? ::Tracey had just finished her pastrami sandwich, a staple in this city for centuries, and was now sipping from her cup of coffee when Sorel asked her his question.:: TOWNSON: Excellent. Hit the spot. ::She patted her stomach.:: So….What do you think? ::Sorel was looking over the data PADDS that Tracey brought with her, while eating.:: SOREL: Your findings are inconclusive since you were unable to retrieve any logs from the vessels listed here. TOWNSON: They`re gone. I couldn`t get access. SOREL: I see. When we get to your house, I shall try to access the necessary records. While I am busy with that, you should get some rest. TOWNSON: Aye sir. ::Tracey smiled at Sorel, but as usual, her uncle did not reciprocate the action, although his mouth did move into a slight smile, but only for a fraction of a second.:: ::Sorel finished his salad and washed it down with a glass of water.:: SOREL: We should depart. ::The two of them left the restaurant and headed home to Montreal. As soon as Tracey opened the front door, she headed straight to her room and fell asleep in a bed she had not slept upon in years. Sorel went to work to try to access Starfleet records through the Townson family computer.:: ((Townson Home-Montreal)) ::The aroma of freshly brewed coffee was circulating around the house. The morning sun was sending rays of light through the kitchen window. Sorel was sitting at the table still going over data PADDS when Tracey entered.:: SOREL: Good morning. TOWNSON: Morning Uncle. SOREL: I thought you might like some real coffee after so long drinking the replicated beverage. TOWNSON: You read my mind. Thank you. ::Tracey went to fill a cup full of coffee before joining her uncle at the table. She sat down at the table and stirred her cream and sugar into her coffee and started sipping from her cup. Her eyes wandered to the kitchen window. The late fall weather made the leaves on the trees change their colors. Some were red and some were yellow. It was a sight that captivated Tracey. She had not seen fall weather since she left for the academy. Tracey had always looked forward to this time of year when she was young. She used to go out everyday and look up at the sky hoping it would snow. Fall meant winter was around the corner, and winter meant ski season would begin. That same learned, anxious feeling came back to her and she was caught off guard when Sorel began to speak.:: SOREL: It seems as if my old Starfleet security codes are ineffective. I am having the same difficulties as you have had in gaining access to any files pertaining to the transport. TOWNSON: Oh…oh yeah. Sorry. ::She rubbed her eyes.:: I`m still sleepy. Were you able to tell granny what happened? SOREL: Yes. I sent her a communiqué eight months fourteen days ago. She never responded and since I have not had the opportunity during that time to make my way to Earth to visit her, I can not be sure she even received it, or for that matter, understood it. TOWNSON: Then she`s still at Starfleet Medical? SOREL: Yes. I believe she is still a patient there. I have not received notice of her being moved to any other facility. ::Tracey`s paternal grandmother `granny` was diagnosed seven years ago with a neurological disorder that affected the way she looked at the world around her. Every now and again, she would revert and relive various portions of her past. She would believe that the people around her were people from the particular time she was reliving and would reenact these portions of her life as if it was taking place now. Sylvia Townson, formerly Admiral Sylvia Townson of Starfleet Command, now spent her time wandering the halls of Starfleet Medical with a rare disorder that affected one in a millon people. Although she was normal, and quite fit for her age, her relapses made her a danger to herself, and she was unable to make any trips off the facility without a chaperone. Various medications given to her reduced the effects of the disease to the point where around 70% of the time, she was normal, but there was no cure. Eventually Tracey`s grandmother would succumb to the inevitable, permanent loss of knowing where or when she is.:: TOWNSON: Maybe we should go tell her in person. Maybe she didn`t get the message. ::Tracey abruptly stood up.:: Let`s get ready. We`ll head back to San Francisco, visit granny, then go through files at Starfleet Command. We`ll ask around. It`s obvious we`re not going to get anywhere from here. Maybe even granny can help us out. You in Uncle Sorel? SOREL: It seems like the next logical course of action. Very well Tracey, I am in. ::They both prepared themselves for the journey and their day ahead. They both boarded the shuttlecraft and headed back to San Francisco.:: ((Starfleet Medical)) ::The nurse was looking at Tracey while holding a data PADD:: NURSE: Name please. TOWNSON: Sylvia Townson. ::The nurse looked at Tracey with confusion. She was behind a desk. Other nurses were scurrying about behind her.:: NURSE: Sylvia Townson is a patient here. TOWNSON: Yes. NURSE: I meant your name. TOWNSON: Oh. I`m sorry. ::The nurse looked down at the PADD and typed Tracey`s and Sorel`s name in it after Tracey told her.:: NURSE: Sylvia Townson. ::She said quietly to herself.:: Ah yes. Here she is. ::She looked up from the PADD.:: She`s in the anteroom. ::She pointed down the hallway.:: Straight ahead, three doors to your left. TOWNSON: Thank you. ::Sorel and Tracey went to the room they were told to go to. The doors swooshed open to reveal a large room with tables and chairs set up in a classroom type setting. There were about 50 to 75 patients filling the seats. There was a man spinning some sort of apparatus with balls in it, up on a platform in front of the room. Tracey and Sorel asked the caregiver, who was standing at the doorway to point out the location of Tracey`s Grandmother for them. He pointed in the general vicinity of the middle of the room.:: SOREL: May I ask, what is her condition? CAREGIVER: She seems fine so far. SOREL: We are pleased to hear that. Thank you. ::The two of them made their way to where Granny was sitting. Tracey noticed that all the patients had data PADDS that had grids with letters and numbers in each grid. They also had tools to mark the squares on their PADDS. When Sorel and Tracey arrived at Sylvia`s table, Tracey noticed that Granny also had the same type of PADD and marking tool.:: TOWNSON: Granny? SYLVIA: Hold on. ::The man on the stage pulled a ball out of the now stopped spinning apparatus and looked at it.:: STAGEMAN: B-5 ::Sylvia looked over her PADD then leaned back in her seat. Tracey noticed there was no B-5 on her PADD. From the back of the room, someone yelled `BINGO`. Sylvia sat up and threw her marking tool in front of her.:: SYLVIA: [...] it! ::Everyone, including Tracey and Sorel, turned to see who had yelled out `BINGO`. A woman, around Sylvia`s age, was standing up in the back of the room with a smile.:: ::Sylvia leaned over to speak to a lady sitting next to her.:: SYLVIA: Can you believe it. That`s Abel`s third win this week. LADY: Come now Sylvia. There`s no need to get all huffy puffy. It`s only a game. Besides, ::She pointed towards Tracey and Sorel.:: I think you have visitors. SYLVIA: Ah yes. ::She turned to look at Tracey.:: How may I…Tracey? TOWNSON: Yes Granny. It`s me. SYLVIA: What a pleasure to see you. How`s my little Cadet? TOWNSON: Granny, I`m no longer a Cadet. I`ve graduated. I`m an officer now. SYLVIA: Oh yes. I forgot. You`re on the Hammond now. How come you`re not in space? TOWNSON: We`re on shore leave now Granny. I brought someone with me. ::Sylvia turned to look in Sorel`s direction.:: SYLVIA: Mr. Sorel. SOREL: It is I Admiral. SYLVIA: Well. Look at you. You look like a spring chicken. ::She looked back at Tracey.:: Hard to imagine that he`s nine years older than me. SOREL: Vulcan physiology is… SYLVIA: Yes. I know. Vulcans are faster, smarter, stronger, live longer than humans. ::She began mumbling to herself.:: TOWNSON: Granny? SYLVIA: Hmmm? Ah yes. Sorry. So how are the two of you? How are Scotty and Cynthia? TOWNSON: We`re fine, but Mom and Dad, they went missing. SYLVIA: Missing? SOREL: Yes. I sent you a communiqué regarding their disappearance, a few months ago. SYLVIA: Oh yes. Now I remember. ::She turned back to her PADD to reset her card.:: No need to worry yourselves. They`ll be back. ::Tracey looked at Sorel with astonishment. She then turned back to address her Grandmother.: TOWNSON: How do you know they`ll be back? Where are they Granny? SYLVIA: It`s not a question of where they are but when they are. TOWNSON:: What do you mean Granny? What do you know? ::Sylvia Townson looked up at both Tracey and Sorel.:: SYLVIA: I can`t tell you anything. I wish I can. The temporal Prime Directive is in effect. Please leave this matter alone. If Lt. Munroe`s calculations were correct, they should be back in about four to six months. When they return they will be debriefed by Starfleet Command and then hopefully, everything should be back to normal. SOREL: Lt. Munroe? The Entente`s assistant science officer? That was forty-two years ago, Admiral. How is this possible? How come I was not informed at the time? ::Sylvia abruptly stood up and gave her PADD to the lady sitting next to her.:: SYLVIA: Agnes, can you take my card? I`ll be back shortly. AGNES: Sure dear, take all the time you need. SYLVIA: Thank you. ::She turned to face Tracey and Sorel.:: Let`s go. We can`t discuss this here. ::Referring to the BINGO room.:: ::The three of them left the anteroom and headed for Sylvia`s room.:: ((Time-warp – A few days later - A Ski Resort Chalet Somewhere In The Canadian Rockies)) ::Tracey decided to relax for the last two days of her R&R. Dwelling upon her parents didn`t make any sense especially since circumstances were beyond her control. Besides, how often does a Starship officer have the opportunity to return to Earth?:: ::Tracey`s Uncle Sorel headed back to Vulcan three days ago after confirming the story that Tracey`s Grandmother told them. According to Sorel, Lt. Monroe`s slight error in trajectory calculations, in sending Tracey`s parents` transport back to the present, from forty-two years back, had them overshoot their time by fourteen months. So five months and twelve days from now, the transport that disappeared a little over eight months ago, should return, if it survives the return flight. And Tracey`s parents will be just over five days older than they were at the time of the transport`s disappearance, because, according to Tracey`s granny, they only spent five days there.:: ::The story that Tracey`s Grandmother told her and Sorel left Tracey`s head spinning. Forty-two years ago, Sylvia Townson was first officer of a Starship called Entente. The ship`s Captain and Science Officer (Lt. Commander Sorel) were on a mission off ship. Tracey`s Grandmother, Commander Sylvia Townson at the time, was left in charge. To make a long story short, the Entente answered a Federation distress signal from a transport vessel that was obviously Federation origin but of no design that they were familiar with. With audio communications only, they informed the Entente that they were heavily damaged after travelling through a temporal rift between Earth and Vulcan. Commander Townson put two and two together and ordered no further contact between the two vessels with the exception of notifying engineers as to what kind of equipment was necessary to help repair the transport. All necessary equipment was sent back and forth using only transporters. No contact with the transport was made otherwise. No one, including Sylvia Townson, knew who was on board the transport or when it came from, but Tracey`s Grandmother did know the name of the vessel. It was written across its hull. The same name that was written across the hull of the transport that Tracey`s parents boarded eight months ago. The Terrasse.:: ::What goes around comes around. What happened in the past must reoccur in the future for the timeline to work out, was what Tracey`s Grandmother said. That is why Starfleet allowed the Terrasse to make the journey knowing full well what the outcome of that journey would be. The Terrasse was part of history, and in order to make history, it had to make it`s journey eight months ago. All records of the event were sealed so that no one could intervene, and that is why Uncle Sorel was never informed. This paradox left Tracey with a splitting headache everytime she thought about it.:: ::Still, no one knew the outcome. Not even Starfleet. Would the Terrasse survive the return flight? Tracey would have to wait five months and twelve days to find out.:: ::Right now though, Tracey was relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate in front of a fireplace in a ski resort chalet. She knew this mountain well from her younger days when she competed. She almost always fared well here. This was the last place she wanted to spend time at before heading back to the Hammond. Before coming here, she wrote her parents a note at home to inform them she was there, in case they returned, and paid one last visit to her Grandmother again at Starfleet Medical. But her time was running short. When she finished her hot chocolate, she put the cup down on the coffee table in front of her, took one last look around, stood up, threw her bag over her shoulder, and took her comm badge out of her pocket and pressed on the front of it.:: TOWNSON:=/\=Townson to Hammond…one to beam up.=/\=
  16. If I were to write about my real life, going home, it would be a fight scene. Or more like an arguement scene. I have quite the exciting family life.
  17. TOS: "City on the Edge of Forever" and the "Menagerie" TNG: "Darmok" and that one where Picard is taken to live a lifetime on another planet. DS9: "Trials and Tribble-ations" VOY: All garbage ENT: I don't even watch it
  18. Hold your hats folks. Here goes. Captain: Lawxana Troi First Officer: Q Helm: A Tribble Counselor: Worf CMO: Mr. Mott Ops: Guinan Tactical: Troi Engineer: Wesley Crusher Transporter chief: Barkley Quartermaster: Archer Bathroom Cleaner: Janeway
  19. OK I think its time to give my two cents. I voted for the Borg. Why? Well, for one there just seems to be so many more of them. They are capable of moving greater distances quicker than ships using conventional warp and they can adapt to situations better than the Dominion. However, there may be a problem with the founders. Without physical bodies per se, the Borg may have trouble assimilating them. They are after all liquid in their natural state. Also Janeway seemed to always beat the Borg all by herself.
  20. I've always wondered who would win such a war? What do you think? Who would win and why?
  21. This can be made into a summer reading type thing. However there are SO MANY Trek books on the market, it is unbelievable. Also, for those interested, here is an updated list of upcoming books: Pocket Books editor Marco Palmieri on March 30 announced the tentative Star Trek fiction schedule for June 2005 through January 2006. The new schedule reflects Pocket Books' recent decision to only publish one mass-market Star Trek paperback per month, rather than the two that had been the norm over the past years (story). As trade paperbacks and hardcovers are counted separately, many months will still see the publication of two physical Trek books, as well as the monthly eBook-only release in the Star Trek: S.C.E. series. The full schedule, can be found below: June Articles of the Federation by Keith R.A. DeCandido Tales from the Captain's Table" by various (Trade Paperback) S.C.E. #52: Identity Crisis by John J. Ordover (eBook) July Voyager: String Theory, Book 1: Cohesion by Jeffrey Lang Strange New Worlds 8 by various (Trade Paperback) S.C.E. #53: Fables of the Prime Directive by Cory Rushton (eBook) August Vanguard: Harbinger by David Mack S.C.E. #54: Security by Keith R.A. DeCandido (eBook) September Vulcan's Soul, Book I: Exodus by Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz TNG: Death In Winter by Michael Jan Friedman (Hardcover) S.C.E. #55: Wounds, Book One by Ilsa J. Bick (eBook) October Titan: The Red King by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin S.C.E. #56: Wounds, Book Two by Ilsa J. Bick (eBook) November Voyager: String Theory, Book 2: Fusion by Kirsten Beyer Voyager: Distant Shores by various (Trade Paperback) S.C.E. #57: Out of the Cocoon by William Leisner (eBook) December Enterprise: Rosetta by David Stern S.C.E. #58: Honor by Kevin Killiany (eBook) January 2006 Titan: Orion's Hounds by Christopher L. Bennett S.C.E. #59: Blackout by Phaedra M. Weldon (eBook) February 2006 New Frontier: After the Fall by Peter David (Mass Market Reprint) New Frontier: Missing in Action by Peter David (Hardcover) S.C.E. #60: The Cleanup by Robert T. Jeschonek (eBook) In addition to the above books, Palmieri noted he is still hopeful the new hardcover Captain's Glory, written by William Shatner (James T. Kirk) with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, will be published during the last quarter of 2005. Meanwhile, Palmieri also reminded fans that as of March 30, Pocket Books' Starship Titan Design Contest is officially open. Through this contest, Pocket is asking fans to design the U.S.S. Titan, the new starship of Captain Riker, which was mentioned but never seen in Star Trek: Nemesis. As the adventures of the Titan will now be chronicled in a new novel-only series, Pocket is looking for a design it can feature on the cover of an upcoming book in the series. Information on the contest, as well as some background information on the Luna-class of Starfleet vessels that the U.S.S. Titan is part of, can be found on the official contest page.
  22. I think that it was done with Starfleet's knowledge. Otherwise why would Starfleet have visited Darwin station in the first place? I am also curious as to what the purpose of creating such humans would be? Wouldn't creating humans who are far more advanced than normal humans lead to the ultimate end of regular humans? Not just only in this case but in any case?
  23. Seeing as how that Galaxy class in DS9 is winning in the polls. I decided to rewatch that episode yesterday. The ship is the Oddessy, and its the second season finale called "Jem'Hadar". The first time I watched it was years ago and I just found it cool as to how cruel the Jem'hadar actually were to make a suicide run at the Oddessy as they limp back to the wormhole. This was something I thought I'd never see in Trek. However, now that I am older and wiser? I watched it in a different way and was let down by a few things. First of all, the Oddessy fired phasers only. No torpedos. And only fired twice. This surprised me seeing that Keough seemed to be much more military minded than other starship captains I have seen in the shows. So why only two phaser shots? Was there something wrong with his ship before going to battle? I find that difficult to belive. They went through the wormhole not for diplomatic purposes. The Galaxy class is able to fire continuous blasts of both phasers and torpedos. This was seen against the Hushnok and the Q-Who episodes. This ship should have beat those three Jem'Hadar ships, or at least given them a much better fight. But this lack of using this type of defence was a direct result that led to the situation seen in Generations. Second of all, why did the Dominion only send three ships? If they wanted to send a message to the Alpha Quadrant, they should have sent a lot more than three ships. Lastly, I don't understand what the purpose of that suicide run was? It would have hurt the moralle of the Feds moerso if the Oddessy would have gone back, defeated, with a gaping hole in its hull, after 10 minutes in the Gamma Quadrant.
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