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  1. ((Zakdorn Hospital – Late Night Hours)) ::There was a room waiting for her at some hotel but Aribelle did not even consider staying there. Aribelle instead spent the night at the hospital, sleeping on the uncomfortable stiff couch in the waiting area and catching very little sleep as patients and their families poured in. The damage to the city would take some time to assess and clean up. The natives were surely feeling the effects of such destruction. They were trying to bring back order and sought answers that no one could really give.:: ::She wanted to be close, though, to her crewmates.
  2. ((Lt Richards’ Quarters; Starbase118 Ops)) :: The more Alexander dwelled on things the more he realized he had been very slow to make friends on the Starbase. Sure he had colleagues who he could consider acquaintances but no one he could really call friend. Disappointing as this was to him, he had no one to blame but himself for this turn of events and resolved to rectify the situation over the coming months. After all a strongly bound crew made for a strong team. And a strong team made over coming the stresses of Starfleet life that much easier. :: :: The young man’s mind changed to thought
  3. Have y'all seen the trailer!?!?!?!?! (Warning: Will need Quicktime.) http://www.deadline.com/2012/12/star-trek-into-darkness-hot-trailer/
  4. Everyone's been in love at one time or another. The only exception to this is Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.
  5. Thank you so much!! Congrats to you, too! And thanks to Commander Kells and the whole Challenge team!
  6. At what point did life begin? Entire books had been written on that question. Debates had raged back and forth for centuries. It was the unsolvable mystery of creation. Everyone had a theory; no one had definitive proof. Did life begin when one cell combined with another cell to create new cells? Was it when that cluster of cells took on features...arms, legs, eyes, a nose? Perhaps it was the first time the fetus moved or when it had developed enough to survive on its own. Or did it all come down to the moment of blood, sweat and tears when a child emerged into the world, purple and wrinkled,
  7. (( Bridge, USS Drake )) ::Many of the Drake's crew were down in the holodeck attending Lt. Shryker's wedding, leaving the bridge looking rather sparse. Sparse enough, in fact, that Didrik craned his neck to quickly survey the area. He wondered whether he was the ranking officer at the moment, and thus in temporary command of the Drake. He couldn't be certain, however, because of what Starfleet pilots called the Miranda-class "blind spot," an area of the bridge nearly impossible to see from the Conn without actually getting up out of the seat. Satisfied that he was, at the very least, 'acting s
  8. Completely got my months mixed up and missed the deadline!! *Kicking self*
  9. Reached one of Velana's goals: Chief Medical Officer!

  10. I wish! I haven't been to a Star Trek con since 2002
  11. Maybe there's a better way to word that clause. Any suggestions?
  12. Yeah, I've already started to rewrite them. The stuff about the marriage contract...I'm not feeling it either. Plus I don't think there's any canon basis for it.
  13. Any suggestions for additions/deletions/changes?
  14. I do think it was written based on male-female relationships and if it were to be updated, same-sex and multiple partnerships would need to be taken into account. It could be that a marriage manual is outdated and doesn't apply at all, but it's interesting to note that at one time, fans though there needed to be one enough to draw it up, print it and sell it at conventions.
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