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  1. Maz is awards ready. No Trill spots, coz Trill didn't have spots in the 80's πŸ˜‰
  2. I need to start using Sweet Baghol more! πŸ˜‚ @R'Ariel @Quentin Collins III @Eerie @BenStryker
  3. Don't know how gladiatorial it is, but I've always loved the punch up between Kirk and Kruge in The Search for Spock. I... have had... enough. Of. YOUUU!
  4. Popping this in here to say a huge thanks to @Alvarez for being my writing partner for this story arc, and to say what fun it was writing and creating a friendship for our characters. Thank you! This turned out better than we planned, and I'm very proud of it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. DS9 for me. Christmas at Quarks. What could go wrong?
  6. A collection of sims which close out our latest mission, and I'm extremely pleased of how the endgame and climax turned out for certain characters. We do have some fantastic writing here. Super well done to new crew member @Alvarez who smashed it out of the park first time, and my personal thanks to @Quentin Collins III for writing such a marvelously diabolical Captain Eru Ghant. Her legacy will haunt us. Captain Eru Ghant - The Black Dance: Overture - https://groups.google.com/g/sb118-arrow/c/UrJkQ4fhI5E Ensign Maria Alvarez - The Black Dance: Allegro - https://groups.google.
  7. I loved this sim by our very own @R'Ariel. We don't often get such an in depth glimpse into the mind of our Caitian/Deltan counselor like this, and I thought this sim was lovely. For a character who often describes herself as 'ugly' and a 'mutant' because of her genetic heritage, she most certainly is not. I love the bloody bones of this character!
  8. I know, submitting my own sim, how gauche! But I was really proud of this special Halloween Below Decks piece. Happy Halloween! ((USS Arrow - Exterior, Space; The Final Frontier)) Throughout the ship there was silence; Aside from the usual humming of consoles, the gentle thrum of the warp core, and the minuscule sounds of other electrical elements that usually worked on a starship in the middle of the night. On the bridge Delta Shift sat at their posts, observing whatever they needed to observe, scanning whatever they needed to scan, push that button, realign that
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