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  1. ((Somewhere on DS 26)) … ((Isabel had promised to not tell anyone where)) ::It had occurred to Isabel that one very rarely saw the ship one was serving on. Isabel very rarely had gotten the chance to fly on shuttles which would approach the Darwin. They would just beam in and out from surfaces or space stations.:: ::It was when she had received the transfer orders from Starfleet, she had felt the need for that visual image once again. Some extensive research, a couple of determined questionings and a few pulled strings later, she actually had found and gotten
  2. ((School. Samual's School. And Tristam should definitely not be seated at a teacher's desk.)) ::Samual sat with his head in his hands, elbows rested on the desk, caramel skin on his cheek now doing it's best impression of the colour purple, spreading up to his eye.:: ::Taywor should have been here for this. Not Tristam. And the fact that Taywor was for some reason MIA stirred an anger that the Rodulan didn't think he was capable of towards his brother. ::He had his arms crossed, eyes intently staring at the young boy next to him. That was the point of all this - he was young. He was *
  3. ((USS Blackwell, Deck One, Captain’s Ready Room)) ::The only thing more dazzling than the perfectly white teeth grinning back to Akinor was his hair. As white as the snowcaps of the stunning Eromeva mountain range, it was combed to perfection. He adjusted his collar and cuffs as he groomed himself so he would be ready to face his new crew. After all first impressions were important and you only got once chance to do it right. This would set the tone for how things would be under his command and he wanted to make a good impression upon his crew as much as he was sure they wanted to
  4. [Ed. note: The nomination below is stitched from several sims to present the completed scene.] ((Bridge, USS Veritas)) Delano: Given how large a problem piracy has become in recent years, it’s not uncommon for freighters to employ smuggler's techniques to protect valuable cargo. I wouldn't assume anything nefarious. ::It was a good point, and one that Roshanara surmised Delano had come to trust from his time here in the region thus far.:: ::Still, their chief engineer had her doubts.:: Walker: With all due respect? I'd not assume the reverse either. And I'd say odd
  5. ((Traenor's Personal Quarters - USS Constitution)) ::Another sound from beyond the door. Muffled footprints, muffled noises. This was a new room, in a new place, and Barque needed to be alert. Turning his head to the side, he listened closely until the sound disappeared from his senses, then he relaxed from his primary role as defender of his human's domain and focused on his secondary role. Chew the toys.:: ::His human had left again, and again promised that when he returned they would go to the Real-Room. Of course, his human liked to bark in funny yips, and it came out as Arboretum. B
  6. ((Til’ahn – Kainga Ranch)) :: This was it. This was her BIG DAY! This was the day that Chief Engine Lady was going to take her on a tour of the Thunder’s engine room! :: T’Sara: Weeheeheeee!! :: The little blonde girl came running out of her room and smacked right into Ceedel’s big haunch. :: Ceedel: Hey. Cut it out. If you break yourself I’ll get in trouble. :: He held out one of his three large fingers. The tiny girl took hold as she climbed back to her feet and picked up her backpack. :: T’Sara: I gets ta see the slippery steam drive, ‘n I gets ta help fix fin
  7. ooc-I'm back. RL had to take priority, but I wanted to read what everyone posted. RL is still a but fuddled, but getting better. Thankfully our CO is wonderful and understanding. This is just a post bringing Ceilidh up to speed. Hope it's okay. (( Embassy Beach Area)) Riverview...life in recent review ::Ceilidh sat at the edge where the grass turns into sand and stared at the water. The slow ebb and flow of the waves as they touched the shore and then retreated held her captive. Time here at the Embassy seemed to be a fickle thing, never really keeping a predic
  8. ((D’Sena’s Quarters, USS Conny)) ::It was the battle of the wills. One vulcan-betazoid and one rodulan. Both stubborn as hell it seemed. T’Mar refused to leave Akeelah in her state, but Akeelah did not seem to be having any of it.:: D'Sena: All I want is to be left alone. :: After all everyone else was so good at it. :: ::T’Mar shook her head in the negative. She wasn’t going to give in. She may not be able to read into the Rodulan’s mind, but she had the overpowering sense that she just had to help her. There was no other option.:: T'Mar: I can
  9. ((Science Labs, USS Athena)) :: Tal walked past various different science departments, looking for the one that he needed. When he spotted it he slowed down, approached the door and entered when it automatically opened for him. He glanced around, looking to see if anyone was currently present. :: Tel-ar: Anyone here? Elzizabath: Here in the back. :: At the sound of the voice Tal’s antenna twitched. Youthful, female with a underlying hint of controlled tones. It reminded him of the civilian nurse that the Captain had added to the crew a while back
  10. ((Black Hole Bar, Deck 9 -- USS Za)) ::Drinks in hand Trellis walked back over to the table where Kaitlyn sat waiting. In one hand he held what he hoped was a lovely new Ktarian merlot, vintage 2367 -- he’d heard good things about that year but had never tried it -- and in the other a chai tea. The different scents from the wine and tea were mixing in odd ways. The merlot was fruity, nutty and woody; the tea a bit sweet. ::He placed the tea down in front of Kaitlyn before sitting down. She had moved her piece after a prolonged analysis of the situation. He tilted his head as he looke
  11. ((Alora’s Quarters; U.S.S. Za )) ::It had been a long day.:: ::Alora had hit the ground running and hadn’t stopped until the situation was over. After that, she still hadn’t stopped for quite some time until things had settled down somewhat and Sickbay wasn’t quite so hectic. While not a doctor, she had first aid training and had remained unharmed, so put her able body to use for minor injuries. All hands on deck, so to speak. The day had waned into night and even those hours passed, so by the time she actually made it to the quarters she’d been assigned, the first time she’d
  12. ((TIL’AHN – EMBASSY GROUNDS)) :: It was pouring rain. The drops were so big that it felt like T’Lea was getting pelted with water balloons. The seasons were changing on Til’ahn, and wet weather meant a cold front was moving in. That was something T’Lea was very much not looking forward to. But right now there was the issue of avoiding looking like a drown rat by the time she reached the holodeck.:: :: Why was she running to the holodeck, one might ask? Well, it wasn’t for a relaxing day of hand-to-hand combat with multiple varieties of large idiots that needed dismembering. No, this was
  13. ((USS Darwin-A, Sickbay)) ::Ren had no conscious awareness that he had been moved to the special quarantine aboard Darwin, but some part of him sensed he was caught in a transporter beam, and knew he was placed gently in a reclining position, separated from the shoulder of a captain he didn’t know yet. The puddle of drool he’d left had soaked through the captain’s uniform enough to still be present when they awoke later, but for now, Ren contented himself to curl up where he was left, and continue dreaming, breathing the clean, quarantined Darwin air.:: ((Ren’s Dream))
  14. ((Burellion, Azinda, Consortium HQ, Sub Basement Level 7)) ::Stalking through the corridors, Dominic Gray inspected his new domain. The Consortium’s new HQ went above and beyond any mere tower. Set on the edge of the city it was practically a whole new district in its own right. It’s two towers situated at 0 and 180 degrees around a circular ring of flats looked down upon the rest of the city. The HQ formed the shape of the Consortium’s logo and was visible from space. They had very much stamped their mark on this planet. The towers housed their pharmaceutical and heavy industries respect
  15. ((Starbase 11)) Dial: No, Boe, I didn't mean to...Boe: But you did it.::Angrily, Boe, Dial's obese sibling, stomped off the room. Dial tried to follow but with every step the ground felt more and more like viscous honey. It became harder and harder to follow Boe and eventually Dial tumbled. Falling into the molten ground Dial made one last attempt to reach out to her sibling.::Dial: Wait, Boe. Please. ::The huge Paelian didn't even look back and only after the doors closed, Dial said, more to herself than to her sibling that was gone once more.:: I need you.::Dial's eyes blinked and she hyper
  16. ((Bridge)) :: Hell had gotten loose on the Conny and the Bridge had heard about it last, which was a new one for Jalana. She now had to sort through events, make a plan and had asked Engineering to give them a diagram of the ship on the main screen, Dag had tinted in the areas without power, Caesar had added the areas affected of fires and gas leaks. That diagram lit up like a christmas tree. Jalana really hoped that these were the only areas, but that was hope, not knowledge. :: Rajel: Okay. We need to form a couple of teams. We know that the lifts can't reach these decks, so let's get as clo
  17. (( Government Plaza - Anjunaar District )) ((30 Minutes post engagement – 06:13 Local Time)) ::Nine losses and forty-eight confirmed kills. For a hostile beam-in surrounded on all sides, the sheer maths of it should have made this a moment of triumph. All too often these sort of incursions ended in larger losses and lessons learned, promises to train harder that often didn’t bear fruit.But there would be no celebration, at least not from Tatash. He had nine letters to write when he returned to the station. Nine parents, partners and children that were going to be mourning a loved one, colle
  18. ((Unknown, Unknown)) ::He woke up with a jolt. He expected the bright light of the sickbay, surrounded by worried doctor and nurses, and the smell of the gas. But he didn't. He looked around, he was in a dream, it seemed. The white background started to materialise. It turned into a ship's bridge. He slowly took a step towards one of the consoles. The crew there couldn't see him, apparently. The Human Captain sat on his chair, facing the viewscreen intently. Chelin peered down at the console. He was on the Kyushu. The ship his dad had died on.:: ::There wasn't an Andorian on the bridge
  19. (( Corridors, USS Invicta )) ::A new ship, and a new school. Not *entirely* new, something for which she was grateful. The faces were mostly the same, and of course Dylan now had new partner in crime, in form of Saavok. He didn't really need walking to the classroom, and she suspected it wouldn't be long before he wanted to be left to get to school alone. But for now, he was content with the company and she liked the few extra moments it gave her with her eldest. ::Though her company was lacking that morning. While Amelia was contentedly cocooned in her sling, as ever soothed by motion, Quinn
  20. (( Salon De Georgio - USS Apollo A )) ::Fleeing the scene of his quarters, where he had just gotten the news that not only was he and Artem to leave the Apollo, but also that the one person onboard who he had really connected with would not technically be considered a ‘person’ at all by most of the ship. He had called for Georgio, whose program designation was, he had just found out, Emergency Holographic Hair Stylist, and a moment later he had appeared in the chaotic disorder of sparkly sumptuousness that was the empty quarters he had likely just taken over on a whim. :: :: When Georgio app
  21. ((Williams Quarters – The Previous Evening)) ::The remains of their meal was still laid on the table, long forgotten as they chatted. Even in his wildest dreams Alex could have hoped for an evening like this one. It was perfect in every meaning of the word. I really liked Kala and truth be told she was a true sight for sore eyes:: Kala: Dinner was excellent, ::playfully:: it was almost as good as my father’s hasperat. oO Is she teasing me? I can play that game. Oo Williams: Almost? Then perhaps you’ll introduce me to your cooking the next time? Kala: I may just have to do that. oO
  22. ((Promenade, Starbase 118)) :: Alexander once again found himself wandering the promenade deck alone whilst his wife, Marissa, was away on a botanical mission to Pedarves Three. Her civilian team had been attached to a Starfleet expeditionary force owing to their knowledge and experience in the field of Xenobotany. Under normal circumstances he would have been left with their son John However owing to the fact that Marissa was liable to be away for several months and Alexander was due to rejoin the USS Gemini when it returned from whatever mission it was away on, the happily married couple ha
  23. ((Observation Lounge, USS Constitution-) :: The preceeding mission briefing was vague, but perhaps understandably so. The Menthar Corridor was a long ways away and Zayar would need to brush up on the area in the intervening period it would take the Constitution to reach Deep Space Ten. There were several sources he could consult, but it was unknown how much good anthropological reports would do the Constitution. Still, anything might help, Zayar had learned that a few days ago during the last mission. Every little bit of information was an edge. But of course he didn't know how much he could
  24. (( Promenade; Starbase 118 )) ::It was strange how all the hustle and bustle of the Promenade seemed to smooth out and quiet down when you were just walking for walking’s sake.:: ::It was also amusing the sorts of things you remembered.:: ::Kaitlyn chuckled, raising her free arm to point at a particular establishment while her non-free arm tightened around Leo’s.:: Falcon: And that one? A couple Nausicaans came in, pretty sore that they hadn’t been able to swipe our cargo. Tried to punch James straight in the jaw. ::Smiles.:: They ended up paying for the two tables and four or five
  25. ((Engineering Labs, USS Gemini)) :: Harold was relaxing in one of the Engineering labs of the ship. He couldn’t help but feel useless given the current situation. Since he saw this as part of his down time, he had decided to use it wisely by reading one of the many new papers published in the recent months regarding warp drive. It was becoming increasingly obvious to him that he should probably branch out his certification to include these new fangled Quantum Slipstream Drives. :: Konstava: oO As if I needed yet another reminder that I am getting old. Oo :: Sighing to himself and wondering
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