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  1. Much love and congrats to all the winners! Keep being absolutely amazing
  2. *also snags black and white idea from @Sal Taybrim* Nijil as sour as ever in his get up - though he does like to look nice
  3. This guy she was draped over smelled like a Romulan. lol! Didn’t know Nijil had that Romulan cologne! @Sal Taybrim
  4. LtCmdr Nijil - Pick a Bar, Any Bar quoting my own title? Yes, yes I am lol.
  5. Lt. Malko - Me, Trouble? oh yes! Lots of trouble
  6. Lt. JG. Sheila Bailey - Why Us? Guess you’re just the lucky ones! 😂
  7. Fleet Captain Taybrim - On My Nerves who me? Never! Lol
  8. @Sal Taybrim @Arturo Maxwell @Aitas @sam braddock team work here! lol
  9. @Ishani Kasun .... Anyone else first thing of Brat from Despicable Me 3, when reading that title? ... LOL
  10. @Sal Taybrim Talk about a reoccurring theme! Those darn Targs!
  11. PNPC Cyri - Reasonable Adult vs Unreasonable Child: Fight! Lol!!! @Ishani Kasun I have similar battles in my house....
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