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  1. Hello! I cannot speak for anyone else but for me it is a relatively simple process. The year is based on how old I need for the character to be. However the month and day is simply the date of character conception. Now that is not the date that the character is approved or even submitted. It is the date that I first put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and starting working on the character. Usually my PC/PNPC characters take time to build. So I look back at my original notes and that for me is the date of birth. My 2 credit chips!
  2. Congratulations! That is so so awesome! Now I get to copy off of your bio writing skills to better my page! J/K!!!! Take care!
  3. ((Burellion, Azinda, Consortium HQ, Sub Basement Level 7)) ::Stalking through the corridors, Dominic Gray inspected his new domain. The Consortium’s new HQ went above and beyond any mere tower. Set on the edge of the city it was practically a whole new district in its own right. It’s two towers situated at 0 and 180 degrees around a circular ring of flats looked down upon the rest of the city. The HQ formed the shape of the Consortium’s logo and was visible from space. They had very much stamped their mark on this planet. The towers housed their pharmaceutical and heavy industries respectively, with the lower levels reserved for industrial operations and machinery, while the upper levels were related to the managerial aspects of running a galactic corporation - marketing, finances, legal department and much much more. It was no wonder they needed such dominant and far reaching towers as big as their ambition. The deepest, most secret and secure levels were for the special projects. These were need to know and he was directly in charge of most of it. This was his domain and down here, he was king.:: Richardson: Jasin Maradere was quite impressed with our investment here and of course the access to skilled workers will help us recover our strength after the unfortunate loss of the Vanquish. Tor’kath let his success go to his head. He got sloppy and all his plans went awry but you know what they say... “the best laid schemes of mice and men do often go awry.” I can’t have another incident like that Mr Gray, I must and will protect my business interests with any means necessary. ::While it was clearly good news that their settlement here was going well, they wouldn’t have lost business and been forced to move out here had it not been for Tor’kath. Dr Richardson was a man with little patience for fools and no tolerance of mistakes. Since the Federation started poking around and investigating the Vanquish and other assets the CEO had been especially difficult to work with. When he told you heads would roll, he meant it. Right now his menacing tone betrayed his fury that one of their most important special projects had hit the rocks. This was down to one of his own people - Natalya Lagunova but as lead developer the buck stopped with him. He would make her pay for her failure, for making him look incompetent in front of the boss! He had given her a spearhead class ship for the smuggling operation. The CSS Repulse was fast, maneuverable and tough. It didn’t have a lot of raw firepower but it’s EM warfare systems could lock down enemy systems, leaving them disabled and unable to prevent them fleeing to distant lands. He rounded on his boss, as his own short fuse sparked. He had already explained the cause of the setback and the individual behind it so there was no point rehashing the same points repeatedly.:: Gray: It is the plans of lesser men that go awry. ::He ran a hand through his cropped black hair, which was flecked with grey, giving it a tousled look. The back of his hand swiped his rough chin as he cooled his demeanour and sought to remind Victor just how valuable an asset he was to The Consortium. His proven track record and talent for disposing of the competition had easily secured him this position and he had no desire to lose everything he’d worked so hard to gain.:: Gray: Being as resourceful as I am, I was able to develop a cheaper substitute. Not only have we claimed three months back from the initial setback, we’ll save billions of bars of latinum in the long run - not to mention the heat generated by efforts to acquire biomimetic gel. ::Of course there was a catch, several actually. The product was being of lower quality, not suitable for use in all experiments. It wouldn’t eliminate their need for biomimetic gel, it would merely reduce it. The fact that the substitute was more unstable and hazardous than the real deal made it a poor long term solution in his mind. However, the ultimate goal was to start production of biomimetic gel in their own facilities and plans for a small manufacturing plant had already been passed to fabrication. The underground site was being dug out and fortified as they spoke.::Richardson: In that case it won’t bother you to hear that this Captain Renos has been placed in charge of an operation in the region then? Gray: What? ::He turned his head, steely grey eyes met Dr Richardson’s. This was the first he’d heard of any operation involving the Federation, nevermind this Captain Renos. They couldn’t be here simply on their account surely? It worried him little. The Federation had no territory, very little presence and less influence out here. They were all aware that House Larokon would be little more than fair weather friends, but as long as looking after Consortium interests was in their interests they could do as they pleased.::Richardson: Official line is that they are here as peacekeepers, responding to Caraadian pleas for help in the war against the Valcarians.::A war they intended to profit from considerably.::Gray: Unofficially? Richardson: I have it on good authority they plan to ‘keep an eye on us’. ::He paused for dramatic effect:: I thought it might be nice to extend the hand of hospitality to our suspicious neighbours to personally show them what an upstanding business we run here.Gray: Wonderful. ::In an oily manner::::A sly smile crept across his face, which was mirrored by the man before him who was both his employer and mentor.::Richardson: I’m headed up to the core. I have a meeting at 2 to discuss the Scorpous serum. Our new friends are very keen to see a sample in action to verify the effectiveness of the product. They will suffer no more delays Gray. You will have your deadline by 5pm and you will rise to the challenge because the consequences of failure would be dire indeed.PNPCs Dr Richardson, CEO and Dr Dominic Gray lead developer at The ConsortiumSimmed by:-Fleet Captain Renos - Commanding Officer, Andaris Task Force * Executive Council & Captain's Council Member * Academy Commandant A238805EB0
  4. ((Deck 3, USS El Corazón)) ::Thump.:: ::Thump!:: ::Thump!:: ::The corridors onboard Federation starships were composed of deuranium, tritanium, and a variety of other, nigh unbreakable substances. The combat-based nature of the Defiant class meant that even more reinforcement was present. Ablative armor lined the hull, and a consistent SIF enveloped the framework. Nothing short of a volley of photon torpedoes should have been able to jostle the deck.:: ::So it was easy to understand Medical Technician Hampton's confusion. He'd simply been walking along, carrying out the day- to-day duties expected of him, all the while idly daydreaming about a plethora of topics; the girlfriend he'd left behind in Tycho City, what he'd have for lunch, and his hope for admission into the Academy as a cadet someday. Being a noncom had it's advantages, but he hoped to stretch his horizons. Shake things up a bit.:: ::Thump!:: ::He hadn't meant it quite this literally.:: ::The deck seemed to shudder with each concussive blow, but as he searched for an explanation, he realized he had none. It occurred to him that they might be under attack- it certainly felt like someone was shooting the floor from under him- but than the red alert klaxon would be gouging holes in his eardrums. No one else was in the corridor with him, and he suddenly felt very, very alone.:: ::His eyes darted back and forth, taking stock of the situation. He should find a superior officer, and find out what was going on. At that thought, the deck rocked so hard that he nearly fell on his rear. He regained his balance with some difficulty, and suddenly came to a startling conclusion.:: ::The thumps...they were footsteps.:: ::He couldn't decide if that made him feel any better. At least the Tholians weren't invading. But what on Luna walked with such noise?! It couldn't be a crewman.:: ::Could it?:: ::The sound continued it's pattern, and steadily increased in volume and severity. The deck wasn't jiggling under him now, but still vibrated with abandon. He looked to his left, where the corridor banked sharply, obscuring much of it from view.:: ::And then a dinosaur appeared.:: ::It's body was at least ten feet high, with a head just under a quarter of that length. Immensely powerful-looking jaws jutted forward, overshadowing an enormous, muscular neck and body. Green like an iguana, the beast moved itself using legs that bulged with yet more muscle, supported by claw-tipped pads the size of anti-grav units. A tail- a tail!- swung behind it's vast form, providing an elegant counterbalance.:: ::None of this truly registered for the medical technician. A surge of fear bubbled to the surface, squashing out most semblance of intelligent thought. He wanted to run, but his legs stayed stubbornly still.:: ::The beast came closer to him, and Hampton watched it's inexorable approach, eyes as wide as saucers. It stopped before him. It studied him.:: ::It's jaws began to open. He clenched his body, waiting for the death blow...:: Ferentis: Good morning. ::Hampton simply stared at him. With a nod, the creature began to move away, along the corridor. Phillip waited until his heart rate had come down to a nice, easy 300 beats a minute before taking a more critical look at the giant lizard that had just offered him a greeting. Now that he looked, he saw a mustard-yellow collar around the dinosaur's neck- the same color as other engineering personnel. A commbadge was fastened his chest.:: ::As difficult as it was to believe, the cause of his acute fear was a member of Starfleet. He was family. And now that he looked closer, he realized that the newcomer stood just over a tall human. It wasn't so enormous after all. But if it was going to be serving on this ship, he'd have a lot to get used to. Hampton shook his head, and continued on his way. It's Starfleet, he reminded himself. Weird was part of the job.:: ((Deck 2, Main Engineering, USS El Corazon. )) ::Thordec Sende Ulthex Ferentis moseyed along, seeking the chief engineering officer, to whom he was ordered to report. There was no particular need to rush. And even if he did feel compelled to move quickly, he didn't yet trust himself to not break down a bulkhead by accident in his haste.:: Ferentis: oO Of all the ships to assign a seven-foot Theropod to. Oo ::He'd served on far more constricting vessels, of course, in his ample years before Starfleet. But he'd hoped to be one of the lucky few placed on the luxury liners of the fleet- a Galaxy-class, or maybe an Odyssey. Such was not his fate.:: Ferentis: oO Shame. Oo ::He wasn't one to worry about his situation, or the future. What came, came.:: ::At last he arrived in the main engine room. Even here, in the heart of the starship, there wasn't much room to move about in. He'd studied the personnel files, and recognized the chief engineer across the room. He made his way toward her.:: Ferentis: Commander Kalayar? ::His voice was calm, pleasant, and subtle- completely opposite to the sound most would suspect he'd make.:: Kalayar: Hm-! Y-yes? ::Ferentis smiled as subtly as he had spoken. He had long ago learned to enjoy the reactions of others to his appearance. But he always made sure not to smile fully. Doing so exposed more teeth than was socially acceptable, apparently. People tended to become less polite when they felt you were about to eat them. Of course, like so many other things, he'd given up the simple pleasure of hunting one's own meal to pursue a life in space.:: Ferentis: Ensign Throdec Sende Ulthex Ferentis, reporting for duty. ::He handed her a pad.:: ::Kalayar accepted it, and thumbed the authorization tab.:: Kalayar: ::Still a little stunned.:: Thank you, ensign. Carry on. ::Ferentis gave a polite, respectful nod, and exited the engine room. Most engineers preferred to examine the ship's engines and systems the moment they came aboard, but he preferred a far more...intimate session with the internal structure of the vessel. Of course, the room would be manned 24/7, but gamma shift would have a smaller crew operating in the room. Solitude was better for getting the pulse of a ship. It was beyond important that he learn his vessel properly.:: ::But until then, there was little to do. His...souvenirs were safely aboard. His first duty shift didn't begin until the next day. There wasn't much to do aboard a Defiant class starship besides work, eat and sleep, and he wasn't tired. Eating was generally a...messy business, but he could find something small and socially acceptable in the mess hall- perhaps meet some of his new crewmates...:: TBC... Ensign Thordec Sende Ulthex Ferentis Engineering Officer USS El Corazón NCC 74220 [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][[][][][]][][][] as simmed by: Lieutenant Randal Shayne Helmsman USS Darwin NCC 99312-A G239202RS0
  5. I actually liked the question and I have had the opportunity to portray the bad guy, but unfortunately I have not had the privilege of doing it here. I played on a lot of transformer RPGs and you might note my email address reveals one of my two favorites: Cyclonus and the other was Shockwave. I have also portrayed bad guys on Marvel Superheroes RPGs. I know they don't belong in Star Trek but in the end the same rules apply. Playing the bad guy can be fun and liberating and sometimes you can find that piece of the character's personality that you can relate to and twist into darkness. Heh heh heh. I like villains that are are inelligent or have a dark honor. The trick is finding out what makes them tick. Why are they evil. Most folks are not evil just for the sake of being evil, in fact some see themselves as good guys Anyway. My 2 cents
  6. I just saw the movie. In one word ~AWESOME!!~ It was a true rollercoaster ride the whole way through. It had tidbits embedded for those of us who loved the TOS and enough tension and action for thoes who did not. I loved it and recommend it!! WHOOWHOO!!
  7. To me since we are supposed to be playing characters who (hopefully) uphold the very best of Federation and Starfleet ideals, I would say we can't force them and that everyone has the right to choose. However I would hope we would be talking to them for a long (long, long, long) time first. I could see us showing evidence of atrocities, appealing on an individual and group basis and a great many other things that I can't think of right now. But then again this is Merrick R'Ven we're talking about, and he has some rather unique insights.
  8. My characters do share a few general traits with me but have other traits and make choices that I would never do in real life. Merrick is the ever curious self, always serious, scientist who is always separate from everyone who is struggling to find a way to fit in. Some of that I can identify with from my long gone teenage years. Then again there are other aspects of Merrick that are simply personalty amplified: his Intellect and logic are definitely in that category. But then again the way Merrick reacts to people his tendency to pull back and his desperate need to belong are not me, at least not now. Sindrana, my PNPC is a psychologist type which is a subject I like, and I think I am a fairly good judge of character like her and am fairly good and getting to the root of things, but she is far more outgoing then I and far more courageous then myself as well, and both of my characters have been though so many hard time that I have never seen. Although both my characters and myself are also people watchers to a greater or lesser degree. A running theme I guess So for me choice 3 was a no-brainer
  9. For me the death of Spock hit me really hard. I can't say I shed a tear, but I was surprised and saddened by it. I got hook on Star Trek by watching ST: TMP. When I saw that I started watching all the reruns and loved the characters. Spock's death was a blow. That is until I saw the Genesis Planet and saw everything being reborn and then of course there was the casket . . . I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen And it did!
  10. So sad. I can understand CBS wanting to clear the playing field to make room for their film/show, but I liked the fan built films as well.
  11. Hello, My name is Preston and my character is called Reeven Merrick a Rodulan. I actually spent some time looking through the different races on here and that one looked very interesting, I look forward to playing one and I hope I do it justice. I have been watching Star Trek since 1979 when my uncle and a friend of his took me to see the motion picture. (I might be showing my age a bit there) After that I went back and watched every single TOS ep and have been an advid watcher ever since. I look foward to playing with you guys, you seem to be an interesting bunch from all over. I see characters from all over and of every age group, from barely out of their second decade to 20+ decades. it looks like all sorts are accepted, so long as one doesn't go too far. It will be time for training soon, but I hope to see you folks IC very soon. - Preston
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