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  1. Hello! I cannot speak for anyone else but for me it is a relatively simple process. The year is based on how old I need for the character to be. However the month and day is simply the date of character conception. Now that is not the date that the character is approved or even submitted. It is the date that I first put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and starting working on the character. Usually my PC/PNPC characters take time to build. So I look back at my original notes and that for me is the date of birth. My 2 credit chips!
  2. Congratulations! That is so so awesome! Now I get to copy off of your bio writing skills to better my page! J/K!!!! Take care!
  3. ((Burellion, Azinda, Consortium HQ, Sub Basement Level 7)) ::Stalking through the corridors, Dominic Gray inspected his new domain. The Consortium’s new HQ went above and beyond any mere tower. Set on the edge of the city it was practically a whole new district in its own right. It’s two towers situated at 0 and 180 degrees around a circular ring of flats looked down upon the rest of the city. The HQ formed the shape of the Consortium’s logo and was visible from space. They had very much stamped their mark on this planet. The towers housed their pharmaceutical and heavy industries respect
  4. ((Deck 3, USS El Corazón)) ::Thump.:: ::Thump!:: ::Thump!:: ::The corridors onboard Federation starships were composed of deuranium, tritanium, and a variety of other, nigh unbreakable substances. The combat-based nature of the Defiant class meant that even more reinforcement was present. Ablative armor lined the hull, and a consistent SIF enveloped the framework. Nothing short of a volley of photon torpedoes should have been able to jostle the deck.:: ::So it was easy to understand Medical Technician Hampton's confusion. He'd simply been walking along, carrying o
  5. I actually liked the question and I have had the opportunity to portray the bad guy, but unfortunately I have not had the privilege of doing it here. I played on a lot of transformer RPGs and you might note my email address reveals one of my two favorites: Cyclonus and the other was Shockwave. I have also portrayed bad guys on Marvel Superheroes RPGs. I know they don't belong in Star Trek but in the end the same rules apply. Playing the bad guy can be fun and liberating and sometimes you can find that piece of the character's personality that you can relate to and twist into darkness. Heh heh
  6. I just saw the movie. In one word ~AWESOME!!~ It was a true rollercoaster ride the whole way through. It had tidbits embedded for those of us who loved the TOS and enough tension and action for thoes who did not. I loved it and recommend it!! WHOOWHOO!!
  7. To me since we are supposed to be playing characters who (hopefully) uphold the very best of Federation and Starfleet ideals, I would say we can't force them and that everyone has the right to choose. However I would hope we would be talking to them for a long (long, long, long) time first. I could see us showing evidence of atrocities, appealing on an individual and group basis and a great many other things that I can't think of right now. But then again this is Merrick R'Ven we're talking about, and he has some rather unique insights.
  8. My characters do share a few general traits with me but have other traits and make choices that I would never do in real life. Merrick is the ever curious self, always serious, scientist who is always separate from everyone who is struggling to find a way to fit in. Some of that I can identify with from my long gone teenage years. Then again there are other aspects of Merrick that are simply personalty amplified: his Intellect and logic are definitely in that category. But then again the way Merrick reacts to people his tendency to pull back and his desperate need to belong are not
  9. For me the death of Spock hit me really hard. I can't say I shed a tear, but I was surprised and saddened by it. I got hook on Star Trek by watching ST: TMP. When I saw that I started watching all the reruns and loved the characters. Spock's death was a blow. That is until I saw the Genesis Planet and saw everything being reborn and then of course there was the casket . . . I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen And it did!
  10. So sad. I can understand CBS wanting to clear the playing field to make room for their film/show, but I liked the fan built films as well.
  11. Hello, My name is Preston and my character is called Reeven Merrick a Rodulan. I actually spent some time looking through the different races on here and that one looked very interesting, I look forward to playing one and I hope I do it justice. I have been watching Star Trek since 1979 when my uncle and a friend of his took me to see the motion picture. (I might be showing my age a bit there) After that I went back and watched every single TOS ep and have been an advid watcher ever since. I look foward to playing with you guys, you seem to be an interesting bunch from all over. I see characte
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