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  1. @Josh Herrick When I saw "Lieutenant JG Josh Herrick: Opulence" hit the list:
  2. Some incredible, incredible work this year (and every year)! I want to give a huge thank-you to Jared @Lt Aine Olive Sherlock, who spearheaded the 'Oumuamua's entries from conception to creation to categorization on the wiki. I really appreciate it, and I know everyone else did as well! Huge congratulations to the winners this year -- I love seeing characters in different art styles, and Futurama AND early gen Pokemon are a couple of dreams come true.
  3. "Schisms" for me for sure. Clicking has never been the same! Plus that holodeck scene.
  4. Commodore Ossa V'Airu, checking in! "You tell me exactly what you want, and I will very carefully explain to you why it cannot be."
  5. Promontory's (@DrPsyPhi) reaction to Maxwell (@Arturo Maxwell), and OF COURSE he would make that association!
  6. I want to say -- Rom, maybe, and Ishka later? But probably very rarely! As rare as the chairs in that room, you might say, if you were metaphorically inclined.
  7. I really liked this, @DrPsyPhi! I was even going to include it in the mission-start log from Ossa, that she'd received the message, but I figured it'd be something she'd keep to a personal log since the whole Intrepid affair was classified.
  8. This year, Commodore Ossa V'Airu is in another couture look by Aanlis Mou, a Betazoid designer known as a visionary artist and a malcontent who identifies with the Cult of Karawati. Unlike last year's gown, this year Mou collaborated with Ossa directly to create a look inspired by Starfleet itself. The color of the piece reflects Ossa's long period in command, while the structure reflects the uniform standard for Starfleet officers. The embellishments on the upper part of the look are riffs on rank pips. This great image was created by the very talented @Lt Aine Olive Sherlock, and the real look is by the designer Gareth Pugh. Big thanks again to Mikey @Etan Iljor for knowing exactly the sort of look I was thinking about!
  9. Boop! Hi, Tony. Hope you're doing well.

  10. The 'Oumuamua's Halloween theme this year is... The WEIRD and WONDERFUL WORLD of FUNGAL MUTATIONS! Uh-oh! The latest project of the 'Oumuamua's chief medical officer, Lt. V'Len Kel (aka @VLen Kel), has run amok, and the senior staff haven't been quite themselves lately. Feast your eyes on these delightful horrors -- before they feast on you! Our wiki category is all set and our avatars are being uploaded, thanks to Amanda @Alora DeVeau and Ben @Alex Brodie. Huge thanks also to Don @VLen Kel for the idea and doing the heavy lifting on the avatar creation. I confirm that we've: Properly named avatar files and uploaded them to the wiki. Properly named our category on the wiki. Properly categorized our category on the wiki.
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