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  1. If it shows on the group then it sent, Gmail for some reason dose show it in your email.
  2. @Daniel Cain ((Tactical Holodeck 1, Deck 3, USS Apollo-A)) ::For the past 2 weeks Cain had not spent a minute idle. After the Twitchy Lieutenant JG had put him in charge of the AP Section of Security, he'd read up on everything he could. After 2 weeks he still wasn't done with it all but reckoned he had most of the priorities looked over. He'd started with the Borg and Voyagers encounter with them. When it came down to it Admiral Janeway was a genius when it came to killing these guys. What interested him most was the Elite Force that had been put together to combat threats like these.
  3. I would post your response to the sim.
  4. ((Williams Quarters – The Previous Evening)) ::The remains of their meal was still laid on the table, long forgotten as they chatted. Even in his wildest dreams Alex could have hoped for an evening like this one. It was perfect in every meaning of the word. I really liked Kala and truth be told she was a true sight for sore eyes:: Kala: Dinner was excellent, ::playfully:: it was almost as good as my father’s hasperat. oO Is she teasing me? I can play that game. Oo Williams: Almost? Then perhaps you’ll introduce me to your cooking the next time? Kala: I may just have to do that. oO
  5. ((Deck 42, Corridor Near Cargo Bay 18, USS Constitution-) ::Onil stood, watching the swirling mass of energy in the Cargo Bay grow before his eyes. The researcher in him was fascinated, transfixed by the power and beauty, as well as the scientific prowess that been able to physically mark an unidentified foe. He felt the corners of his mouth tick up in a slight smile.:: ::However, the smile hid his fear. His fear of the unknown. His fear of dying. His smile disappeared entirely when he heard the Andorian science officer saying his name.:: ::Pulled from his terrifyingly close enchantment
  6. ((Underground Cave, Sotra)) :: The caves were designed to keep them hidden, sometimes it felt like it kept them hidden from themselves too. C'Lockyo had some interactions with others of her species, but they mostly seemed keen to stay to themselves. Her father was the last of her family to leave her alone, by herself in her corner of the caves when he died years earlier. :: Echo- S'kreel: Brothers, sisters do you feel it too? :: C'Lockyo did feel it, she last felt it as a young girl, a pull, where her dreams seemed real as she yearned for sunlight. When she woke in the night time, she'd find h
  7. ((USS Avandar, Holodeck)) :: The turnout was beyond even Tan’s best guess. Beyond even the crew of the Avandar, with the attendees who were linked in via subspace.:: :: It seemed that either Blackwood had more friends than she knew, or the crew had arrived in force to see a fellow Starfleet officer to her final resting place. It was a heartening sight. :: :: Standing room only was the order of the day, crowded and uncomfortable, as Tan took the podium. During the crew’s stay on Eden he had become the unofficial funeral director, a position it seemed he had -- regretfully -- kept in reality. ::
  8. ((Outside the Mansion)) ::Blackwood and tr’Khellian snuck down the stairs and out the front entrance of the Count’s big, creepy Mansion, being careful not to follow too quickly behind Derrick. They shut the door ever so gently behind them and snuck into the shadow of the closest home.:: ::Blackwood craned her neck trying to get a view of what was going on down in the town. There were still occasional shrieks and if Blackwood had thought it was spine chilling before it was ten times worse being so much closer to the source.:: :: They were crouched down, behind a decrepit house on damp cobblesto
  9. Congratz on passing the academy.

  10. I decided to join this community for a few main reasons, one it seems very active and friendly, i have always fancy doing role playing thing based around Star Trek, 2 close friends are in the community and i just real real love Star Trek.
  11. Thank you for your welcome.

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