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  1. ((Main Engineering, USS Columbia)) Breeman: What do you make of this data Ben? ::Ben glanced over at the console. Stresses were growing all over hull, that much was clear. But rather than the typical rainbow of colors indicating wide regions of stresses, it was a chicken-pocked ship; flaring red indicators each only a few meters wide were popping up in fields of low stress areas – each an indicator of another attack incoming. :: Livingston: Looks like this has only just begun. Can we seal off any of these compartments? ::But before they could talk further, Ben pointed out another hull breach.
  2. ((Assembly Chamber Grounds, Prak Zel)) ::With nothing more than a cursory glance at the assembled flock, Vahini Dalal assumed her position on the rostrum that had been constructed for the media event that she was rapidly beginning to see as a total farce. Unimpressed with the rhetoric of a Laudean and his alien cronies, she had been disappointed to see that the public opinion polls were swaying back towards the Federation camp. To cap it all off, she couldn't understand why her Stratagema match with Minister Zaveri was scheduled for this particular time. It seemed as though it was an unnecess
  3. ((Breeman Residence - Earth)) ::Patri was gone. Jan sat at the edge of the young woman's bed and wondered. Why had she been out so late like that the other night? Why had she said Kevin would be alright with such odd certainty?:: ::The clock had just struck seven AM and Alvin was already outside, pacing the deck wondering what to do next. Had she run away? She hadn't seemed terribly angry with her. Why would she break the law like that when she'd been proving herself now to be such an upstanding citizen?:: ((Dreamscape - Patri's Mind)) ::She's outside the house again, the dark figure loomi
  4. ((Staging Area, Assembly Building)) ::The premiere trade district on Zakdorn filled the huge screen as Greir pressed a button on the lectern. There was a buzz of activity as goods were handled and checked for import and export. Upbeat, melodic trance techno music played in the background, but not so loudly that Greir could not be heard clearly over it. A few seconds later the camera zoomed out and the planet of Zakdorn filled the whole screen.:: ::This was going to be truly spectacular and he was very proud of not only his research but the way it was presented. He wasn’t going down the usual
  5. ((Assembly Chamber, Prak Zel)) ::Following Minister Haksar into the lion's den, Diego caught himself tapping his PADD against his leg and quickly flipped it through his fingers to look at the display. He had left himself bullet points to guide his speech along with the necessary logs and records from his various sources. As he was shown to the lectern in the centre of the room, he was pleased to see an LCARS interface, which was going to make the technical side of the affair relatively easy, at least.:: ::Many of the seats around the chamber had now been filled, and those that weren't were abo
  6. ((StarFleet Intelligence, Operative branch)) :: Chang stood before a window, looking in on one of her former operatives. Alix Ozera had been a promising prospect, and his early initiative had garnered him several undercover assignments, of which te information he had obtained had been quite usable to Starfleet...except the last mission he was sent on. He had returned and been debriefed, he seemed fine..but once it had been determined that he had been compromised by the Orion Syndicate, culminating in the attempted assassination of Commander Hannibal Parker, an attempt which was foiled by Isaac
  7. ((T’Mar’s Quarters, USS Apollo)) ::As the Betazoid man moved into her quarters, he smiled slightly. He took his seat on the floor and looked toward her as she lit the candles. He could almost sense the emotions in her raging like a summer storm. There was something much different about her than standard issue Vulcans. It was almost as if there was a [...] holding back everything, but it was leaking. He was not sure about how she was able to suppress her emotions as well as those from others around her. Being a Vulcan with empathic abilities, no matter how small, was a difficult thing to
  8. ((Yosemite National Forest, Earth)) ::He'd jogged until he was out of breath, and then stopped only to regain it before running again. Certain that he'd distanced himself sufficiently from the Yacht and from Kieran, he finally stopped, chest heaving, and dropped to his knees. Tears spilled from his eyes as he looked up into the dark sky filled with stars, the silouhettes of the trees outlined by the moonlight.:: o O I can't do this again. Not to myself, not to Daisha or the twins. I can't get involved again. It hurts too much.. O o ::Sighing, he sat on the broken stump of a tree that had fa
  9. ((Counsellor’s Office)) ::Greir was running out of time and had been procrastinating about watching the news feed from Britta Daysa. He’d even gone so far as to coax Eerie into coming in for his yearly psych eval. Anyone would think he wasn’t taking his task seriously, especially given how important his task was and the greater things at stake – things that mattered a great deal to him personally.:: oOSo what was the problem then? Oo :: He knew how the battle went, he’d read the reports, talked to surviving relatives. They’d won, massacred the Klingons and drove them from their home so what
  10. ((Counselor’s Office)) ::Grier was leaning back in his high backed leather chair and listening to some Mozart as he made preparations for his speech and waited for Eerie to arrive for his yearly psych eval. He’d never listened to it before but despite his time constraints he’d done his homework and knew that Eerie listened to it. Having it play quietly in the background was as much an effort to understand the officer as it was to put him at ease when he arrived. Shame it did nothing for his, but then perhaps he was just procrastinating. That was an extremely bad idea right now. He needed to w
  11. ((Private room, Assembly Hall, Prak Zel)) ::Things hadn't yet been explained to Fox on the plans for how they were going to deal with - and hopefully win - a game of Stratagema, and so Ilyazi, having already retrieved the Ensign from Zaveri's office, walked with him back to the room Minister Haksar had allocated for their use. He was nervous, she could tell, and she needed time with him both to explain, and then prepare him for what was possibly going to be quite an experience. She didn't know yet just how much contact he'd had with telepaths, and getting him used to her in his brain was her
  12. ((Earth – Scotland – Castle of Mey – Side Room)) :: The lot of them continued to talk and eat, with each of them taking turns spinning space stories. Each of them had a few stories to tell, although Kamela was at a distinct disadvantage....almost from the time she entered Starfleet, she had been in Intelligence, so her stories were limited...but she did have the story of how she met Hannibal on Starbase 375...which seemed to delight everyone at the table. finally, with their bellies stuffed and lubricated with an array of intoxicating liquors, the two of them bid goodnight to the rest of them
  13. ((Latched to the Dorsal Fin of a Hardskin Ally, The Void)) :: Iron Breaker sent out a pulse of excitement at the conflict it was engaged in. To the Hardskins it would mean nothing but to its people they would know that battle had been joined in the spawning grounds. And to Born in Broken Light, closer at hand, it would be an admonition towards his inaction. His carapace still glowed a bright pearlescent white as he gave into the hate he'd borne for generations. He could hear, vaguely, Broken Light pleading with him but remained deaf to it and all other entreaties. This Hardskin-friend wa
  14. ((Reaper Unreality)) T'Mihn: This place might not even be real, but in our minds. Jorey: oO This isn't in my mind... must be their mind.Oo ::As the realization came the environment seemed to flicker in agreement with him. Tagren: What makes you say that? ::As the two women discussed the situation, Jorey focused on the idea of being caught in another's mind. oOMaybe this isn't our nightmare, but rather we are in a Reaper's dream. There is no way out, we cannot wake up, because we are merely character's in the Reaper's dream.Oo Tagren: I noticed my medical kit missing but I wasn't sure... I
  15. ((Here… But not really… )) ::Even though my parents never married, I knew that they loved me and each other. I wanted for basically nothing, only the desire to see each more, but I understood at a very young age that a person's duty bound them to things. Despite that, I knew that their bond with me was stronger, their duty as my parents, and it never had to be vocally stated. It simply was.:: ::I was sheltered to an extent as a child. We would spend almost every Christmas in a cabin in the Rockies, removed from Starfleet and duty, huddled in our winter coats, watching the snow, and sitting b
  16. ((San Francisco, Earth)) ::The surface of the bay was refulgent. A cold salty breeze swept inland and into the refurbished San Francisco Ferry Building, now filled with bistros and cafes and quaint cozy restaurants. They sat facing each other at a small round table by the waterfront, the rays of sunlight pleasant on the skin and brilliant on the bunch of mauve and pink petunias at the center of the table. Coffee is always a bad idea when it comes to ex-flames. He thought about this as he sipped his beverage staring out onto the resplendent bay. He also thought about other things. Things from
  17. ((Edited because the board screwed up the formatting. )) ((Turbolift, Enroute to Docking Ring Bay 7, Starbase 118)) ::Rumors. From the beginnings of written history, it seemed that they alone could be responsible for a rise to power, or a tragic fall from grace. In the words that spread as wildfire through the social vine, were the power to build up, and the power to tear asunder. Entire civilizations were created and maintained on rumors of strength and power, or terror. Those same civilizations fell easily under the weight of the words, and for eons, good men fell victim to the sword that wa
  18. As we close the 2012 Top Sims Contest, I'm curious if anyone has suggestions for improving the contest for 2013? Are there any suggestions on getting more people involved in each round of voting? Ways we can cut down on the number of sims people have to vote on/read each round? Are there important changes that we have to make to ensure the contest is more fair, or more representative? Let's hear your thoughts!
  19. ((Captain's Quarters, USS Discovery)) ::It came from decades of serving aboard a starship. The subtle, yet distinct sound of a starship dropping out of warp. He awoke slowly, warmth and comfort fighting him each step of the way. Kieran lay beside him and he smiled, realizing that part of the comfort he felt was the change in the bond between them. Before, the bond was a burden, feeling incomplete and fractured, and he realized that this was from their indiscretion the night they had met. Now, the bond was still there, but it was whole, complete, and instead of weakness it provided strength. U
  20. ((Spawning Ground, The Void)) :: Iron Breaker could sense them before he even reached their ancient spawning ground. Or rather he could sense the absence of them. The Hardskins were immune to their natural powers. Entirely invulnerable to the control they so easily asserted over others, and it was that immunity that made them a void in the sea of thoughts the Collosoforms swam through. One Hardskin limped towards a massive concentration of its kind, further off and another, stranger, Hardskin sat silently in space. This stranger was different. Iron Breaker could sense them in the void s
  21. This is it, the final round of voting for 2012's Top Sim. The winner of this vote will be considered the Top Sim of 2012 -- one of the most highly coveted writing awards in our community. Voting closes automatically at 23:59, December 26, 2012, Pacific Time. These sims were submitted by members of the community. A vote was conducted every two weeks, and the winner of each round was sent to one of three run-off rounds which were judged by a staff panel of five members. The winner of each run-off round is listed below and those are the sims your choosing from. Please read all three sims before
  22. (( CRR, USS Mercury )) :: In the hour before the away teams left, Aron left the operations of the bridge to Alex and retired to his ready room. In truth, he wanted to be on one of those teams, but it seemed that the job was going to come first: He had a backlog of status reports he needed to review regarding the Jaborrhik project; he'd just received new information regarding the Isharkian shards from Didrik Stennes; and Starbase 118 was still requesting a brutally detailed report of his incarceration on Vador III, as well as any information he had regarding the unknown telepath they had pick
  23. ((OOC: This sim establishes that the cozmozoa can communicate with "us" through our memories, and we can communicate by similarly recalling our own relevant memories. So, in the absence of an accepted nomenclature for speaking via memory fragment, examples of such in the sim below are denoted by "dialogue in quotes.")) =============================== (( Somewhere inside the Cozmozoan )) STENNES: Hello? HARALD STENNES: "Not like that, Didrik. Like this." ::The memory of Didrik's father teaching him to ski flashed before Didrik's mind.:: STENNES: Hello, is anyone there? ACADEM
  24. ((Grelesev Military Shipyards, Zakdorn IV: Bay One, after all the officer teams have split up and taken off)) :: Dueld would probably freak out, around now, if he wasn't mostly all out of freaked out at this point. First there had been the bizarre final exam on the holodeck-- which, if there was a chance he was going to crash and burn at the last minute and fail out of Starfleet, why did they have to ship him to Starbase 118 to do it? (Maybe Starbase 118 had some kind of cadet reform school hidden away on one of its levels, like, under the lake in the biodome. Or squeezed inside one of the S
  25. ((Holodeck 3, StarBase 118)) Able: Hell if I know. She's an impressive looking ship with a nice doctor and a decent XO, but that's all I know so far. Her service record's certainly impressive. As for the rest, look me up after the first tour and I'll tell you! ::Thera smiled at the young engineer.:: MGia: Wise words. Able: So, Thera was it? What kinds of things do you end up dealing with in Security here? Can't imagine a place like this is exactly a hotbed of crime... MGia: I am new here, but I am sure we do have a lot of dark corners. There is always a place for crime. But I was reassigned du
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