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  1. ((Bridge, USS Discovery)) Oddas: =/\= Ideally the Thunder would be assisting in this maneuver but the damage was more extensive than we thought. I just re-calibrated the tractor beams, but at this rate I'm going to need to do it again in about 20 minutes. =/\= Waltas::Checking the navigation chart:: =/\= 20 minutes should be all we need. =/\= Oddas: =/\= We should be in range of the Sand Bar by then, we'll have to drop out of Quantum Slip Stream then anyway. As soon as we do, I recommend we drop all of the tractor beams as soon we're out of the stream. =/\= Waltas: =/\=
  2. (( Deep Space 26, Central Hub Level 3, Starfleet Intelligence Sector Chief’s Office )) ::When fully illuminated, the office looked completely normal, like any other Starfleet installation anywhere else in the galaxy. At the moment, however, with the lights low and flickering, and the station’s natural green glow cast about, the place looked eerie, sinister, as if something were afoot around every corner. Like one might think an intelligence office should look, if all he had for reference were holosuite programs about espionage and interstellar intrigue.:: ::In this offi
  3. ((DS26, Level 4, Conference Room 1)) ::Ren snored loudly from his seat at the conference table, supremely unaware of the presence of his hard-working crewmates in the room. He was completely at ease, snuggled onto a captain he barely knew, his mouth hanging open carelessly, all the better to drool from.:: ((Ren’s Dream)) ::Arnmere was shining a little brighter than usual in this dream, this vision, this radiant, vivid experience.:: ::Ren strode across a field, headed home to the house he and Navin had built for themselves, far across the opposite side of
  4. ((Ruwon’s Quarters - Deck 14 - USS Za)) [Time Index - 3 Hours After ‘Mother’s’ Death] ::Ruwon got back to his quarters late at night - certainly far after his shift had ended. Given the circumstances of the firefights and the invasion, he didn’t doubt he’d be up again in just a few hours. But he had one rather pressing issue to deal with before he collapsed. He stood just inside the door and looked around his silent apartments. The lights had dimmed automatically as ‘night’ set in, and to most the place would have looked untouched. His cold cup of coffee still sat on th
  5. ((Mindscape)) ::Savan was almost overwhelmed by the sequence of images and sounds that he saw. Vicious specters of the past, telepathic imipressions, all of it had led to this moment. Tye now stood holding his brother. Tye: Let’s go home. T'Mihn: The first steps to healing have started. In order for Sanye to truly heal, your family needs to heal with him. :;Putting a hand on Sanuye's head.:: T'Mihn: Know you're greatly loved. ::In a few instants, the dark landscaped dissolved into the sterile world of sickbay on the USS Discovery. Savan blinked as he heard a vo
  6. (( Captain's Office )) ((Time index: After the conversation with Sarah Mason)):: It was quite a relief to have a new FO. Of course she would have enjoyed to keep T'Mar in that position a bit longer, but at least she had not left the ship and Sarah would have her second chance. It had something to be able to give her that. Sadly no number of First Officers could lighten the worry pressing down on her shoulders at the moment. Having turned her seat to the window she stared outside, the planet housing Starbase 11 to the right side, but most of the screen was filled by darkness and stars. Somewher
  7. ((OOC Note: The song playing in the background is Tom Wait’s Rainbirds, if you’re curious you can hear it here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hrlK69wwWA . listening while reading might enhance the experience.)) ((Temporary Apartments, Starbase 118 Operations)) :: Liani walked through the front door of her apartment and let her pack slip onto the floor, a soft non committal thud. The door slides shut behind her- a clean sound of sliding metal. She baps at the control panel a few times until the lock engages and moves a few slow steps into the room. Her eyes slide
  8. Renos

    Round 7 Praxo, "Aftermath"

    ((Almost a month back, Talaxian Shuttlecraft, crashed on the sphere)) ::It might sound like one of Praxos usual exaggerations, but he actually had never lost a shuttle or any other craft due to an accident. Sure there were more close calls that one could count, and none of the Talaxian’s craft was decommissioned without dints and scratches, and it preyed on his ego that he not even knew what had happened.:: ::He reached out with his right hand to open the details on the most concerning alert on the touchscreen, when a horrible sting of burning pain filled h
  9. ((Beach-Duronis II)) :: The two men met on the beach before the twin suns announced dawn. Inside the Embassy, only the night watch was awake, guarding over its sleeping occupants. Each man was a study of flesh and bone, finely honed muscle and sinew. They were warriors, one human, one Andorian. As they approached each other in the dark, pre-dawn coolness, the Andorian could not see the human smile. He was looking forward to this meeting. He had learned much from Tel-ar when they served together, such as dealing with his rage to become a more disciplined, and more deadly fighter. Hannib
  10. (( Captain's Ready Room, Deck 8, Deep Space 285 )) :: Shel had routinely received status reports on the repairs for the Doyle, as well as the security upgrade on the ship. The latest incident, a murder that he had Selene and her crew try to investigate before things went horribly wrong on their ship, was as solved as it could be. At least for now. He might have an independent investigator go over the data and see if they come up with the same conclusion, but right now he still needed to work on cleaning up the corruption within his station. :: :: He had a pi
  11. Rustyy_Hael

    Round 7 PNPC Mark Two - Spooks

    ((Space - The Final ... oh you know.))::There was a static crackle and a burst of white light just before everything went dark.Very, very dark. It was light all light in the universe had turned off. Dark and silent. No power, no movement, no sound.Mark Two let his jaw loll open feeling a shiver run up his holographic spine. Where was he? He waited a few seconds, straining his ears to listen. Nothing. He expected Doctor Foster to be barking orders by now, or at the very least someone talking about what was going on. Maybe they were all waiting for someone else to speak?He waited... and wa
  12. (( Big thanks to Jonathan for letting me have a part in this )) (( Quarters Rajel )) :: In times like this Jalana preferred to stay in the action, on the bridge or close to whatever department had the best lead. But right now they had old reports, that had not been updated for over a hundred years, mysterious DNA in some encrypted files and data of a nebula that sounded more dangerous than she liked. Before they'd arrive they would have a meeting, but until then she couldn't really do anything. There were too many variables and they still had half a day left until arrival. S
  13. ((Space, just outside the Darwin)) ::Praxo was flying Talaxian shuttles again, finally! After a month in the clean, advanced but somehow character-less Federation shuttles, he was very glad when he finally returned to Talax II and his own, custom built craft. However, today he was en route with a Dalex type Talaxian shuttle.:: ::He had left the Darwin after his assignment with mixed feelings. As much as he looked forward to piloting „real“ shuttles again, he most certainly missed the comfort of a Federation ship and the ever-changing routine of exploring the sphere. There of
  14. ((Lt DeVeau’s Quarters, USS Garuda))::There was a problem with being officially off duty - it meant it was difficult to work out of the eyes of those who had told her to take some time off. While Alora wasn't generally the sort to leave things undone, she also wasn't a workaholic either. Usually she knew how to balance work and pleasure and still participated in activities that would keep her busy. Alora couldn't shake the guilt, especially in light of her recent findings. Upon discovering the Chief of Science working against orders, she'd been ordered, again, back to her quarters, or the
  15. ((Holodeck 4)) ((Standard Phaser Training Simulation)) ::Raissa frowned at the different types of phasers laid out on the counter in front of her along with the species neutral targets arrayed at varying distances. She was a counselor, not a security officer.:: Moonsong: Why are we here again? :: Evan stood nearby, arms clasped behind his back as he regarded Raissa. :: Delano: One of my responsibilities as the chief of security is to ensure all senior officers maintain proficiency with standard armaments. According to the log, you’re overdue. Moonsong: Running away screaming isn't an option?
  16. Ensign Ellen Cain, "The end of one journey is only the start of something else" ((Temple Complex, Ceti Gamma Seven)) Reia: ::Not bothering to hide edge of tiredness and irritation in her voice.:: Seriously, what are we doing here? Hartwell: Assisting Commander Herodion and Lieutenant Commander Becks in determining what happened to the people that once lived on this planet. :: Cadet Vance Hartwell, a human male, sounded equally annoyed Cadet Ellen Cain thought. Ellen suspected that Vance’s annoyance came from the fact that he actually enjoyed the work at hand, but was constantly being disturb
  17. (( Captain's Quarters, Deck 2, USS Constitution )) :: While Shel was recovering from the light headedness and lack of oxygen, the woman who was his sister from the future entered his ready room. The thought was strange, having another sister, well the same one actually but from a different time. She had come in to check on him and to collect his work and get him to his quarters where he could get some rest after the day they had. :: :: Once they got to his quarters, she went about working on some food for them. He had thought her cooking skills were lacking, as he was more the chef in the fami
  18. ((Counseling Suite, Embassy)) :: There had been yet another emergency request for AJ’s presence at the counseling suite, though this time, it couldn't be Irina. AJ stepped into the waiting room to see T’Lea awaiting her. :: James: T’Lea...step into my office, we can talk there. :: Without a word the Vulcan hybrid rose from her seat and followed the Counselor inside.:: :: It was a short walk, one that T’Lea wasn’t looking forward to, but she managed to put one foot in front of the other, and repeatedly remind herself of why she was doing this.:: :: Step-by-step her answers were plain and c
  19. (Embassy - Hotel - Suite 018)) :: It was more than she needed. It was a luxury hotel room specifically designed to pamper VIP’s -- that was what Della had arranged for T’Lea to stay in. It was a nice gesture, but a simple room and a bed would have sufficed. This place, she glanced at the expensive window treatments – this place had more space than she knew what to do with.:: :: No matter. The whole point of being here was to keep her family safe, and that meant removing herself from their lives.:: :: She picked up the bag that had been delivered earlier, and walked it into the bedroom, which t
  20. ((Captain’s Ready Room, USS Atlantis)) ::When he looked up through tear-stained eyes, he saw the red coat draped over one arm of a wooden chair in the corner behind his desk. Blinking back rogue tears, he stared at it for the longest time, his mind spiraling back to a time almost long forgotten.. :: ((Flashback – stardate 239109.21)) ((Dungeon, Castle of Horrors – DS26)) ::By the time the four of them stepped off the last step of the slimy and cold stone spiral staircase that led them below into the bowels of the castle, Raj felt different. A shiver ran down his spine and he hugged himself – a
  21. ((Just outside Black Hole Bar)) :: Cory and Alex arrived at the bar to find out it was closed:: Williams: Thats odd? Why would it be closed? Stoyer: I am not sure. But I think the First Officer might have something to do with it. Williams: Oh yeah, i remember now. At the time i was dealing with asteroids. I guess he’s in a lot of trouble? Stoyer: I would say so. Commander Siris was not happy the announcement came over the ship. Williams: Perhaps we can convince that Ferengi to hire the two of us as staff for tonight. Stoyer: Actually not a bad idea. The crew will need a break a
  22. (( Personal Quarters, USS Garuda)) ::The plants were gone. ::This was, in the great scheme of things, probably something she should be grateful for. The clean-up of the overgrown flora would have been a mammoth job, and not one she would have had the inclination -- or in her present condition, the stamina -- for. Whichever team had swept through her quarters had left them pristine. ::Almost pristine. There were traces, here and there. A small shard of pottery from a pot here, a sliver of glass from a terrarium there. They might as well have been splinters of her heart, the homes of the botanic
  23. ((USS Atlantis, Deck 5, Outside Holodeck 2)) :: Pausing outside the holodeck Alana activated one of her favorite programs, it replicated her favorite beach from her childhood. On the north side of Kauai. :: :: As she stepped into the holodeck the familiar sights and sounds of Kauai appeared around her. She walked out on the jetty sticking out into the bay, she had spent considerable time on or around it with her friends while growing up. :: :: She paused at the end and stared out at the ocean listening to the rhythmic pounding of the surf. She had neglected to swing by her quarters and gr
  24. (( Holodeck 3 )) :: After the conversation with Rune earlier the day, Jalana had spent most of the day thinking about her past. That was when she was not trying to get control over her shaking hands or tried to not fall asleep. Her thoughts had wondered to her family, which she had not seen ever since leaving Trillus Prime. She missed them quite a lot, but was not sure when she would see them again. So many things had gone so wrong, and pride got in the way. :: :: After her shift had ended, she felt an almost unbearable urge to see her old home. It was so strong that she would have taken a r
  25. ((Vetka, Inner Isles)) :: Della had something of a stubborn streak. In part, it was inherited from her symbiote, as all of Vetri's hosts had been like that to some extent, but whatever the source, it was there. Unfortunately, no matter how stubborn the hold on a belief, it couldn't stand up to overwhelming evidence that the belief was wrong - evidence like the still form of the woman that Della really *had* just shot in the side of the head.:: :: The phaser in her hand dropped like a stone as she dived to the ground, wrapping her arms around T'Lea's motionless body with a choked cry. Any k
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