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  1. Sorry Captain, misunderstanding - you are talking of how to accomplish less reading while I'm trying to get ships that don't participate in the contest attracted to join.
  2. My comment in last year's topic about improving the contest was to ask those who are proposing the sim to explain the reasons. That way we would be also introduced to the story behind the sim - to that "personal" resons, or character development side of the sim. How? How would you get writers to apply into that committee?
  3. I don't know about improving, I made a comment when just arrived about it and now have to say I strongly believe it would be very wrong to implement it, because it would get even less people to post the sims. Question is can we have everything - better participation from all the ships and less to read. We can't have both, and I vote for better participation. I believe that each ship has at least one writer who is active on the Forum, so that one should be in charge of reminding shipmates of not just Top Sim Contest, but everything that is going on on the forum and remind them to visit here mo
  4. ((Captain's Quarters, USS Discovery)) ::It came from decades of serving aboard a starship. The subtle, yet distinct sound of a starship dropping out of warp. He awoke slowly, warmth and comfort fighting him each step of the way. Kieran lay beside him and he smiled, realizing that part of the comfort he felt was the change in the bond between them. Before, the bond was a burden, feeling incomplete and fractured, and he realized that this was from their indiscretion the night they had met. Now, the bond was still there, but it was whole, complete, and instead of weakness it provided strength. U
  5. ((Spawning Ground, The Void)) :: Iron Breaker could sense them before he even reached their ancient spawning ground. Or rather he could sense the absence of them. The Hardskins were immune to their natural powers. Entirely invulnerable to the control they so easily asserted over others, and it was that immunity that made them a void in the sea of thoughts the Collosoforms swam through. One Hardskin limped towards a massive concentration of its kind, further off and another, stranger, Hardskin sat silently in space. This stranger was different. Iron Breaker could sense them in the void s
  6. Happy Birthday, kid. Hope to see you back one of this days.

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