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  1. Awe shucks. Thanks guys. I learn from the best, those writers around me!
  2. Man, I'm constantly impressed by your writing and this one came out of no where. What a pleasant surprise. I'm going to have to make sure I get a scene or two at the base of this tree next shore leave.
  3. These are the jokes I come here for. I almost spit out my coffee at the unexpected reference @Geoffrey Teller
  4. This has been a fun scene to write and is a nice departure from the action/adventure and dark drama that's been looming over the Thor for the last couple of missions. Just a crew enjoying shore leave together. Amanda adds some really excellent narration to the already excellent writing by everyone else in the scene. Keep it up. I'm having fun with this one!
  5. Beat me to it again! Came to post this. Excellent writing @Meidra Sinir@Addison MacKenzie@Alieth. I thoroughly enjoyed this arc.
  6. You beat me to it. I came here to post this. We've been building toward a dramatic speech; toward an appeal to decency and logic, and @Geoffrey Teller NAILED it. Bravo. Comparing this sim to the first one where Velos was introduced, it's just a joy to see the arc play out.
  7. Thanks Andrea! I think I've re-read that line a few times now, and it brings a smile to my face each time. I can just see Greaves's face shouting with exasperation at @Geoffrey Teller. Glad you enjoyed it as well!
  8. Your ship is heavily damaged, but your tactical systems are still at half strength. You were able to destroy three vessels and drive off a fourth with your ship at full strength. The enemy reinforcements are likely to be confident as the smell blood in the water. By prepositioning torpedoes as mines and using armed shuttles to augment your tactical abilities, you'll turn the ambush around on the pirates. A strong show of force and rapid application of violence against the overconfident reinforcements are likely to inflict heavy damage and drive them off again if not outright destroying the
  9. Whole heartily agreed! Responding to this was a blast. Outstanding set-up, and elegantly written.
  10. Man, you beat me to it. I wanted to post this yesterday but was stuck on my phone and it totally slipped my mind this morning. This was a page turner waiting for each section to drop. Outstanding writing and great plot arc guys. Bravo!
  11. This was a big movement in Alieth's character arc, and she did an outstanding job tying together something she has been dropping hints at for MONTHS. She also seamlessly integrated actions during the most recent mission that indirectly resulted in the outcome of the sim. I'm always impressed by Alieth's writing, but this slow burning character arc has been a treat to try and figure out what is going on. Bravo Zulu! ********************************************************** (( Room 06-0501, Deck 6, USS Thor, being towed to Bajoran space)) The day had b
  12. Here here! Was an awesome sub-plot to write. @Geoffrey Teller is absolutely right when he says that this kind of collaboration is what makes SB118 great!
  13. Sounds like you stumbled into the right place Dorothy! I think you'll have a ton of fun. This community is great. Just wait till you get into training and you'll be hooked!
  14. You beat me to it! Came here to post this. 100% agree. Outstanding Sim and a really creative use of her character.
  15. Wow. I'm very humbled. Thanks to those who nominated me! Was not expecting a new comer such as myself to receive a duty-post award. Thanks so much. And congratulations all around. I've been blown away each day of the awards ceremony by just how awesome this community is. We have some stellar people here who are exceptionally dedicated to making this place great. Bravo Zulu!
  16. Thor REPRESENT. Way to go everyone! These are some heavy hitting awards and are well deserved. It's so incredible to me the long standing community here and today's awards really speak to the contributions of the people that make this place successful. Well done all.
  17. Congratulations everyone! This is my first annual award ceremony in the fleet and I find that it's such an excellent opportunity to recognize the stellar people we have writing in this community! Well done to everyone!!
  18. Hey Morgan! Man oh man, have you found the right place. There are a ton of awesome writers people here and the group's leadership has honed things down to a fine point. This is an excellent community. You're gonna love it.
  19. I am constantly impressed by how well Ben writes for the duty post of ship's counselor. His character's comments are always just so perfect for each scene he is in. I really enjoy this scene the ships XO and Counselor are involved in, and it shows a really stellar side of a Trek story that I think we often overlook: the human element. Bravo gents, and keep on killing it Ben. =============================== ((Chief Counsellor’s Office, Deck Ten, USS Thor)) Alex was sitting reviewing some case notes and closing out some files. The pile wasn’t the usual stack that built
  20. Awe, thanks Alieth. This one had me smiling the entire time I was writing. Oh, and thanks to the crew of the Veritas for giving Lieutenant Commander Teller the opportunity to take these grav bikes back to the Thor!
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