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  1. Wow. I'm very humbled. Thanks to those who nominated me! Was not expecting a new comer such as myself to receive a duty-post award. Thanks so much. And congratulations all around. I've been blown away each day of the awards ceremony by just how awesome this community is. We have some stellar people here who are exceptionally dedicated to making this place great. Bravo Zulu!
  2. Thor REPRESENT. Way to go everyone! These are some heavy hitting awards and are well deserved. It's so incredible to me the long standing community here and today's awards really speak to the contributions of the people that make this place successful. Well done all.
  3. Congratulations everyone! This is my first annual award ceremony in the fleet and I find that it's such an excellent opportunity to recognize the stellar people we have writing in this community! Well done to everyone!!
  4. Hey Morgan! Man oh man, have you found the right place. There are a ton of awesome writers people here and the group's leadership has honed things down to a fine point. This is an excellent community. You're gonna love it.
  5. I am constantly impressed by how well Ben writes for the duty post of ship's counselor. His character's comments are always just so perfect for each scene he is in. I really enjoy this scene the ships XO and Counselor are involved in, and it shows a really stellar side of a Trek story that I think we often overlook: the human element. Bravo gents, and keep on killing it Ben. =============================== ((Chief Counsellor’s Office, Deck Ten, USS Thor)) Alex was sitting reviewing some case notes and closing out some files. The pile wasn’t the usual stack that built up while he’d been on a mission – staying aboard the Thor had been almost like working from home. He took a glance around the room and moved over to one of the storage crates. He’d nearly got it looking how he wanted – slowly unpacking what he had brought from his main office at the Embassy and setting it out in what was his temporary, now permanent, home. He took out one of his doctoral certificates and was hanging it on the wall when the buzzer went. Brodie: Come. Brodie just got the frame hung where he wanted it as the door opened and he turned to face his guest. It was a surprise. Teller: Counselor Brodie? Was wondering if you had a few minutes for me. Brodie: Of course, Commander. Please, do come in. Teller: Thank you. Brodie stepped down from where he had been standing and moved towards his own desk. He watched as Teller stepped into the room…almost fearful…or was it an air of wonder. He was certainly the first officer to have come and seen him since the move to the Thor, it was all very new in some ways. He’d have to see when his last visit was – it must have been a while if this was the reaction. He gestured to a the corner sofa and for Geoff to sit and he did likewise in a separate chair – a small coffee table separating them Teller: So, Counselor, does your rate go up for walk-ins? Brodie: ::Smiling:: Only for private clients. Starfleet has a pretty comprehensive all-inclusive package. It was a terrible opener but sometimes it just needed something like that to break the ice. It seemed to do the trick. Teller: I've been meaning to do this for a while, but things have been a little...hectic, recently. Besides, I've been telling the crew to take care of themselves - be a bit hypocritical if I don't do the same. ::He smirked:: Just don't tell Addison I said that or she'll drag me in for a physical. My hypocrisy be damned. Brodie: Well, if it’s any consolation she’s already caught me. Like I said though, it’s fully comprehensive…so please, any time and all the time that you need. Teller: Appreciate it. So, where do we start? Brodie: Perhaps at the end? You mentioned you’ve been meaning to do this for a while, so what made today the day? Geoff sat, but couldn't find an especially comfortable position. Perching forward felt too stiff, leaning back too informal, and laying down wasn't even on the table. The fault was neither the couch or the Counselors still in progress decorating efforts. Geoff huffed, slid back, and crossed his legs, attempting to forcibly relax. It was about as effective as telling a Vulcan to 'loosen up.' Teller: Last few days I've noticed my focus slipping a bit. Happens when I've got too many things on my mind and I'm having a hard time deciding where to sink my teeth in. Just feels like this is the first chance I've really gotten in months to plant my feet and my head is still spinning, I guess. Geoff slumped back and shifted, trying to wrap words around it that just seemed clunky. Brodie: Tell me a little more about that. Teller: Well, five months ago I was Chief Engineer of a starship. Wasn't anything as fancy as this ::Geoff extended his arms, taking in the grandeur of the Thor:: but I knew my place there, and I was happy. Then Admiral Turner reached out and, well....::Geoff's shoulders slumped::..here we are. It's been a long road...getting from there to here. Brodie: ::Nodding:: That’s understandable – there have been a lot of changes recently…for you more than most. Geoff let out a sort of begrudging laugh. It was true though - Geoff had seen more changes than most. He’d arrived at the Embassy with Addison, but she had retained the same position as a doctor. Teller had been moved to a new role and then had his immediate superior swapped out in pretty short order. Teller: Yeah I suppose that's fair. It's not the duty, or the missions...it's...it's hard to put words to it... Brodie could see the man was struggling - although the only thing that was stopping him saying what was troubling his mind, was him. Brodie: It’s okay, Geoff. That thought…just say it out loud. The man steeled himself and then started to speak. Teller: Well, it's like this I guess - when I was wearing a gold collar, I could look at the master status board and know the ship was right. Got sensors, diagnostics, computers - an innumerable pile of gadgets and gizmos that tell me, to a margin of error I can see right on the screen, if things are working well or if they aren't. Brodie: And you feel that you no longer have access to that level of detail? Alex knew it was a leading question…he just wasn’t entirely sure where it would lead. Teller: Oh I can still pull those diagnostics up for the ship, but that's not my job anymore. It's the crew. I'm just.... And there it was, laid bare, the complexities of the human machine. Brodie: Feeling overwhelmed? Teller: They're my responsibility, but I have a hard time figuring out if I'm taking care of them right. If I'm doing everything they need? It's easy to know when to purge the injectors or change out an ODN conduit but with people, it's hardly that cut and dry. Any ideas? Brodie only understood part of what Geoff had said…he wasn’t even sure what ODN stood for? Everyone had areas they knew well – Alex didn’t understand engineering or science in more than passing detail. Kells and Wilkins discussed chroniton particles on the bridge and he’d been…totally lost. Teller knew engineering. Brodie...he knew people…and it was people he was here to help. Brodie: People are, by their very nature…variable; and complex one’s at that. I think, however, the fact that you’re here, sitting on my couch, and worried that you’re not doing the right thing…means you’re doing the right thing. Brodie could understand the concerns of the man and where it was stemming from. He had barely had much time to get settled into his new role and responsibilities without interruption. He had arrived, been shot down and wounded, then he led the team to recover Addison. Then the transfer had occurred and Kells had come aboard – new command and new commander. Then he’d been on the surface of Vel Maijan trying to locate and rescue colonists lost for over two centuries. Through all this Brodie had taken temporary command of the bridges of both the Thunder and then Thor. Teller was a man who needed to get involved, that much was obvious, but perhaps he hadn’t been able to get involved in the right way? Teller: ??? Brodie: You worry you don’t know them? You? The man who hand carved a personalised shield for every one of the senior staff for the wall of the great hall? Teller: ??? Brodie: If I may ask a question, when you were an engineer…how did you approach a new ship? Learning what made it tick? Teller: ??? TBC ------------------------------------ Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Brodie Chief Counselor USS Thor NCC-82607 dualitygamer@gmail.com Writer ID.: A239005BM0
  6. Awe, thanks Alieth. This one had me smiling the entire time I was writing. Oh, and thanks to the crew of the Veritas for giving Lieutenant Commander Teller the opportunity to take these grav bikes back to the Thor!
  7. Damn that radio interference. Laughed far too hard at this.
  8. Hello again! This is the perfect place for you to explore all three of those goals. You're gonna love it! There's a handful of other vets around here as well as plenty of great people from all over the world. It really is a stellar community you've stumbled into. Enjoy!
  9. Hey there. Glad you found us. There are a bunch of great writers around here. You'll have a great time. Feel free to ask any questions, or join us in our discord for chat and questions. https://discord.gg/3Mz8G36
  10. Hey there Ben! Glad you made it here and sorry to hear about your Google issues finding us. I'm happy it worked out in the end. I'm also over in the Carolinas for now. Welcome aboard. I hope it's everything you want it to be and more. You'll find lots of great people to write with here.
  11. Defiant is pretty sick, but I love the venerable Miranda. Call me a sucker for nostalgia, but name another ship with the flexibility and the service life of the Miranda. Work horse of the Federation for over a century and a half! That nose art on your defiant picture does make me want to do a Defiant model kit with some custom decals....
  12. Welcome to the group! I think you'll find this place is a blast. Great organization, good people, and a lot of fun writing to be had!
  13. Welcome Moon! Glad you found your way here. I think you'll find a great home here with great people!
  14. Wes Greaves

    New Arrival

    Welcome! You're going to love the academy. It's a stellar process and a lot of fun! Looking forward to seeing you in the fleet!
  15. Gimme that Excelsior life! I'll take that rust bucket for another century of service.
  16. Let me start off by saying I enjoyed both Picard and Discovery and am eagerly waiting for the next seasons of both! That being said, the frustration I have with both shows is the format. I miss the episodic story telling of TNG, VOY, DS9, and TOS. Each episode is a new 50 minute adventure with it's own plot. Occasionally you'd get a to be continued, and sometimes the plot arcs would link together, but most of the time each episode was it's own self-contained plot. That style of storytelling opened to door for much more character development across the whole cast, and it allowed the writers to explore the universe and current events. Both Discovery and Picard go with a season wide plot. It's like watching a 10 hour movie instead of a series of episodes and therefore the writers really only get to tell one big story. The styling is so different from the episodic style that the feeling of the show is going to be different. Different isn't bad, it's just different. I love that Picard and Discovery brought the fandom into the modern age and wasn't afraid to show off the dark aspects of the Trek universe. Grittiness is inherent in life. I do long for an episodic format of show though, as I feel like it allows the writers to explore trek as a whole more. My two cents.
  17. I just love how we all were picturing these giant tunneling ant creatures, and then out of no where here comes Teller with this:
  18. Great instincts! So many things get taken to OOC when they can just as easily be handled IC. Often times working it into the scene makes things so much more interesting. Great work.
  19. I really loved the JP below. The three of them really did a stand-up job of setting the scene for the Embassy's transition to the Thor's first mission. Really well executed writing which gave a great "cinematic" set piece to the send off. I kept seeing slow sweeping shots of this great starship sliding through space in my mind's eye. Well done gents!
  20. Wes Greaves


    Hey there! Glad you found the community! Looking forward to meeting you out in the fleet. This is a great collection of writers and fun people to sim with.
  21. Wes Greaves

    Hi all

    Awesome to meet you and sounds like an interesting character!
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