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  1. Quips, quotes, advice, it all goes here! What's happening on the Oumuamua? And should we be afraid?
  2. OOC: I REALLY like @Jack Kessler's revamp of his PNPC Cabrillo's character, and even more so the dynamic between Cabrillo's jaded self and this fresh new Ensign. IC: ((Main Engineering, Deck 11, USS 'Oumuamua)) Nijal watched the program run through the diagnostics and Cabrillo expected that the diagnostic wouldn't do much other than acquaint them with the core and its structures and systems but that was the starting point for this new engineer. Every starship had it’s own sounds, quirks and variations that were unique to that ships. The ‘Oumuamua was no different and getting to know the quirks of this warp core was the first thing Cabrillo and Nijal needed to learn. Nijal: Did you serve in engineering on your other ships? Cabrillo: ::turning back to the console:: My first assignment was to engineering but I ended up spending the majority of my time stuck in either a shuttle bay or a cargo bay. Nijal: I'm guessing that wasn't by choice? Cabrillo: I got off on the wrong foot with my department head and is was cargo duty for a long time after that. ::beat:: My second ship I was transferred to the Tactical team since they were shorthanded. The Chief Engineer didn’t even care to give me the time of day. Now I am cross trained in both departments. Nijal: Nice! I imagine that's a good double specialty, too. You can handle any ops department on the ship really. Cabrillo turned his body to fully face Nijal. He did not want to give her the wrong impression, although he really didn’t care for the senior officer core anymore, he didn’t feel he should burst her bubble. Starfleet would probably do that on their own. Cabrillo: Nijal ::beat:: I am not your typical Starfleet officer. The past five years I have seen things that have affected my career and outlook on Starfleet. I’m not going to paint this all-perfect picture that Starfleet does during recruitment or even in the academy. ::beat:: you need to be you, follow your path and no one else’s. Look to everyone for guidance but only take the best and use it to make yourself what you want to be. Nijal: Oh. I-- I see. Cabrillo realized he had said too much. His bitter outlook on Starfleet should not forced on this young Ensign. He started to regret what he said and was about to try and retract his statement but Nijal’s next comment caught him by surprise. Nijal: We're still going to be friends, though. A slight smile crept up on her lips and Cabrillo just starred back for a moment. Had he given her the impression that he did not want to be friends? That was not what he had meant to convey at all. He was certainly open to a friendship but really had only meant to convey that Starfleet is not this perfect utopian picture that recruitment paints, like all entities it has it’s dark secrets that no one wants to admit too. Again Nijal spoke up and snapped Cabrillo out of his worried thought process. Nijal: If you don't mind -- if I can ask -- do you think Starfleet still has something for you? If he were to be honest, he did not know. Starfleet and the powers to be had hit him hard with the one thing that he never saw coming, no loyalty to those who serve. Or at least that is how he felt after being thrown to the wolves for an action he was ‘Ordered’ to do. In all reality, he felt like he had nowhere else to go, there was nothing for him at home except scrutiny and Starfleet had left him to the lower decks for his actions. He did not know what Starfleet held for him but with nowhere else to go he figured he could still see different places as they traveled the galaxy. Cabrillo: Me? I know I still have a lot to learn and I am sure Mr. Corelli can teach us both quite a bit. ::beat:: So what do you want out of Starfleet, Ensign Zimedia Nijal? Nijal: Hm. That's a pretty big question. It was a big question, one that every new Ensign is asked by a senior officer at one point when they come aboard. Cabrillo was not a senior officer but he knew she would get asked the question and so why not be the first to ask and make her think about it? The next time she would be asked, he knew she would have a better prepared thought. Nijal: I want to be a chief of engineering, eventually, and then a captain, very eventually. But I want to achieve those things for me, to prove that I can, and for my people, to prove that a Cardassian can. You know, like Commander Nog for the Ferengi, or the late Ambassador Spock for the Vulcans. Cabrillo: A noble sentiment and a great path to put yourself on. Nijal: I know, it's a big dream. Cabrillo: No. Not a dream Zi, a destination. One you will achieve if you put your mind to it. She responded, however, with a radiant smile. Nijal: I'm going to try my best. (beat, and then the computer burbled) Like successfully completing this diagnostic for my first task as a starship officer. It looks like -- everything's good. Cabrillo: ::looking at the console readout:: Looks like we are out of a job today, everything’s in the Green. Nijal: Exactly what I was thinking, so Lieutenant Corelli will be happy. Cabrillo: ::smiling:: He will be pleased. She turned to him once more, with a second and final serious look on her face. Cabrillo was not sure why the serious look and braced for a more serious question. One that was not coming. Nijal: I'm glad we met, Cabrillo. This is going to be a beautiful friendship, just you wait. Cabrillo: ::smiling gently:: I have offered this to no one else on the ship, as this is privileged only to those rare few I call a friend. ::beat:: and yes I would be honored to consider you a friend. Going forward, please feel free to address me as TK. Cabrillo paused at what he had just said. He could count on one hand the number of people he had allowed to call him by his first name. This Cardassian had done, in less than an hour, what most people around him could not after months or even years of knowing him. This was unsettling to him, an individual who did not like to let others into his life, not after getting thrown out the airlock by Starfleet. Nijal: Response Cabrillo: ::meeting her eyes gaze back:: Let’s see what we can do to get you that Chief Engineer job and then we’ll focus on your next big plans. ::beat, smiling:: Consider me along for the ride and your right hand if needed. Together we will rule ::throwing his arms up in the air:: the galaxy. ::laughing at the gesture and the thought:: Nijal: Response Cabrillo: I say lets go get a drink and then see where this ship and your future take us. Cabrillo did not know what to think of Commander Rouiancet’s setup with this new Ensign but whatever the Commander was thinking had certainly changed Cabrillo’s day. For the better or worse he did not know but he felt some sense of responsibility for Nijal and if she wanted to be a Chief Engineer or even a Captain then maybe he could help. He didn’t know what to expect other than to back her ambition and give this Cardassian the support she needed. He and Starfleet already didn’t see eye to eye so if he needed to go head to head or toe to toe with someone to help her get where she wanted, then all the more fun for him. Nijal: Response Cabrillo smiled and nodded gently, motioning to the main entrance to Engineering the two headed out of the department an up towards 7-Forward. The day had been an interesting one thus far and Cabrillo realized that at the moment he simply felt relaxed. For the first time in a very long time, he was not despised at the world. Time to see what comes next he thought to himself as they exited Engineering. [[END of SCENE CABRILLO]] Ensign TK Cabrillo Engineer USS Oumuamua T239901JK1
  3. OOC: We get some insight into @Ulasso here, and his player has produced a very interesting character. I can't wait to see what happens next! IC: (( Main Mess Hall, Deck 7, USS ‘Oumuamua )) After getting lost numerous times on the way to the Main Mess Hell, Ulasso had made it just on time and settled into one of the only remaining seats...uncomfortably close to the front. Ulasso didn't understand how his sense of direction could be so bad to still have trouble even finding the place where he went for most of his meals. He hated being late, so luckily he had left his room very early to plan for this...however as usual he was stuck with a seat no one else wanted. As he sat there watching the first awards given, his mind wandered through everything that had happened to him during shore leave. He had just gotten off medical observation after having the parasite removed, and his hallucinations had finally stopped. They had gotten weirder and weirder after the parasite had given him a large dose of its hallucinogenic agent before being removed, with the final ones mostly involving giant rabbits... Even without leaving the ship during shore leave , he had also helped solve a holodeck mystery with Jack, almost gotten barred from the 7 forward lounge, and had helped assemble a Transporter that could store a Valkyrie in the buffer. He couldn't believe his eventful shore "stay" was coming to an end. His mind snapped back to the moment as Greaves took the stage. The man that had brought them back from their seemingly watery grave on Okaea. The Thor had been lost, but men like Greaves persisted. It occurred to Ulasso that names like "Thor", a mythological Earth hero the ship had been named after, were not needed anymore. They had real life heroes to look up to, such as the Major. It troubled him that the Major seemed to be at odds with his longtime friend, V'Len however. He had great respect for both men, and hoped they could resolve their differences. Ulasso only hoped it wouldn't come to a point where he was asked to take a side. Greaves: If you’ll allow me Commodore, I’d like to do the next couple. Kells: Certainly. Actually, why don’t I duck away for a moment. Commodore V’Airu? Ossa stood, her impeccable posture while sitting becoming her impeccable posture while standing, and took two swift steps to stand beside Greaves. Kells shuffled offstage, and Ossa took the box of ribbons and pips from Greaves. Wes smiled and nodded before looking back out onto the small crowd of officers. His eyes scanned the room until they finally landed on their target. Ensign Kessler. Greaves: Jack Kessler, if you’d please join us? With a motion of his hand, Wes gestured toward the steps and a few seconds later the Thor’s former tactical officer was standing between Wes and V’Airu. Greaves: Jack, we spent a not insignificant amount of time on that bridge together in some of the most dire circumstances. Your ingenuity and grit were pivotal in getting the Thor off planet safely. The repairs to the torpedo system, and the modification of the firing system to operate underwater… well we probably wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t pulled it off. For that, we’re awarding you the Captain’s Commendation. V’Airu: Your record is stellar, Kessler. I’m pleased to be a part of your next step. As the commodore spoke, Wes pinned the crimson medal on Kessler’s chest, and then turned to receive the darkened bit of metal from Commodore V’Airu. Greaves: And like your peers, you too are being promoted. Earned in the fires of crisis, few officers now have the experience you have, and with that experience comes this added responsibility. Congratulations Lieutenant JG. Kessler: looking to V’Airu:: Thank you Commodore, I am pleased you are part of my journey as well. ::turning to Greaves:: Thank you Major, I will serve with you on any vessel, anywhere. Ulasso looked to Jack as the man took his seat and gave him a nod. Ulasso had served with the man as well on the Ocean planet, and Jack was not short on heroics either. Without his tactical skill they never would have taken down the Pirate ship. If anyone deserved a promotion after that ordeal, Ulasso thought it was that man. He actions were those of one much above the rank of Ensign. Wes brought his hands together to start the newest round of applause and everyone immediately joined in as Jack took his seat, blending back into the audience. As the clapping died down, Wes again scanned the faces of those assembled until finally landing upon their Saurian helmsman. Greaves: Our next officer to be recognized is Ensign Ulasso. Ensign, Please, join us. Ulasso turned back to the stage with the words and saw the Major's eyes upon him. Polite clapping resumed as Ulasso slowly got up from his chair and clambered onstage. Greaves: Ensign, recognition for positive actions can be hard sometimes. We don’t always see the good things that all of our officers do. In this instance however, internal sensors were still recording during the ship’s evacuation. After I gave the order to abandon ship, you made your way to an aft escape pod on deck 1 of the Thor, but there you were presented with a choice. A family was also trying to board that escape pod and there wasn’t room for you and them both. In that moment you chose the selfless action, one that likely would result in your death. You chose to give up your seat and return to the helm as the Thor was still falling out of the sky. V’Airu: I also recognize your helm skills during the ‘Oumuamua’s run-in with the UDP battlecruiser. You are second to none, Ulasso. Taking the ribbon from V’Airu, Wes examined it closely, taking a small moment to recognize the significance of the Silver Star before pinning it to Ulasso. Ulasso: Thank you both. I will wear it proudly and honor those who we weren't able to save as well. Ulasso didn't know that anyone knew about that family. He hadn't thought much of it since the incident, other than during his counseling session with Brodie. Brodie had helped remind him of those they had saved, and not to just focus on those that were lost. He had just done what he thought was right, but in combination with his helm skills he was receiving a large honor. He would have never imagined receiving the Silver Star after his first mission, and he was humbled by it. It would remind him of those he had been able to save, and to live for those that he couldn't. Greaves: And there’s one more thing as well. Not to be outdone by your peers, you too have gained valuable experience and demonstrated you are more than capable of rising to any occasion. For that, you’re being promoted to Lieutenant JG. Holding his hand out, yet still looking to Ulasso with a smile, Wes waited for V’Airu to drop the small pip into his hand before pinning it on the Saurian’s collar. V’Airu: Congratulations, Lieutenant, Junior Grade. Ulasso: Thank you again. I'll honor the title and uphold the ideals of the Federation. The crowd once again applauded and Wes joined in as Ulasso climbed down and disappeared back into the group of assembled officers. Stepping back from the edge of the stage, Wes resumed his position holding the box of ribbons and rank insignia, smiling as he took it from Commodore V’Airu. The rest of the ceremony seemed to pass by in a haze. Ulasso was stunned at a promotion after his first mission. He had no lofty goals within Starfleet, he was happy as long as he was at the helm, keeping Ulaini's dream alive by piloting out to worlds unknown, spreading the hope of the federation to those that were oppressed and wanted a better life. He had expected to be an Ensign longer, but it would seem with his new ship to helm, he would have more responsibility as well. He didn't mind, his work ethic was strong, however he only hoped his promotion wouldn't take him away from his helmsman duties too much. He was excited to helm the "Oumuamua again. When he had taken manual flight control she had handled like a dream. (( Some time later that evening, Senior Officers Quarters, Deck 4, USS ‘Oumuamua )) After the ceremony finished, Ulasso walked through the door to his quarters. He took his Silver Star off and looked at it, replaying the events of Okaea in his head once again before carefully placing it in a display box. As he was about to change into his bed clothes, a gown and nightcap, he was interrupted by a chirp from the communications panel. He wondered who would be calling him so late...perhaps someone in a different time zone. He looked at the incoming communications request and his heart sunk. He wanted more than anything to hold onto the feelings of pride and satisfaction from the evening's awards ceremony and go straight to sleep with pleasant thoughts in his head, however he couldn't deny the part of him that had been nurtured on his home world. He had been trained not to refuse this man that was calling him, his father. He accepted the call and the image of his father appeared on the communications panel. Black eyes that seemed to stare directly into Ulasso's soul, scars across the older Saurian's face and hardened lines from long years of the grueling Saurian Warrior Caste life. His father looked at Ulasso, and as far as Ulasso could tell the man showed no emotion at seeing him. Zezgee: Hello son, It's been awhile. How have you been? Ulasso had been prepared for the worst, however his father seemed to be in a good mood considering. Maybe this was a time for reconciliation. Ulasso: I'm doing well sir. Actually, I just received a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Ulasso watched as his father laughed out loud. Ulasso's 4 hearts dropped, and all his pride from that night's awards ceremony was gone in an instant. His father stopped laughing and spoke to him in a condescending tone. Zezgee: If my knowledge of the StarFleet chain of command is correct, that is what...second from the bottom? At home you would be a prince, you must stop this nonsense. Ulasso: It's not nonsense, Father. I was recognized for saving lives and my skill as a helmsman as well. These pips show my promotion. Zezgee: Ulasso you are 14 years old, a fully grown adult male Saurian and you are still playing dress up as a Star Fleet officer. You always acted like a child and I see that hasn't changed. That yellow uniform you are wearing is an embarrassment compared to the Saurian Empire uniform you should be wearing. Worse, the color matches your coward's eyes. The insult of Ulasso's eye color was nothing new. He had learned a long time ago growing up to not let it bother him. He had mental calluses formed from his father as well, and he didn't want him to think he had gotten to Ulasso. He grabbed a glass of water he had prepared near his bedside and took a sip before speaking again. taking time to make sure he was in control. UIasso: Is there something you want, father? It is quite late here. Zezgee: I want you to come home and take your place as the rightful heir to lead the clan. You owe us that seeing as your sister's death was your fault and there is no one else to take over. All of Ulasso's work to remain calm, all the years he had for practice meant naught in that moment. His father had always known how to set him off balance in the end, and it would seem this time would be no different. His grip on the glass of water tightened. Ulasso: ::pleading:: Father, please...don't Zezgee: She loved you most. She would have listened to you. If you had only corralled her wild thoughts like I instructed you too, she would still be with us. Ulasso:::angered outburst:: YOU WERE THE ONE THAT EXILED HER The glass shattered in Ulasso's hand. Blood seeped from a cut on his hand. He took the remaining bottom of the glass and threw it as hard as he could. It shattered into his display case that he had just put his medal into. Ulasso ran over to the case and inspected the medal. He was relieved to see it wasn't damaged. He focused on the medal, and its significance. It showed he was in the right place, he was saving lives, and working to spread Ulaini's dreams. He gathered himself and returned to the communications panel where his father waited, emotionless. Blood dripped from Ulasso's hand onto the floor, but he didn't notice. Zezgee: I see you still have not learned to control your emotions. Still a child as I said Ulasso. Ulasso: I never silenced Ulaini because she was right. She would have never taken her life if you hadn't punished her so severely, you won't put that on me. Your backward way of thinking is antiquated. Star Fleet is open minded, and it is where I belong. Ulasso couldn't imagine going back to the strict, religious ways of the Saurian Warrior Caste. You didn't question tradition, now matter how much their species had evolved. Unlike Saurians as a whole that had embraced the Federation, he had been raised in an order that preserved the ancient Saurian way of life. Ulaini had opened his mind, and Star Fleet had been his escape. Zezgee: Don't forget Ulasso, I have friends in high places, even at Star Fleet. I can make life very hard for you there. Ulasso: I've never backed down from a challenge, father. Do your worst. With that Ulasso ended the call. He walked to the window and watched the stars. Ulaini would love the sight. She used to drag Ulasso out of bed, ignoring his protests that they had training early in the morning. They would lay in the fields at night and watch the stars, and she would talk about traveling to them someday. He wished he could swap places with her, but doing right by her would have to do instead. He swore to himself that he would become the finest helmsman Star Fleet had ever seen and make her proud. With that he laid in his bed, however sleep evaded him for the rest of the night. [End Shore Leave for Ulasso] Lt. JG Ulasso (HCO) Officer USS 'Oumuamua T239902U11
  4. OOC: Prologue to our mission, which will be @Wes Greaves practical. The tension between his character and Kel has been building for a while and I love that we get to see how they are goint to work through this! Also...so many good tidbits in this. IC: ((First Officer’s Office, Deck 2, USS ‘Oumuamua)) Three months and twelve days had passed since the ‘Oumuamua had transited the wormhole back into the Gamma Quadrant. In that time the Luna class and her crew had conducted one first contact, six diplomatic follow ups with various species, and generally shown the Federation flag about the quadrant. While they were primarily on a mission of scientific exploration, the ship had been directed on more than one occasion to follow-up on some task Starfleet Headquarters had deemed vital. It was a routine occurrence across the fleet for ships to be selectively retasked for specific missions, but normally that burden was spread across hundreds of vessels in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. With the ‘Oumuamua being one of only a handful of ships in the Gamma, and the most capable at that, she was the Admiralty’s go-to choice. Which was exactly how Wes had found himself in the situation he was in. Starfleet Headquarters had decided that diplomacy with the United Dominion of Planets was priority number one for the quadrant as the Federation attempted to determine whether the UDP was starting down a path to a Second Dominion War. In that regard they had tasked Commodore V’Airu personally with attending diplomatic talks with the UDP. She wouldn’t be alone, but some four star admiral somewhere had determined that V’Airu, with her wartime record and first contact experience was the ideal person to chair the Federation’s newest team. That was where the ‘Oumuamua was headed to. The predicament the Marine found himself in however didn’t end with a run of the mill diplomatic mission. No, the ‘Oumuamua was specifically ordered to not be present during talks. It was to be a show of goodwill toward the UDP. They would drop the Commodore off for several days to a week to lead the talks while her ship sailed off into the black without her, continuing a mission of exploration. And that was how Wes was to find himself in command of a starship yet again. In the very same quadrant that he’d nearly lost his last command. Hell, it was only lightyears from the same planet the Thor had been ambushed. That wasn’t what was on his mind just yet though. The ‘Oumuamua was a day out from the peace talks and Wes still needed to pick someone on the senior staff to serve as the acting First Officer. It was that question which he was currently wrangling with. With the crew relatively new to the ship still, he wanted to make an impartial decision. Counselor Brodie had immediately jumped to mind, but Wes ultimately had rejected the idea. Alex was more than a capable officer, and that was the problem. They were on a routine mission and this was a prime opportunity to introduce command to some of the newer officers. Peri had also come to mind but Wes shut that idea down just as fast. The two of them had a long running personal relationship which Wes still couldn’t exactly figure out what to call it. He didn’t want to appear like he was playing favorites with the choice. Whoever took the temporary duty would… well it would look good in their service record. The decision he finally had made was one which he struggled with. V’Len Kel. The animosity which they shared hadn’t faded one bit since the near destruction of the Thor. Wes had come to respect the Doctor’s passion for service to the crew, but he just disagreed with many of the man’s judgment calls. The past several months had convinced the XO that Kel felt the same way toward him. Every time they’d worked together it had been like mixing oil and water. This opportunity fit too well though. Kel still hadn’t been made the ship’s CMO yet, but he was a fine officer who clearly showed leadership capabilities. The Doctor also dabbled heavily in the sciences as a hobby. Especially in fungi and plants, which was a massive part of what they came across in their mission to explore. Their time away from Commodore V’Airu was expected to be short and low threat. It served as the perfect mission for Kel to cut his teeth in a command position. And yet Wes still felt unease about the decision. Regardless, it had been made, and Kel was already on the way to his office for Wes to break the news. (First Officer's Office, Deck 2, USS Oumuamua)) V'Len Kel's antennae were twitching at a rapid pace and the doctor was forced to lean against the wall to avoid falling over. The summons from Greaves had come, not from by the standard audio comms system, but rather the text based message system. This suggested an air of secrecy and V'Len suspected a confrontation. Now standing in the hallway outside the Major's office V'Len tried to steel himself for whatever fiasco was coming. It had started months ago with a medical exam that had gone awry. V'Len had accused Greaves of being reckless and while V'Len had honestly just been worried about a friend and mentor, it had not been his best bedside manner. Following that a full blow up when the Thor had been shot down over the ocean of Okaea and Kel and Greaves had disagreed on the best path to follow. V'Len wanted the Thor to lay low and make an escape in order to protect the injured and collect those who had escaped the ship during the crash. Greaves had been determined to bring the fight to the pirates who had sunk the Thor. After that Greaves had helped an injured Kel through an away mission and that might have allowed them to bury the hatchet; except the inquest into Greaves actions on the Thor had dredged up the previous conflict. Maneuvered into admitting he had considered removing Greaves from command V'Len was definitely out of the man's good graces. If Greaves in fact had good graces. The last 3 months had found them at odds in senior staff meetings from everything from away mission organization to training injuries to food at diplomatic functions. Kel: oO Maybe he wants an update on the training injuries? Did something happen to the Commodore? Maybe Greave was injured? Oo V'Len straightened up and quickly moved to the Major's office and activated the door chime. If the man was injured V'Len did not want to waste any time. The door burst open and V'Len cautiously moved into the room. Kel: Major? ::beat, looking around the room:: Are you injured? V'Len looked across the room and saw the man standing behind his desk. He appeared to be alright, but perhaps the man had injured his vocal chords. It would explain the text message. Wes, for his part, nodded in greeting but quickly registered a confused look as Kel asked about injuries. Shaking his head the Marine motioned toward the seat on the far side of the desk. Greaves: No, of course not. I’m fine. Have a seat. Kel: oO Greave's becoming mute was probably a lot to hope for. Oo I'm glad to see you're well. ::skeptically:: How can I be of assistance? There was something lingering in the Trilldorian’s tone that irked him. It brought up memories of the dripping sarcasm from Okaea, although in this case there wasn’t anything so overt. No, it was as if V’Len was annoyed at the summons. Greaves: I wanted to speak with you. Please sit (motioning again to the chair). Given that the man was not injured or ill, V’Len figured he’d been called in for a dressing down. There was no sense in beating around the bush. Kel: With all due respect Major let's dispense with the pleasantries. What do you want? Wes frowned again at the bluntness of the statement. So that was how it was going to be then. They wouldn’t ignore the animosity. Fine. Wes could work with that. He preferred it to tiptowing around it anyway. In his response the Marine dropped any sense of warmth in his voice. Greaves: You’re going to be the acting First Officer for the next week or so. V'Len visibly rocked and shook his head. He didn't quite have the words and a moment passed before he could speak. He knew he was a component officer but had no idea V’Airu thought so highly of him. It would have been nice for her to have asked in person, but no doubt she left administrative tasks to her XO and it brought a smile to Kel’s face to think Greaves had to be the one to deliver the news. Greaves: Lieutenant Kel…? V’Len shook his head and snapped back to reality. Kel: ::smiling:: Tell the commodore it would be my honor. (beat) And where are you off to? Some kind of marine training on a swamp world? oO That would be right up your alley. Oo For a beat Wes wasn’t sure what Kel meant until it dawned on him that V’Len misunderstood. The doctor wouldn’t be filling in for him. He’d be helping Wes as the Marine filled in for the Commodore. Greaves: I’m not going anywhere. The Commodore is going to be off ship. Kel: :; eyes wide:: Wait! (beat) You want me to be YOUR first officer? While V’Len had not known the Major to have a sense of humor, surely this was some kind of prank. Not being an Aenar V'Len had no idea whether Greaves was telling the truth or not. He gave Greaves an incredulous look. He walked across the room and then back. Greaves: (Serious tone) Yes, that’s what I’m asking. Kel: You’re serious right now? I don’t know if you’ve kept up on current events but we’re not exactly oO how would the terrans say it Oo peanut butter and jelly right now. Surely there's a better candidate. Even as the words left V’Len’s mouth he thought about Lt. Katsim, but knew she and Greaves had some kind of "thing" going on. It moved at a glacial pace, but it was there nonetheless. Kel made a note to look at the work Dr. Bashir had done to assist Commanders Worf and Dax. Perhaps he'd need to produce Terran/Cardassian/Bajoran babies in the future. Greaves: There are more qualified candidates, absolutely. Lieutenant Commander Brodie for instance. But no, you’re the best candidate. V’len gave the man another cryptic stare. Kel: Is this your idea of a joke? (beat) Or is this some kind of test? Wes sighed heavily and finally moved to the chair behind his desk. V’Len could stand if he wanted, but Wes was going to sit for this. Hell, a stiff drink might even be needed to get through the rest of the conversation. Greaves: V’Len, no one is messing with you. Have a seat for god’s sake. We’re here to discuss. This isn’t a test, it's an opportunity. V’Len slowly sat down in the seat in front of the Major’s desk. Greaves was serious. He was offering V’Len the opportunity to be second in command of a starship. It was the perfect trap. Kel: So how exactly is it you’re getting to be Captain of the Oumuamua? oO I hope this isn’t the mirror universe Greaves. Though how would you tell? Oo Wes shook his head, a little more intensely than he’d intended. Kel’s tone and general demeanor was still antagonistic and it irked him. Wes was a senior officer. His First Officer at that even, and the overarching theme of their interaction was that of mistrust and disrespect. He was starting to doubt this was a good idea, but it was the best one he had, and the Marine forged ahead. Greaves: Commodore V’Airu is being dispatched to lead a diplomatic team to the UDP. That leaves me in command and I need an acting First Officer. You, despite my… Wes paused in his speech, deciding that what would have come next didn’t need to be said. With a deep sigh, he changed directions. Greaves: Nevermind… You have the capability and this experience would look great on your record when it comes time for future promotion or assignment. Damn him. If V’Len turned down the offer it would look like he did not want command or could not “play well with others”. If he said “yes” and he could not get along with Greaves, which would be very hard to avoid, he would also be blocked from command. It was a lose/lose and Greaves had set it up perfectly. He was good…very good. Kel: So you honestly think you and I can command a starship together? You have no reservations in light of recent events? Greaves: Damn right I have reservations. I’m pretty sure that inquiry was clear enough in that regard, but if you need it said out loud, I have a really hard time trusting you. You openly questioned me during a critical moment of command, and more importantly, you considered relieving me of command, not for a medical reason, but because you disagreed with me. The harsh words rushed forth in a torrent, reminding Wes how angry he still was about the situation. Each time he’d been given distance from the catastrophe of Okaea, something ripped the wound open. First the inquiry, now this conversation. He wanted nothing more than to put the whole thing behind him, and yet others kept dragging him back. V’Len for his part looked down momentarily. He had honestly hoped to minimize the disagreement on the Thor as much as possible. The Androian prosecutor, Ress, had asked him a question point blank and V’Len felt compelled to tell the truth. It had not helped Wes’ position though thankfully he remained XO of the Oumuamua. Kel: ::sighing:: I am sorry about the inquest. It was not my shining moment. He stopped talking for the moment and looked around the office hoping something would break the tension. Wes sighed deeply as V’Len’s gaze shifted away. Greaves: V’Len, I’m making this offer because this (motioning between the two of them) can’t stay like it is. I can’t be this ship’s first officer constantly wondering if you’re going to try to usurp me or challenge my authority again. Consider this an olive branch. Greaves wasn’t wrong, but a blatant bribe? Kel: So you’re trying to buy my loyalty by making me XO? I get a gold star on my record and you get my unquestioning support in the future? Greaves: (Snort of sarcastic laughter) I’d sooner transfer one of us before trying to buy you off. It’d be easier anyway. That’s not what I’m talking about. (Sigh) Let me spell it out; V’Len, I want to fix whatever this is going on between us before we have another Okaea. This is the best idea I could come up with to rebuild some trust? Unless you have a better idea… V’Len considered for a moment. Being CMO was already further than he expected to get in Starfleet at this point in his career. He liked…no, he loved being CMO so even if it was a trap and limited his future mobility, he was happy enough where he was. If it was a joke, that would be harder to live down, but he’d had siblings embarrass him before. Kel: Ok. O.k. I’ll do it. I'll be your first officer. Do we need to set some kind of ground rules or something? Greaves: I can’t have you openly opposing me. Plain and simple. Kel: :: incredulous and chuckling:: Oh come on. I can’t possibly promise not to question your orders. I thought that was the whole point of a first officer. And before you ask I also can’t promise to remove you from command. If you were injured what choice would I have? Wes pushed back away from the desk a few inches and rolled his neck from side to side. This conversation was giving him a headache. He had to admit though, the doctor had a point. That was one of the roles of the First Officer. It just required tact, something V’Len had shown a considerable lack of while interacting with him in the past. Greaves: Fine. You of course have the right… no, the responsibility to replace me in command if it comes to that… honestly, I don’t feel good trusting you in that judgment, but I’m going to anyway. This won’t work otherwise. Kel: If it makes you feel better I’m not sure I’m ready to be captain, so it's very unlikely I’m going to remove you unless it's absolutely necessary. Greaves: Fair enough. I doubt anything like that will come up, but if it does, you know you have the authority. No mutinies though. Nodding, V’len tried to think of something to assure the Major and himself that this wouldn’t end in flames for both of them. Kel: What if we agree that as far as possible we’ll vet any disagreements in the ready room? Away from the rest of the crew. Wes thought about it for a second. That was how he’d dealt with things in the past with Commodore Kells, and while it hadn’t come up on the ‘Oumuamua, it’s how he’d handled it on the Nashira with Commodore V’Airu. Greaves: I’ll one up you. I may regret saying this but… I challenge you to poke holes in my plans when we’re in private. Just make sure we’re in private. It can’t look like we’re not on the same team in front of the crew. Give me your honest opinions and I promise to take them seriously… but once a decision is made, even if you disagree, I need you to roll with it and support me. I got us off Okaea in the end. Trust me enough that I know what I’m doing. Kel: ::nodding:: Fair enough. Perhaps we could have a safe word. So that if things are getting too heated we both know to step away. Take a time out if you like. Wes let out a short laugh until he realized Kel was serious. Greaves: A… safe… word? Kel: We could use the word “dapple”. The look on Greave’s face told V’Len that the Major was unlikely to use the word ever. Greaves: (Sarcastically) I’m sure that’ll flow nicely into natural conversation. Kel: O.k. What’s your safe word then? He thought for a moment, trying to think of something but his mind was blank. He went with the first thing that popped into his mind, which was not a very strong candidate. Greaves: Code red? Kel laughed out loud. Kel: ::chuckling:: Why don’t we just say “warp core breach” instead? ::thinking:: How about a number? Say 47? Greaves: I can see it now. (In a command voice) Helm, make your course three four four mark four seven. (normal voice) Might look weird with you running to the ready room at that command. Wes visualized the scene in his head, bridge lights at red alert, some threat displayed on the viewscreen and the crew intently working at their stations.., then Doctor Kel sprinting from his chair to the ready room ready to argue some point. The whole idea cracked him up and the two broke into laughter. The laughing had been more therapeutic than V’Len remembered. He felt more at ease and the Major seemed more at ease as well. Kel: Two questions. Do I have to wear red and when do I start? Wes glanced down at his own uniform, still crested in Marine Corps green, and grinned. Greaves: If I’ve been able to get away keeping this uniform on, then you’re free to keep that one… unless you want to wear red. Up to you. Just make your decision today. Kel: That soon eh? I assume you’ll want me to make Toz acting CMO. I can’t wear too many hats. Geaves: Don’t get too carried away. I still have four jobs. Security, Tactical, MARDET, and First Officer. You can do both, you just won’t be able to see patients regularly while you're filling in. Kel: So do we have an actual mission? Does it involve pirates? V’Len realized he probably should have asked that question first, but it was too late and how would Greaves know anyway. Greaves: (Snort of laughter) No, nothing so dramatic. It’s just a continuation of our current mission. The Federation doesn’t think that having a multi mission explorer hovering over the UDP talks looks good. Kel: The Oumuamua pack a bit of a punch so having it overhead during talks probably sends the wrong message. Greaves: Pretty much. They don’t want to look intimidating or overcommitted. Basically, we’re dropping the Commodore off, then going away somewhere. Kel: So we look for a nice cozy astro phenomenon to spend time with for a few days? Greaves: I want to stay relatively close, but otherwise we’re to continue exploring. Strange new worlds and all of that. Actually, there’s an interesting nebula a short hop away that the Federation hasn’t charted yet… Kel: Or and I’m just throwing this out there we could consider looking for a world with a nice sunny beach. I missed out on Bora Bora. The two men laughed again. V’Len stood up and shook the Major’s hand. He found himself hoping the plan worked and somehow they would be more amicable after the experience. Kel: Thanks Major (beat) for the opportunity. I’ll do my best not to let you down. Greaves: (Nodding) Thanks Doctor. With that V’Len headed out the door. [End] JP by: ========================= Major Wes Greaves Executive Officer Marine Detachment Commander USS ‘Oumuamua E239702WG0 & Lieutenant V’Len Kel Chief Medical Officer USS Oumuamua NCC-81226 T239811VK2 He/Him (character and player) =========================
  5. OOC: Sometimes what happens in a mission can have lasting effects and our characters have to work through them. IC: (( Holosuite 2, Deck 6, Main Hull, USS Oumuamua )) Basilia: Just trying to get in some extra training. Can never be too prepared. Isabelle had failed on her last mission. Many people got injured under her watch, something that was never supposed to happen. Something that she would do everything to prevent again. Greaves: That’s true, but you can be overtrained. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. What’re you working on? Basilia: Close quarters drills sir. Greaves paused and turned his attention towards the ocean that surrounded the outpost. It completely surrounded the outpost, the occasional glimmer as the sun reflected off the surface. There was the gentle sound of water splashing against the outpost and light breeze flittered through, brushing Isabelle’s hair against her face. Greaves: (Motioning to the ocean) This is Okaea isn’t it? Her eyes fell to the floor, Isabelle’s cheeks flush once again. After a brief moment, she met the Major’s gaze. Basilia: Yes sir. Greaves nodded solemnly, and from his expression Isabelle knew what was coming next. The Major gestured towards a nearby section of the wall that would provide relief from the hot sun. Greaves: Ensign, why don’t we sit down and talk. Isabelle followed Wes and joined the Major as he tapped the ground next to him, indicating she should sit. Greaves: What’re you really doing here? You’re supposed to be relaxing on leave. Recharging your batteries. A heavy sigh slipped from her lips as she fought back her emotions. She had to be professional in front of the Major, her future was already in enough jeopardy after her performance on the actual Okaea Outpost. She struggled to meet his gaze as she spoke. Basilia: As I said, training sir. Greaves: Response Isabelle struggled to keep her composure and her lip began to quiver as she spoke. Basilia: I let them down. Commodore Kells, Lieutenant Richards, Ensign Toz. What happened on Okaea was my fault. I was part of the security detail and I failed. I should have done more. Isabelle looked to the Major, her eyes red and swollen as she fought back the tears. It was the first time she had spoken about how she was feeling about the mission and her facade was starting to crack. Greaves: Response Basilia: I joined security as I was to help protect people, but on my first away mission I failed to do that. The team was injured and captured because of me. Greaves: Response Ensign Isabelle Basilia Security Officer USS ‘Oumuamua T239812IB4
  6. OOC: Enjoying watching this trip between Katsim and Greaves unfold. This sim has some wonderful descriptive writing by @Alora DeVeau. IC: ((Wonderland Trail, 3300 feet - > Reflection Lakes, 4850 feet, Mount Rainier, Earth)) The tides had turned. During their visit to Bajor, Peri had invited Wes on a trip to her home, or what had once been her home during the last year and a half of her life before she entered the Academy. It was there significant changes had been wrought, but also where significant memories had been formed. Ayna had been a part of them, but she was gone. What would she have thought of the man who had come into her best friend’s life, who somehow put up with the quiet contemplation of the reserved Science Officer? Peri knew Ayna would have immediately liked him and just as quickly induct him into her inner cluster were only the very few were allowed entry. Peri was there. Her family. Peri had been family. But sisters of the heart were torn apart when life shifted and veered in much different direction. The Prophets had taken her home, and Peri was left without her closest friend. But while the Prophets dictate the course of time and watched over the lives of their children, they were not cruel. Perhaps there had been something to learn, a path travelled, knowing that Ayna was not required for her to succeed. Many blessings had bee bestowed upon her in the aftermath of the accident, not the least of which were other friends who had been set into her life, the most significant among them a human marine. Intelligent, capable, and funny, Peri had found herself seeking his company more and more with the passing days - and had even showed her a place that, while not sacred in the context of her devotion to her gods, was one she had only shared with a single other person before, until she had taken Wes there and brought her into a place she had always considered a sanctuary. And now Wes had returned the favour, sharing the delight of his youth and the draw of Earth’s natural beauty, he had whisked her away to a land that, while very different from where she had taken him, was as almost as pronounced in its loveliness as Bajor. The snow capped peak stood in a silent backdrop to the green carpet strung with rainbow lace. But that was only the beginning of what was in store. Leading her onward, through the wildflowers to where the trees stretched upward and encased them in their domain, they were still not done, for like she had on Bajor, there was a destination, a ‘prize’ at the end of their trek, though he did not challenge her to a race in order to reach it. Perhaps in some ways he was kinder than she. The slower pace afforded conversations, and the subject of concern and uncertainty was the placement of Peri in the world of Starfleet. Wes knew here he was going, his position already secured by the departure and subsequent recommendation of the former First Officer of the Oumuamua. But of her own fate, but the Prophets and Commodore V’Airu had been strangely silent. As always, Wes did not allow Peri to wallow in those doubts and brought with him his usual strength and encouragement that she had so come to appreciate. She eased away from one unknown to another, shifting from what might be to the what might have been. Katsim: What would you have done had you not joined Starfleet? Together they took to the trail once more, Echo, after landing upon Wes’ pack, scrambled back to her former perch atop Wes’ head now that he had elected to move on rather than remain in one place. She chirped, perhaps to echo the question, or maybe simply out of sheer joy that she got the best seat of all. Greaves: That, I have no idea. Starfleet was always in the cards for me. Ever since I was a kid. I just wanted to help protect people. If Starfleet hadn’t been an option… I don’t know where I would have gone… This is my calling. She understood that. Peri had never given quite so much thought to her life beyond Starfleet. She’d been born into it, lived it, and now pursued it as a further course for her life. How she would have elected to enter into the service had changed, but she had never doubted that she would remain with Starfleet. Katsim: We have that in common. The Prophets had led her there, to the Thor, to mingle in the lives of those who served upon her. Some things had changed, some had remained consistent, and whatever they decided, wherever they moved her next, she had to trust in them, though she prayed for their guidance and asked for their favour in answering the desires of her heart. But for the moment, she remained in uncertainty, but she couldn’t let it cloud her time. Already she had spent too much on it, and realised that she focused on the wrong thing. So she shifted course and centred on the moment, particularly on him. Their conversation drifted from one thing to another as they traversed along the trail, which angled upwards, increasing in difficulty until words spoken died upon their lives to make way for the panting breath that came as a result of the exertion, but even more so, for the contemplative ponderings that the scenery spurred on both their parts. And as they moved forward physically, something seemed to happen spiritual. Wes’ steps seemed lighter, perhaps Peri’s too less heavy and weary. The briskness of the air and the beauty around them easily buoyed their spirits, but perhaps there was more to it than merely that. Hours trickled by, and the trail continued to wind through the kingdom of trees, thin, bristled giants, their pointed capts spearheading into the sky, the deep fragrance of pine musk filling their lungs.As they move forward something shifted, and that scent was accompanied by something else. It spurred the little dragon to pop up her head and even Peri had a sense of something coming, something wonderful. Wes’ exuberance, though silent was still palpable, and that alone spurred her feet onward with a sense of haste. The trial curved, but he came to a halt turn his wide smile toward Peri, a smile that had become so familiar and comforting in the almost two years she had known him. That expression alighted on his face, drawing away the years and replacing it with a youthfulness borne of delight and remembrance. Greaves: Okay, we’re almost here. Your surprise awaits around the corner. Katsim: What is it? And just as she had done to him, Wes refused to give an inkling as to what he wished to show her. Nodding, she glanced around her, knowing that he was sharing something of himself just as she had with him, a piece of his past, and as he took joy in it, so she took joy in his. Greaves: It’s one of my favorite places on Earth. You’ll see. Katsim: All right. Then let’s go. His grin did not falter as he reached out to take her hand with an eagerness that belied his age, and she in turn responded with the same enthusiasm, her pace matching his own as he drew her along. Hand in hand, they took the bend, her fingers curled and tightening as if to hold on not only to him, but to that moment in time where they were linked in jubilant harmony. Feeding off the emotional waves cast between them, the dragon took advantage of that link, darting off of Wes and over to Peri’s shoulder, her chirps and clicks a singsong cadence to their steps, only to turn around and dance over the bridge formed between the two and repeat the harmonic phrase. Back and forth until finally she came to rest upon the weaving of their hands, it was at that moment that the trail widened and the treeps parted ways to reveal a large clearing around which the sentinels of the pines stood, an army that brushed against the heel of the mountain. The grey and white, cold and stark against the darker tones of emerald and hunter green contrast sharply, yet to have one without the other would have been blasphemy. Blue spread its warmer haze over the crest of the mountain, then stretched wide from edge to edge to edge to edge, an infinite coverlet over it all. At the foot of the trees, the foundation of the little world to which Wes had brought her, a lake shimmered, so crystalline and clear that it was more a mirror than pool, reflecting all the beauty around and captured in its surface. Greaves: (Quietly) Surprise. Katsim: Oh! Peri breathed, the only verbal response she could offer. Different from Bajor, yet undeniably just as beautiful, she stared at the scene, unwilling, perhaps even unable to do anything for a moment when presented with a piece of heaven an splendor. Her hand gripped Wes’ a little more tightly, her dark eyes slowly slipped across the scene as if she were afraid she might miss something of the display and lose the chance to take it in. Greaves: Response Katsim: It’s…it’s *lovely*. The water, abundant and pure, rippled lightly as a breeze took to the wing and dipped its fingers over the surface, turning the reflection to a misty blurr, as if a magical mist had come over it. Echo glided off of her pedestal and dropped to the edge, dipping her head into it for a long, cold drink. Katsim: And…I have to admit to a wrong. Greaves: Response Her eyes shifted again, that time, away from what was presented and to the presenter, her lips curling up into a broad smile of her own. Katsim: I thought no place could be as beautiful as Bajor, but you have proven otherwise. Greaves: Response -- Lt. Katsim Peri Chief Science Officer USS 'Oumuamua M239008AD0
  7. ((Main Shuttle Bay – Deck 10 – USS ‘Oumuamua)) A new ship. A new ship because someone had decided to break her old ship. Sasha still wasn’t sure who to blame, but she had a sneaking suspicion it was all Greaves’ fault. Even if it wasn’t the idea of having someone to blame helped. Of course, she didn’t *really* blame him, she just felt better if she at least pretended to blame him because it was something to throw a dart at. She’d forgive him. Eventually. And for the moment she wasn’t exactly thinking about it. Okay, that was a lie, she *was* thinking about it. The poor Thor, that beautiful ship out of commission for a complete refit. Sasha had been tempted to stay behind and help work on the girl, but the invitation to join the Oumuamua had been met with surprising enthusiasm from an unexpected source - Zarah. If it hadn’t been for her, in act, Sasha likely *would* have remained behind to work on the Thor and any other ships that came through the doors. The evacuation and subsequent crash had shaken Sasha to the core. The idea that her baby girl might have not made it out, or fallen into the hands of a Founder or clone or whatever rattled her. When Sasha had indicated that she would accept an assignment at Starfleet’s base on Earth, however, Zarah had prodded into why, and then eagerly encouraged her mom not to turn down the offer from Commodore V’Airu. If Sasha had thought the experience would frighten Zarah into a ‘safer’ posting, she had another think coming. The girl’s reasoning may not have been the most sound, but over it all, they both loved the Starfleet life. Sasha had married and eventually learned her way into the life. Zarah had been born into it and planned to continue to the Academy. Both of them thrived on it. Despite the dangers, despite the fears, they both couldn’t ignore the call - and so they didn’t. Sasha accepted the reassignment. And pretty much the very first day, Kammus got into his own frenzy. Well, not a frenzy. When Sasha walked into Engineering, she found him with a far away expression on his face. For a moment, she pondered poking him in the side to see if he was ticklish, but in the end decided against it. It probably wouldn’t do to annoy the Chief Engineer, even if she was his senior. Well, not senior by rank or position, but she was older than he was. She could lord that over him. And probably would at some point while enjoying a pint of beer with him. Johnson: Starfleet to Lieutenant Corelli, come in Lieutenant Corelli. If he didn’t respond she really was going to poke him. Her mouth stretched wide at the private thought. Corelli: Oh excellent! Right, when the others get here, we’ll get started. Any PNPC: Response When others got there. Well, technically it wasn’t the exact time he’d ordered them to be there, Sasha was a little early. She took a moment to get a good look at her new shuttle bay. Compared to the Thor, the Oumuamua was a doll. Far smaller, she was still impressive, but they were going to have to do some creative configurations to outfit her in a manner that would make her not only an exploratory vessel, but one that could bite back when needed. Back and forth, people made their way, doing this and that. Mostly Operations crew, a scattering of others could be found, but all those assembled before the mighty Kammus simply gathered around their fearless leader, waiting for him to put them to work. Except they couldn’t do that til it was all cleared, hence the buzz of activity and the criss-cross of paths from various officers. Finally, the last shuttle exited and they were given the all clear, which meant it was go time. Turning back to Kammus, Sasha found him in his own little world again. Dark eyes narrowed in a playful glare. One arm stretched out. A single finger made its way toward him and… And he straightened up before she could make contact. Pulling away, Sasha made a silent vow - next time. She would get him next time. The last remnants of officers scrambled into place and everyone received a notice on their PADDS. Taking hers from its holster, she peered at the assignments listed just as Kammus planted himself in the centre and lifted his voice to address them all. Corelli: We have a huge job ahead of us. You all have your assignments. I will go through the major engineering points, each team lead will facilitate distribution of assigned tasks. The MACO’s are counting on us to get this done before we leave. Kammus had barely finished speaking when someone’s PADD beeped. Glancing over toward the sound, Sasha recognised Ensign Ulasso, a Saurian that hadn’t been on board for long. She hadn’t really had much interaction with the guy, even though she knew who he was. It was hard *not* to know who he was - he was the only one of his kind on board. Ulasso: Master Corelli, the transporter pads are staged outside the ship and are ready to be brought onboard. Johnson: Good, we’re ready for them. Any PNPC: Response Grumbles. There were always grumbles. It was times like that Sasha wanted to take her PADD and smack someone upside the head with it. Doing so would likely get a mark on her record. Maybe an assault charge. But oh it would feel good in the moment. Corelli: I know this job isn’t fun, and you would much rather be on bridge rotation, but logistics is important! We’ve got 113 two meter transport pads coming through that door, and its your job to make sure they all get here without disrupting the rest of the operations on the ship. Johnson: Hey, if they don’t like it, they can clean out the holodeck filters. Sasha smirked. That was one of the worst jobs on a ship, among several others. Kammus of course was head honcho when it came to Engineering, but she wasn't without *some* authority, especially with the ensigns that decided they didn’t want to do an assigned job. Then again, a good smacking was quick and effective. Down girl. Any PNPC: Response With things ready and people milling about, it was time to get to work. Kammus thought so, for he raised his voice, and no one could say they didn’t hear him. Corelli: Right, lets get this deck plating up! Ulasso: I'll start having them stage the transporter pads within the shuttle bay. Before anyone could respond, a clang and thunk reverberated from outside the doors of the bay. All eyes turned toward it, and the PADDS of the Ops officers lit up brightly in response. Oh that wasn’t good. Without missing a beat, Ulasso turned and darted while Sasha inwardly groaned. And how far back was that going to set them? Hopefully no one was injured, and likely they weren’t, but her immediate reaction was annoyance. Well, until the transporter pads were assessed, there wasn’t much to do, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t nothing to do. Turning to some of the other engineering officers on her team, Sasha called them together in order to go over the various assignments and make sure everything was understood and everyone knew where they were supposed to go and what they were supposed to do. A few minutes later, the doors to the bay opened and Sasha glanced up to see Ulasso returning at a slower pace and he approached the Chief. Ulasso: Any way we can make this work with ::checks padd:: 103 transporter pads? Sasha barely managed to stifle a groan. Really? Ten pads damaged? Johnson: We’re going to have to rearrange all of them, and do some fancy configurations. Corelli/Engineering PNPCs/Ulasso: Response Sasha scratched at her cheek as she peered at the original layout. Ten entire pad. That was a significant difference - almost ten percent. One, two, even five would have been annoying, but *ten*. Johnson: I don’t know, that’s going to severely hamper everything. Corelli/Engineering PNPCs/Ulasso: Response Sasha tapped on her pad, working out a few different configurations, trying the various options, then finally shaking her head. It was a big setback, that was for certain, but the best bet, in her opinion, would be to take a step back and deal with the issue before trying to move forward. Johnson: Maybe, but my personal recommendation is that we recalibrate the teams and work on repairing those transporter pads. Corelli/Engineering PNPCs/Ulasso: Response
  8. OOC: New PNPC from @Jack Kessler, and a great opening especially. I particularly liked the 'bouncing newborn... ((Officers' Mess Hall, Deck 4, USS 'Oumuamua)) Born in Portland, Oregon on Earth, TK Cabrillo was probably one of the most out of place crewmembers aboard the Oumuamua. At 28 years of age the man should have been a Lieutenant or Lieutenant Commander by this time. He and Starfleet had mixed feelings about one another, and he remained an Ensign because of those feelings. Cabrillo at one time had aspired to be a high-ranking officer in Starfleet, he had known what he wanted and had put himself on the path to get there. Then it happened, an incident in which Starfleet deemed him responsible for actions that he had no control over and the disciplinary action had cost him two promotions and any chance at ever holding a command position within Starfleet. Cabrillo looked out across the officer’s mess, imagining all of the hopes and aspirations these younger officers must have. Some might actually make it to higher ranks he thought to himself as he took a long-drawn sip of his drink. Why stay in Starfleet? He had asked that question a dozen times of himself and he always circled back around to the thought that at least in Starfleet he was not ever stuck in one place. Just stuck on one ship, well until the Executive Officer had had enough of him and then booted him to some half-updated Luna Class starship sent to the Gamma Quadrant on a half baked rescue mission with a skeleton crew. Brilliant thinking on Starfleet’s part again and of course this time someone decided it was a great idea to take this engineer and put him on the bridge with a Vulcan Commodore in the middle of a fight with a bouncing new baby Dominion of Planets. Cabrillo laughed internally at the thought of what Starfleet had just run into. The Klingons were old news, the Romulans scattered across the galaxy by a Super Nova, the Cardassian’s, the Breen; all enemies of the Federation that had somehow found themselves on the loosing end of their conflicts with the Federation. Now Starfleet ran all the way across the galaxy to the Gamma quadrant to bump into an old enemy only to find out that they were bringing a new threat to life and of course Starfleet would get into a fire fight right off the bat and now here we are, back in orbit of Earth, getting repaired, resupplied and new crew members from the fallen ship that got their butts handed to them by this bouncing baby. Again, great thinking Starfleet. Cabrillo took another long draw from his drink and emptied the glass. Cabrillo’s attention turned to the doors of the mess as a human female entered. Dark haired from what he could tell, wearing a headdress of some sort and certainly older than the younger crowd in the room at the moment. Her rank bore the insignia of Commander but Cabrillo had not heard of any new command officers coming aboard. To his surprise she seemed to look around the room and then made a direct line for him. Rouiancet: Excuse me, Ensign Cabrillo? May I join you? Standing as the officer spoke to him and motioning to the empty chair across the table from his own seat. Cabrillo: Please Commander ::beat:: have a seat. Rouiancet: Let me introduce myself: I'm Lia Rouiancet, newly assigned from Thor to 'Oumuamua as strategic operations officer. I've been wanting to meet you. There was a pause as she took her seat and Cabrillo followed suit. Rouiancet: I mean, I've wanted to meet several officers, including you. I imagine we'll work together. Cabrillo: I did not realize Stat-Ops worked with Engineering that much? I thought you guys were more about preparing for a conflict or working between Security and Tactical teams. He leaned forward on the table and twisted his empty class around a few times. Cabrillo: Or are you here to recruit me out of engineering? Rouiancet: Response Cabrillo studied the woman, her facial features, body language and gestures as she spoke. She was all Starfleet through and through to him. Maybe she was here to get the measure of him, see if he was worth keeping or getting rid of. He assumed that if she had read his service record she really wouldn’t want him on any part of a team she was part of. Cabrillo: Okaea? Yes, I was on the bridge during that fight. Really not sure I was the right person to have up there but nonetheless I was there. Rouiancet: Response The tone in her voice shifted and for a moment he felt his guard coming down. That stopped immediately and he threw it right back up. He smirked internally at how quickly she had almost gotten him to lower his guard around a command officer. Cabrillo: I’m sorry Commander, but I still don’t see what that has to do with me. Rouiancet: Response Tags Ensign TK Cabrillo Engineering Officer USS Oumuamua T239901JK1
  9. (( Holosuite 2, Deck 6, Main Hull, USS Oumuamua )) Isabelle made her way along the simulated corridors of the Okaea Research Outpost. She moved close to the walls, holding a phaser in front of her. A corner was up ahead, and as she approached she could hear the faint sound of voices. She pressed herself against the wall, and slowly poked her head around the corner. Two pirates were standing in the middle of the corridor, facing her direction, but were too distracted to notice her. She took a breath and stepped away from the wall. She held her phaser out in front of her, and with a quick step rounded the corner. Before they had time to react to her presence, she fired two shots in quick succession, the pirates falling to the floor. Isabelle continued past the unconscious bodies and was a few metres along the corridor when a door slid open beside her, and a pirate rushed out. Isabelle dropped her phaser, as the pirate shoved her up against the wall, pinning her with his elbow. She managed to land a punch in the pirate’s gut, the pirate staggering backwards. Isabelle leapt forwards, grabbing hold of the pirate’s jacket and with one swift move, brought her leg behind the pirate, sweeping his leg out from under him. The pirate dragged Isabelle down with him and managed to roll over, pinning her with his weight. Isabelle reached out, her fingers straining for the phaser as the pirate wrapped his thick fingers around her throat. Gasping and starting to feel light-headed, Isabelle just managed to reach the phaser and brought it up, striking the pirate on the head, causing him to fall sideways. Without hesitation, she fired at the pirate, his body slumping to the floor. Isabelle managed to push herself upright, her chest feeling tight. She had just regained her composure when another pirate appeared in the corner. Before she was able to stun them, they had got off a shot, striking Isabelle square in the chest. Basilia: Computer, restart simulation. A moment later, the bodies and her surroundings disappeared, and Isabelle found herself once again at the entrance to the Outpost, everything frozen around her. Basilia: Computer, begin simulation. In an instant, the scene was brought to life and she could hear the waves crashing against the outpost. Isabelle stepped forward, the large double doors sliding as she approached. The layout was different this time, the doors revealing a large central area with four corridors branching off. Isabelle picked a direction and began her walk into the outpost. A corner was up ahead, and as she approached she pressed herself against the wall, and slowly poked her head around the corner. Nothing. With her phaser ready, Isabelle rounded the corner and continued along the corridor, her eyes scanning around for any openings or places where a threat could lurk. Up ahead there was a small recess in the wall. As Isabelle neared it, two figures emerged from a door further ahead. She was about to fire when she realised they were civilians. She was about to call to them, when two more figures emerged, holding weapons. One of the pirates shoved the civilian forward. Although she had tried to conceal herself, she was spotted. The two pirates grabbed hold of the civilians and pressed their weapons against them. Their voice was a low growl as they spoke. Holo-Pirate One: Drop your weapon and come out slowly. Cautiously Isabelle stepped out, knowing she had no other option and didn’t want to risk the civilians. She held her phaser out to her side and dropped it to the floor. While the first pirate trained his weapon on her, the second pirate approached her. The pirate grabbed hold of Isabelle and pulled her towards the door they had emerged from. As the pirate shoved Isabelle into the room, one of the civilians seized the opportunity. They thrust an elbow into the first pirate’s stomach, the pirate staggering backwards with a grunt. The second pirate spun around to see what was happening, and Isabelle launched a foot square in the woman’s lower back, causing them to fall to the floor. Isabelle ran out of the room but was too late. The first pirate had regained their composure and fired at one the civilians, who crumpled to the floor. Basilia: Computer, restart simulation. Once again, the scene around her faded, replaced by the outpost’s entrance. Before she was able to give the next command, a doorway appeared beside her and a figure stepped through. Anyone: Response Isabelle nervously bit her lip, her cheeks reddening. Basilia: Oh, sorry, I didn’t realise. I completely lost track of time. Anyone: Response Basilia: Just trying to get in some extra training. Can never be too prepared. Isabelle had failed on her last mission. Many people got injured under her watch, something that was never supposed to happen. Something that she would do everything to prevent again. Anyone: Response Ensign Isabelle Basilia Security Officer USS Thor T239812IB4
  10. OOC: Just loving the sauciness of the EMH and the character development that is blossoming here with V'Len. IC: EMH: I don't mean to distract from the problem at hand Counselor, however there seems to be some confusion here that needs to be addressed. Lieutenant Kel was CMO onboard the Thor, not the Oumuamua. Toz: I’m sure you’ve been preparing for this conversation, but now is not the time to stand your ground, doctor. Give us a little time. You won’t be left out, I assure you. This Doctor Toz was perceptive, and seemed to be trying to offer some assurance. The EMH had little value for verbal promises however, as she followed written guidelines and official orders. To her "not being left out" probably meant responding to emergency situations only. V’Len: ::softly:: Ok. Ok. ::sigh:: Do we need to discuss with V'Airu how the sickbay is organized? I'll admit to having some days when I'm full of energy and others when I'm exhausted, do we need to determine what to do in those cases. Brodie: Response EMH: Until I am ordered by Commodore V'Airu herself, I will not stop performing my duties as CMO aboard this ship. Frankly, from what I have heard so far on your last mission, the Thor's medical crew did not understand the saying "Help, or at least do no harm”. Toz: What? We have not caused harm, and we do understand the word help. V'Len: Yes I'd like an explanation. Our backs were against the wall and we saved a lot of lives. Perhaps you ought to put a sock in it? V'Len: oO Oh no that's exactly what I did to Greaves on the Thor. Darn it. Oo Brodie: Response EMH: First of all, watch your language while in my sickbay. Secondly, I understand you were in dire circumstances, but the use of unapproved fungi and alien water to treat crew members was beyond risk averse, it was just dangerously cavalier. You had no idea the danger you could have caused to your crewmates. It may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but my programming ensures that I will make the best medical decisions possible for the crew over an extended period of time. Toz: Then this report is accurate? ::waving the tricorder around:: You used the fungi and alien water as a treatment? And it worked? I’m thoroughly impressed, doctor. V’Len: Yes, it was excellent. The EMH watched as V'Len and Toz reached across the room to bump fists. They seemed to not understand her point. Without understanding the risks, sometimes you could do more damage to patients by not using studied, approved interventions. In her opinion, the fact that it had worked this one time for Lt. Kel was dangerous, as he might feel emboldened to take such action in the future. The next time it could cause casualties, and he would likely stand trial in that case. She would table this for now, as V'Len needed to be examined. V'Len: I'll make sure your name is on the publications. Brodie: Response Toz: Can we get on with the exam? Cussing and discussing isn’t getting us anywhere. V'Len: Well I think we're good here. Should I check back in a week? EMH: Lt. Kel, I still need to perform a full assessment of you, or as you indicated that you have a rapport with Doctor Toz, she will need to examine you. Rox: Dr. Kel are you going to tell them or should I? She gave a stern look towards Nurse Rox. The Nurse should be keeping her informed of everything going on related to sickbay. It would seem she was keeping some sort of secret for Lt. Kel. Toz/Brodie: Response V'Len: ::hesitantly:: I have been experiencing some anxiety that my cardiac inducer will stop working. Rox: I've found him sleeping in his office 3 of the last 6 nights. EMH: Lack of a good night's rest can further increase symptoms of anxiety. Lt. Kel, you should be sleeping in your quarters and keeping good sleep hygiene. Toz/Brodie: Response V'Len: Well it makes it easier to sleep. I can bring up the inducer on the monitor and see that it's still working and I know everything is fine. And if something does go wrong I'm right here in sickbay. EMH: Lt. Kel, even the cardiac technology of 21st century Earth medicine was quite reliable. Modern cardiac inducers are nearly 100% reliable. As I placed it in your body myself, I can assure you it was done exactly as the procedure should be performed. Toz/Brodie: Response V'Len: ::angrily:: Well of course I know modern cardiac inducers are nearly 100% reliable, but it's not in your chest it's in mine! The EMH watched as V'Len looked down at the floor. EMH: Lt. Kel, I don't think I need to remind you that I technically don't have a chest, or a heart. This allows me to remain objective in these types of situations. Toz/Brodie: Response V'Len: The truth is I don't feel much like V'Len Kel anymore. V'Len Kel was optimistic and energetic, he didn't sleep in his office or check his pulse to make sure he was still alive. I think V'Len Kel is gone (beat) I'm just not sure what's left. EMH: V'Len, usually at this point I would refer you to the Ship's Counselor. As he is standing right here, and you have requested Doctor Toz to care for you, I will respect that and return to my office. ::turning to Toz:: I will review your charting thoroughly, and if any assessments were missed you will be hearing from me. ::to Brodie:: It is my recommendation that Lieutenant Kel be removed from duty until his physical and mental condition can receive the proper assessment. Toz/Brodie: Response With that the EMH walked through the doors into her temporary office. She wasn't confident in her future aboard the ship, and the capabilities of the ex-Thor's medical staff to care for its crew. She was programmed to do her duty, and she could not do this if she was relegated back to emergency response only. She imagined it was like sleeping for non-holograms when she was turned off, although she did not dream. The EMH pondered if she was a different kind of being, would she feel scared about never being turned back on again? With that final thought, she pulled up the logs of the U.S.S. Voyagers Doctor and began to review them once again. End scene for 'Oumuamua EMH Mark IV 'Oumuamua EMH Mark IV Acting CMO USS 'Oumuamua T239902U11
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