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  1. @Lhandon_Nilsen Thank you very much for the kind words. I am loving playing Fraya and helping define the UDP. I am happy to know the sims are being enjoyed. They are a lot of fun to write.
  2. Gelfbloom : You lied? Gods are not supposed to lie. oO Who made that a rule? Oo LOL, Obviously Rox has a different view on Gods!
  3. Very interesting. Thank you for the update. I appreciate it very much.
  4. Maybe this has already been discussed and if so can someone point me to the correct thread? Watched the Season 3 opened to Picard last night and I have some mixed feelings about the new Titan but my first question is simple. Where are shuttle bays 1 and 2? In the S3E1 when Picard and Riker take the shuttle from the Titan one of the bridge crew indicates that there is an unscheduled departure from "Shuttlebay 3" and we see the shuttle departing the aft tail end of the ship. Looking at the screen capture of the Titan from Paramount I do not see how or where the other two shuttle bays could be located on a ship that is only listed as 560 meters long. Unless they are those small little sections right next to the main impulse drives? Any thoughts or ideas?
  5. This was my first Awards Season and I honestly had no idea that it would be this large production. I have played in other groups that handed out awards but nothing this involved. Thank you all who worked on this and put so much effort into this season. This has been a whole new experience for me. Thank you all very much, for everything you do!!!
  6. Congratulations to all, and especially Major @Wes Greaves, you have been a wealth of information and a great mentor to this game. Thank you for all your hard work and answering all my questions.
  7. Thank you Ulasso. TK has been really fun and yet hard for me to develop because I am so not "jaded". I hope I can keep him entertaining you guys.
  8. Until he was transported out into space...now he is a popsicle! LOL, which is fine. Toz and I talked it over and I think it gives way for some other development on my part.
  9. I think I get what you are saying but the one TNG episode that throws this off for me is "The Nth Degree". This is the episode where Barclay encounters a probe and becomes super intelligent. During the episode he uses the holodeck to build a working interface with the ships computer and himself. If the only thing really on the holodeck are force fields and light projections then how does this device actually make neuro connections to his brain? I know writers take great leaps at technology in the show but I would think that if the holodeck could make that device for Barclay then a communications transmitter should not be as difficult. Now that to me is assuming that the holodeck maintains power, I do understand that loosing power would delete the program. I too would like to hear what others think and help expand my understanding of holo-technology.
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