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  1. I was rereading this JP this morning while updating the Thor's mission summary, and man, this is just so elegantly written. I LOVE the sheer amount of lore and build up that is done in this two parter. @Alieth and @Brutus did such and amazing job with developing the kingdom of Calabrum in such few words. The stink of @Geoffrey Teller is all over this thing too. And that ending... I missed it the first time around, but way to tie everything back to the Thor at the end. I consistently stand in awe at the writers around me. Bravo you two.
  2. Ugh. These rock puns will be the death of me. And again..,..
  3. @Geoffrey Teller, you're literally KILLING me with these puns. For context, Gra'vel is a horta. Yes. A sentient tunneling rock creature is named Gra'vel. Cue collective groan.
  4. Came here to post this and saw you beat me to it. I LOVE the ending! These two writers are simply amazing.
  5. Now this is how you write an angry doctor! I love the bluntness and harsh vibes you put into this @Alieth. @Addison MacKenzie should be proud.
  6. I spent the entire reading of this JP laughing. Brilliantly written @Geoffrey Teller @Alex Brodie. Great action, great dialog, and great one liners.
  7. Okay, okay, one more from this JP. It's just too good!
  8. I almost spit out my coffee. Apparently Alieth has been studying her.... alternate timeline... history...?
  9. @Alieth just has this amazing writing sense where she can take a completely benign scene and really make it a joy to read. Outstanding tee-up from @Ben Garcia for this scene as well. I'm loving this so far, and can't wait to see if Cheesecake is going to get the nasty replicator filter or not!
  10. Awe shucks. Thanks guys. I learn from the best, those writers around me!
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