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  1. Did you know that before you can eat on the OEB you have to submit a 500 word book report! @Anton Richards
  2. Is that what they are teaching in the academy? I ought to lodge a formal complaint. 😛 @Anton Richards
  3. Yeah cos we've upped our game @Lt Aine Olive Sherlock you ain't gonna catch us now 😝 We're just normal lower deckers, we're just innocent lower deckers.
  4. Oh wow, what a huge class. So glad you're all here and a warm warm welcome to the fleet.
  5. Tiny bit of backstory to how this came to be. Over the past few missions, I've found myself enjoy writing storylines and sims that have a diplomatic focus, particularly for my own character Nilsen. In our shore leave, I put a note in the OOC groups asking if anyone is interested. Sherlock and Maxwell replied almost instantly, and we got talking and came up with the idea that Sherlock asks her partner Martinson to give him some lessons. Taggart comes along too (and we learn that he might have a connection or two on the OEB that he doesn't know about yet) and we start simming this out. And of course, just causally like it's nobodies business, both Sherlock and Maxwell come along to give me the most amazing lines to play with. So first, Sherlock sets up the roleplay. This puts my character Lhandon on the back foot. He wasn't expecting this. He thought this would be a presentation or a worksheet. I let Lhandon make a mistake here, and it was picked up on right away. Taggart reacted kindly. Martinson also reacted kindly, and offered these words. Then Taggart goes for the neck. The second I read this, I wanted to write my reply. What a term to set! And what a challenge for Lhandon. This prompt and this observation was so perfectly placed. Does Lhandon know that he's being defensive. Martinson's prompt will give Lhandon perhaps the push he needed, particularly when he says get creative. So in short, these two canny simmers are amazing, have set up the most wonderful scenario for me to play in, and the chance to really explore this part of Lhandon's character and I'm really looking forward to what's next. All the posts so far are here https://groups.google.com/u/1/g/sb118-butler/search?q=Martinson%2C Taggart%2C Nilsen @Lt Aine Olive Sherlock @Arturo Maxwell
  6. Of course @Lt Aine Olive Sherlock would find thr computer "pleasant and responsive" 😂
  7. Ah yes, as a HCO I can confirm that this is a valid way of making a comms conne @VLen Kel
  8. This made me laugh. Ops and Security do have a special relationship.
  9. @Anton Richards Ops gets on well with everyone...just...please...when you come to the OC...don't press all the buttons at once. 🤪😝
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