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  1. I have an inexplicable soft spot for the lil' weirdo that is the Oberth class.
  2. I just think Janeway could do anything, soooo
  3. I really want Star Trek: The West Wing. Show me how those politics actually work!
  4. Actual footage of Aron parading around in a skant and the senior staff's appreciation. (And also DiDa Ritz is awesome.)
  5. So clearly I had to drop back in to say hello, to thank everyone above for their kind words, and to congratulate my fellow winners! I'll start with James, who is absolutely deserving of the Picard Award and the T'Pau Cluster. I was endlessly disappointed when I saw that James was taking some time away from the group several summers ago, even though I knew it was necessary, and I hoped that -- when he came back -- he would do so with a vengeance. He exceeded my expectations at every turn! James has redefined in many ways how our group functions and how simming takes place. I've been lucky enough to work with him as he plans, and the amount of effort and energy he put into starting the Andaris Task Force represents his absolute dedication. He's a legend! I'm glad to see this year's Chief's Citation go to Lee. He's always struck me as one of those unsung heroes of the group, just like the award intends, and so I hope it's a great reward for him to be recognized with this -- and at the staff level, no less! Well done on that deserved promotion, too, Lee! Ann's kind hand and gentle generosity make me a little surprised she hasn't received the Sarek Star yet, but it seems like this is definitely the right year. Way, WAY back when, she mentored me as a new CO as I worked toward the rank of captain, and she was always ready with positive feedback and encouragement to explore my own style as a CO and use what worked for me. She's one of the longest serving COs in the fleet's history with one of the most dedicated crews, and it's easy to see why. Oh my gosh, Jamie! I have so much respect for Jamie. Not only is she one of the coolest people I've ever met through 118 (seriously, just look at any of her hobbies!), but she was one of those people I knew from the start would do great things for the group. But the respect I have for her comes, in part, from my recognition of her experience -- when I was much newer to the group, I wanted to reach command so I could create ships, missions, and stories, and once I got there, I learned administration and how to run a ship. Jamie's experience allowed her to make informed decisions at every step, and whenever she's stepped into a new role or declined an invitation, it's always with both eyes firmly fixed on how to create the best experience for the writers on Ops. I've come to think of her work there as the Ops renaissance, because while Ops has been around for decades, no one has run it as smoothly, as kindly, or as intelligently as Jamie. Finally, Rich. Like he says above, we've written together for a long while, and it's been a privilege to watch him work and write during that time. He and I have always worked together, in part because we're both focused on ideas and pushing boundaries. Sometimes that could be great, especially when we complemented each other, and other times we could go absolutely crazy as we both focused in on something new! But as happy as I was to see Rich go for his own command -- and as thrilled as I am that he's both a CO and serving the group at its highest levels -- there was always a part of me that regretted losing him as my XO, because how could anyone ever measure up? (I don't mean any disrespect to my other XOs, of course -- I've been lucky in having an immensely talented group of XOs -- but Rich was with me longest and has gone farthest in 118 since!) He's amazing, one of the best folks I've ever met, period, and I can't say more than that. Stealth mentions to a couple of folks who make presentations! Jordan and Emma are legendary in their own rights, and I miss our conversations on the EC and putting together things like this celebratory write-up. Great job, both of you, and it's always a pleasure to read!
  6. My skant powers are tingling! What's going on around here?!
  7. ((Engineering, USS Za)) :: As soon as Laura entered engineering she knew something wasn't quite right, it didn't sound right. She couldn't put her finger on it at first, then she noticed the warp core it wasn't glowing or make the usual humming sound she was accustom too. :: :: She moved quickly towards the warp core and heard people busying around. :: Human crewman: Ready to reactive reactor injectors Bajoran crewman: Go ahead. I'll monitor the anti-matter flow from here. :: Laura watched as the warp core light up, it was an impressive site. :: Andorian crewman: Reaction is increasing steady. Bajoran Crewman: Keep an eye on it. It takes about 30 minutes for it reach operation levels. Give me a shout if there are any problems. :: Turning to the human crewman:: Run the standard warp core initialisation diagnostic sequences. I'll be back in 20 minutes. Human crewman: Understood, sir. :: Laura moved to intercept the Bajoran crewman as he walked away from the warp console. :: Baxter: Ensign Laura Baxter, nice to meet you. Vreya: Chief Petty Officer Vreya Kima, I'm a little busy at the moment :: He continued walked and Laura quickly followed behind. :: Baxter: If you could just give me an update on the current situation? Vreya: What is your role? Baxter: Acting Chief Engineer ::Proudly:: :: Vreya stopped and turned, looking her over intently. :: Vreya: What happened to Lieutenant T... Te..., I can't remember his name ::He said shaking his head:: and Lieutenant Phillips, I think it was his assistant? Baxter: I don't actually know ::Honestly:: I was ordered to transfer about 2 weeks ago weren't you informed. :: Vreya shook his head :: Vreya: Do you know when your replacement will arrive? :: Laura shoke her head, but she couldn't hide the surprise from her face.:: oO My replacement Oo ::She hadn't though about the fact that they may be sending someone experienced to replace her. :: oO But I am only acting Oo Vreya: How long have you been out of the academy? Baxter: 2 months ::Embarrassed:: oO That doesn't sound great Oo But I have lead teams during my days as a civilian engineer. Vreya: It's a bit different being in the military. If you need any help just ask. I've taken Crewman Behl over there :: pointing to Andorian :: under my wing. Baxter: I'll bear that in mind. ::Slightly frustrated:: Vreya: Anyway need to get back to work. :: Kima walked away. After a few seconds Laura realised that she hadn't got the answer to her question. She considered chasing after him, but now felt very uncertain of herself and didn't want to face him again. :: :: Laura went to hide away in the engineering office, not ready to face anyone else. She pulled up the personnel record for Vreya. He was 45, with over 25 years experience serving on starships. :: oO No wonder he didn't respect me Oo :: Laura read further. He had a wife and two children who were onboard and he had joined the starship during it's refit on starbase 118. She closed the record, she was getting distracted and pulled up the current status. It looked like the warpcore had been shut down due to the need to make some adjustments due to diagnostic amoralities with it's interaction with the slipstream drive. :: Solzano: =/\= This is Fleet Captain Zalea Solzano to all Za personnel. Please board the Za at your earliest convenience. We will be departing at 1000 hours, at which point all officers should report to their Alpha Shift posts. ::beat:: Solzano, out. =/\= :: Listening to the communication, Laura decided it would be best to stay in engineering and monitor the situation with the warp core, then once they were going steady she would report to the captain. Though she would monitor from a distance, as she was still feeling a bit uneasy about her authority after her conversation with Kima. :: Ensign Laura Baxter USS Za Acting Chief Engineer ID number: E239306LB0
  8. ((Arboretum, Deep Space 32)) ::It was a strange thing, this need for nature. And it was a need, a telling mark of the tether that bound them to planets; to ground and open sky and growing things. They were, all of them, creatures of living worlds, not truly adapted to an existence in space, however much their technology might allow them to move through the dark between the stars. And so they brought these little pieces of planetary ecology with them.:: ::The trees of Deep Space 32's Arboretum were majestic, the small patch of grass lush and inviting, to those who were accustomed to such things. Green, rich, humid, with the trickle of water in the background. Nothing like home; nothing like arid plains, dry orange skies and red vegetation of Vulcan. His world, like his people, were an anomaly amongst the humanoids of the galaxy; one exercise in extremes. But they were not the only one.:: ::And now they were venturing to another extreme, the deep galactic south, far beyond Federation borders. I was the kind of exploration that called to him, even as he left things behind. But such was the nature of a career in Starfleet. From the Embassy on Duronis II to the previously little-explored Menthar Corridor aboard a series of ships; theMercury, Garuda and finally Invicta. And now further afield still, on the newly refurbished USS Za.:: ::The ship was unknown territory as, quite probably, were all his crewmates. Perhaps a few might be familiar, but he understood that the crew was drawn from across Starfleet. The Captain was an unknown as well, but he understood that they shared both a career in Starfleet Medical and a concern for the plight of the Romulans. Perhaps that was why he had been requested. The unknown would require flexibility and diplomacy, if the space they were to explore was anything like that they were leaving.:: ::There would be time enough to meditate on that, and on other things.:: Saveron: Saavok.::He called to his son.:: It is time to board the ship. ::The young Vulcan boy looked up from where he was investigating a heretofore unencountered plant with the kind of enthusiastic and slightly destructive interest of young children everywhere.:: Saavok: Yes father. ::He would rather have stayed, but he knew they had to go. Every movement took them further from the Corridor and the friends he had made. Even if those friends also came and went as their parents transferred. Such was regrettable, but it was a consequence of his choice to accompany his father.:: ::Brushing off the knees of his trousers, the boy picked up a small carry-cage and approached his father. The white angora tribble in the cage began to coo at the movement. After a moment the two set out together in the direction of the ship dock.:: Saveron: Our possessions will have been conveyed to our quarters. We shall go there directly. Saavok: Do you know whether there are any other children on board? Saveron: Negative, however I will enquire on your behalf. ::He had already resolved to do so, aware of his son's preference for companions of his own age.:: Saavok: At least it's a long mission. It will not be easy for them to transfer away. ::He mused.:: ::Saveron let the comment go. His son expressed excessive regret at their departure from the Corridor, but emotional suppression was not the easiest discipline when one was nine.:: ::They both left friends behind, those whose company they considered preferable. Some more than most. But in some cases a clean separation was preferable to the unanticipated difficulties surrounding continuing association with one with whom he had been... very close.:: ::Such things were in the past. As they approached the umbilical joining the ship to the station, the only way to look was forward to the future. If it was anything like his time in the Menthar Corridor, it would be full of fascinating challenges.:: END Commander Saveron Chief Medical Officer USS Za R238802S10
  9. I went with my absolute favorite, but mad respect for another program. I think you'll know what I'm talking about if you take a good look....
  10. I can't not post this again, because it was that good!
  11. Just saw it yesterday! A lot of folks have said what I've been thinking already, esp. Rich & Ryan, but there's one major thing I want to give them credit for: I had a few other problems with the film, but overall it was a hugely and unexpectedly fun time.
  12. I've seen a lot of discussion of the new show around the interwebs. A lot, and I mean a lot, has been about the design of the ship. To this, my favorite community of interweb Trekkies, I add my thoughts: They could have them flying around in a giant rubber duck with the registry code NCC-Z 1/2, and at this point I wouldn't care, because... I'M JUST SO EXCITED WE'RE GETTING A NEW TREK SHOW!
  13. Ryan. Ryan, no. Please, won't you think of the children?
  14. Mandy beat me to it, but I have to throw in this gif given what Ryan said about his TOS watching....
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