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  1. I read the Homecomming books from Voyager. That plot would be great for a new serie / movie.
  2. Alex will be a little late... He is doing a special cover for a magazine (couldnt find any pictures with him on the red carpet)
  3. Hmmm its a very interesting topic, one worthy of exploration for a new ship. Someone could sim the ship itself. As for Alex.. he is always into adventure so this one sounds like a good one to try.
  4. Neelix is great with kids. Garik is probably the man with the best suit end he would be able to spy on all the kids to tell who was naughty or nice...
  5. I agree. Doing nothing is probably worse so we have little to lose for that matter. And as a Ferengi NPC i know it's perfectly safe to trust them
  6. Alex (my main char) has a bad streak when it comes to simming a relationship. I started to work on something 3 times and each time it was getting serious Alex or the other person was send off on a transfer... So.. if you are looking for a way off your ship. Ask Alex to be your boyfriend and you're good to go As for the more serious part. I never simmed a relationship (as in love) with my own PNPC. Have simmed a blood brother pact between my main and a Klingon PNPC. That is a lot of fun.
  7. I picked seven. Although data is more qualified on the matter Sevens moment with Harry Kim to have sex is one of those priceless star trek moments i had to give it my vote
  8. I liked the movies but for me they are not part of the good old star trek feeling. So I dont like a series in this new time zone. For me its best where we left. Do maybe see if Sisko ever came back, Riker made it as a captain and how the Borg recovered after the voyager incident. And yes.. i know there are books out there to read about those things (have some of them) but its good to get a new serie going as well. Maybe captain Worf?
  9. Worf as leader of the Klingon Empire in Star Wars.. invading the Empire. Need i say more ?
  10. Red is a color that stands out. So that is great for those in charge.
  11. I'd pick worf since i love his characther and we could have some great talks or sing some opera... . But Odo would be the best with all his abilities. So voting Odo
  12. I have a confession to make. I have seen all the movies, and all the episodes of TNG, Ds9, Voyager and Enterprise but never the original series. So my choice is based on the movies. Scotty's "Hello computer" is the thirst thing that pops up. Great moment.
  13. Loved him. Great plots and great he was on 3 series.great actor too. Could i turn him into a pnpc?
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