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  1. We call that a cross post. Usually the second person to move fixes it, but in this case don't worry too much about it and I'll make sure it's taken care of. If anything needs to be changed, I'll contact the author of that SIM directly.
  2. No problem! If you have any more questions as things progress then feel free to shoot me or your FO an email, or ask on here and we'll get to it asap!
  3. That's right - you can assume that you have what you need to attempt to contain the breach, but think of it like an episode of Star Trek and keep any communication with people who aren't part of the bridge crew to a minimum. You might even cover that in narrative. For example, if this were TNG, Worf might report back to Picard that he has security team investigating an unauthorised access to one of the cargo bays. Picard would then probably send Worf to investigate it, but he'd likely also send Riker. Depending on the episode and what was happening, he might also send Data, or you might get gold shirts (redshirts/NPCs). Basically, the rule of thumb is to try to avoid getting too bogged down in dealing with/interacting with a team of NPCs and to keep the focus on SIMming with other players. Also remember you have the computer and the internal sensors to help you!
  4. Hi! On a normal ship you would assume that there are other people aboard, and we certainly do have NPCs on our normal ships. During training, however, we prefer you to interact with your other cadets where possible - if there's a way for you to drop tags for your other cadets, or for your commanding officers (you might want to propose a course of action for example) then that would be preferable! I hope that answers your question!
  5. Hey Udas! I'm Ed, I play Fleet Captain Diego Herrera and my main PNPC is an Andorian. I love the race and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of the Andorian 'episode' of the Star Trek relaunch novels (from the Star Trek: The Fall series) later in the year!
  6. D. K.

    Goodbye Ed. Thanks for your support and help. I hope we will hear from you in the near future. All the best.

  7. Good luck Ed! It has been a privilage serving with you.

  8. Toni

    I will miss you around the Fleet, but I will not miss our friendship as mine will be there with you, and and yours here with me for a very long time to come. It's TnT! ::smiles::

  9. Good luck and God speed! ::Lifting a glass:: Here's to you and everything you've done, and will do in the future. May the wind always be to your back.

  10. Good luck and I hope to see you back, if not in a few months, than in a few years.

  11. Good luck out there (in the real world!) ...we'll miss you!

  12. Can you let us know exactly what it says when you try to read your PMs? Also, with apologies that this is in a bit of a public location (I sent a PM, but if you're having problems reading them then that's obviously not going to help), can I ask you to take a look at your email inbox? Your training group started 4-5 days ago, and we've not received a SIM from you yet If you're having technical problems or there are any other issues that are preventing you from posting then please let me know - you can contact me by email if you need to: tallis_rhul@yahoo.com Thanks - hopefully we'll be able to help out with both things soon
  13. Hi Urathear, In answer to your question, every writer on each of our ships is able to contribute to a collective storyline. You are directly responsible for deciding your character's race, appearance, background (life before Starfleet Academy), personality etc., and you then write for that character in what we call SIM format, which is a little like a script for a movie or play. An example of this can be found here: http://www.starbase118.net/about/group-introduction/example-sim/ With that said, our normal mode of operations isn't quite the same as the prose-style story that you submitted. To begin with, you would only be controlling one character, and you wouldn't necessarily be directly responsible for the overall storyline, but as you work your way up through the ranks you would have opportunities to develop your own plot ideas and submit them to your CO for missions that the crew could undertake. While a time-travel back story is usually unsuitable for characters (it's important that all characters have a sense of realism about them so that other writers will find it easy to interact with them), it is entirely possible for ships to undertake missions that involve time travel every now and again. If you're keen on writing in the style of your submission, then you should know that we run a writing challenge bi-monthly as one of our forum-based competitions, and we also have an area called the Character Café, where members can post stories for other members of the fleet to read and enjoy without them having to be part of the normal mission continuity of their ship I hope that helps
  14. Hi

    This writing challenge thing. How do I go about entering??

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