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  1. I had to vote for the Voyager Conspiracy, perhaps not because the catapult was "unnecessary", but more for the fact that it was a Seven of Nine-Centric episode, and Seven was my least-like character. And my dislike of Seven of Nine probably stems from the number of ex-Borgs I've written with in Sims past.
  2. Since interrupted weddings were included in the list, I'd like to add the aborted one of Lwaxana Troi and Campio. I don't know what was funnier, Lwaxana showing up for the ceremony in traditional Betazed garb, or Worf in the mud bath!
  3. And before someone feels compelled to tell me, I looked up Lemec for myself https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Lemec
  4. Sadly, I came across this post three years too late, as the link is no longer functioning The weird thing about me is that my first thought was "Who is that Lemec person way over in the lower right corner?"
  5. I went with Endar and Jono (and thus picked the 'Not listed' option) from the TNG episode "Suddenly human." I, for one, wouldn't want to live in Talarian society, and you can tell it is difficult for the crew to sympathize with anyone wanting to remain in Talarian society, there is a strong bond between Endar and his adopted human son.
  6. Hello all! I'm Alice from the American Midwest, and I came across this group during Project Khitomer, the online sim convention. I'm involved in mathematical modeling of transportation systems. Being a Trek fan is sort of a generational thing in my family, though we all have our different favorites.
  7. The first thing Joan Basilone noticed, as she made her way through the Promenade of Starbase 118, was just how short everyone was. Not that Joan towered over anybody. At a hundred and sixty centimeters, most of the sentient beings she had ever met were still taller than her. But she had grown up with four brothers who were all more than two meters tall. Add to that fact that most of her brothers' friends played on the same Epa'ani club as her brothers (and thus were quite sizable themselves), and it was understandable that Joan didn't feel quite as...Lilliputian...when she was away from t
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