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  1. All options have merit so I have chosen other as I like all
  2. STO Give away 3 Tier5 ships Unlock account-wide, but faction based, there is the Avenger Class for Starfleet, B'Rel BOP Retrofit for Klingon's and the T'Varo Light Cruiser for Romulan. All these are VAdm ships roughly about 3-6k Zen, get them while you can STO players. When claimed they are unlocked on your account, the Avenger Class is an Engineering ship. I know most of you play STO so get them while the goings good.... If you want them!
  3. That is a very ugly ship, but also logical when you think about it, it was a transition period where Starfleet was starting to smooth its starship lines out after the Earth/Romulan war.
  4. When you are feeling down, always remember "Don't worry be Happy!"--- Hey thats good advice LOL Note to self also.

  5. Anyone know why I cannot get my signature back or my image Collective Button? both showing up as the file name minus the htmal coding.
  6. I read it, wondered how long it would take them filmmakers to adjust to the modern world
  7. I went for transporters as it costs so much to catch public transport these days.
  8. Hey All Do not know if you all know this, if you do not please click the link to read the article. The lawsuit against Axanar has been dropped by Paramount/CBS, below is the link on the latest news on what seems to be an excellent fan film. http://www.treknews.net/2016/05/28/axanar-lawsuit-update-proposed-fan-film-guidelines/
  9. Just thought you all should know that the Indie Fan film ST: Horizon is now complete and is over an hour long, it is on You Tube, but for ease of access here is the link.
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