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  1. Hi all, my name is Adam and I'll be simming for Rinev Shryn. I used to write here about five years ago when I simmed as Jorus Cogud and Ssandon on the Discovery-C and Duronis Embassy respectively. Sadly starting uni got in the way of this and took up a lot of my time. I have since graduated however and looking forward to writing with you all again!
  2. ((Sickbay, USS Discovery-C)) ::He spotted the flustered Raskorian instantly upon entering the infirmary and dashed directly towards the plumed physician, battling nausea and a pounding head along the way. He stopped abruptly. A wall of glass stood in his way, between himself and the doctor, whom he saw buzzing about the surgical suite like a hummingbird on speed. As he pressed himself against the thick glass panel, he caught glimpses of the patient in between flitting silhouettes of dancing medics and pirouetting automated scanners. Blood. Everywhere. The prophecy was coming true. Each of us w
  3. Mid-morning in the Klingon prison camp was recreation time, the prisoners were allowed to go outside, although there was nothing to look at, or they could stay inside the prison complex, which was equally unpleasant, either way you were not going to have fun in the dust-ridden, dirt-covered hell that was the Mempa System prison camp. The prisoners kept here were considered the most dangerous and dishonourable men and women in the entire Klingon Empire; in it you could find any manner of people from Ferengi smugglers to the most dangerous Klingon murderers. It was also the current location of a
  4. I used to play quite a lot, not been on lately. My handle is Cogud@CommanderFry (I think) In any case my character is Jorus Cogud and my ship is the USS Dauntless.
  5. For the two options I would say Khan, I am one of those people who feel that Q is a menace rather than a villain. However, in the whole Star Trek Spectrum, I feel there are many more villains far superior to Khan. Gul Dukat: My all time favorite villain, mainly for the reasons pointed out already. He is such a complex character compared to Khan/Q. Weyoun: The ultimate bureaucrat, he is one of the major leading figures on the Dominion side and he can get killed... then come back again. Brunt: Albeit not a villain in the sense the others are, but he causes plenty of problems for Quark...
  6. Rinev Shryn


    Lt Commander Dara O’Doyle met his true love on Stardate 237909.03, he was just an ensign then, fresh from the academy. Now he was a Lt. Commander, he had conquered the ranks but refused to leave her. She was his light in the dark, his every breath was for her. Now he had to leave her to die. What could he do, she was injured with no chance of being saved. Dara stared at her, he knew she would stare back if she could, but she couldn’t. Her injuries were to great. Lt Commander O’Doyle just stared at her think of their relationship together. The first time they held hands, his fingers running ge
  7. Warp core is breaching Just panic on the whole deck Will we contain it Polorise the hull? My console just exploded Get a medic now A tear in subspace A transporter just gone wrong My Hypo-spanner! "Evacuate now Let me contain the core breach" "Sir, the doors are jammed" "The Geffories Tubes It is the only way out Go, go, go, go, go" My hand is bleeding Engineering is empty I am now alone Silence on the deck "Captain to engineering What is going on" "Warp core is breaching Transporters are offline And a subspace tear" "How long till the breach" "I am guessing ten minutes" "Can you contain it" "
  8. (( Eagle's Roost, USS Discovery-C )) :: Valdivia entered the Roost somewhat nervous. Although he was sure she wouldn't blame him at all, he still felt he owed her an apology. He took a deep breath and approached Sister Cruella. :: VALDIVIA: Sister, may I speak with... CRUELLA: ::interrupting him:: I was just thinking of you! What a charming synchronicity. Perhaps fate has brought you to me? ::The Chief Science Officer began forming a syllable as though to interject, but she continued.:: But these surroundings seem dull - People eating everywhere. Would you be so gracious as to accompany me? I
  9. Jorus Cogud emerged from the airlock, he breathed in the air and looked around Starbase 118, it was the real thing, he was becoming a true member of Starfleet. He originated from Trill, he was roughly 6ft tall with a trimmed beard his eyes where a deep shade of green and his hair well groomed. His spots running down the side of him made him feel extremely proud of his heritage, he was the first member of his family to join Starfleet and felt an obligation to do well and give his family a name that would be recognized throughout the Federation. After much consideration Jorus decided to go and l
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