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How Would You Write/Cast a New Trek Series?

A'ern Zerxes

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If you were coming up with the next ST tv series cast, what would you want to see? What sort of captain & first officer dynamic would you create? Who would be the Data/Odo character? What sort of side characters (e.g. Guinan, Quark, Neelix) would you want? Is there a particular part of the galaxy you'd place them in, with heavy involvement from any particular races (like the Cardassians on DS9)?

Here's a big question; would Romulus be destroyed as per the JJ Abrams film or would you not include that in your show? You could also put the show during the nine year span between Voygaer's return to the Alpha Quandrant and the destruction of Romulus, to avoid that problem.

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I would like to see something along the lines of the novel series "New Frontier." and perhaps a species diverse crew like in the "Titan" series. But I would not use any cannon characters, they would all be fresh and original. I would also use mostly new or lesser known aliens as adversaries or new found allies. Though the occasional appearance of common baddies would be okay.

I absolutely would not include what JJ Abrams did so either that would not have happened or it would be set in the years prior. While JJ Abrams is a fantastic and creative director, I didn't care for the story line. Even though it be said it was a different timeline, I seriously wish they would leave the cannon characters and history out of the new movies. I prefer to see a future not a rewrite of history.

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I would set my story in the time after the return of Voyager, but in JJ Abrams universe. Maybe a bit improper, but that way I'd be able to explain the new technologies, that are not seen in previous Star Trek.

Cast? Completely new people and I'd do my best to find a way to explain why they are all so young, yes, young characters and actors - except, Captain, of course. Characters? At least half of the main cast would be Alien species, non Terrans.

Data/Odo type character would be THE Ship - AI Avatar; as yucky as it may sound, I'd make it comic relief for the start of the show, till everyone or get used to him/her - or make a set of rules where and when it can appear. Of course, holoprojectors would be available throughout the ship, so if you have badly injured people, EMH will just jump/appear to them.

Instead of commbadge - comm. device would be in thumb and forefinger, so instead of tapping the commbadge you'd just tap thumb to forefinger; universal translator would be small bugs in ears (receiver part, if everyone has translator from whatever to their language in their ears there's no need for more than that in personal use); Communicator - as send receive device would be in ears, with universal translator and sending device in jaw. Every and each of those pieces of the device would be or have locator - so no more losing people and inability to get a lock because commbadge is removed.

Of course - exploration; my show would be return to roots and deep space exploration. New enemies, new friends. What kind of, I don't know, it's something I'd have to think about. It requires some thinking, but I'd try to invent something ominous, but fresh and different.

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I think setting the show after the destruction of Romulus could be interesting, though still preserving the timeline and events from the original canon. It would be the perfect backdrop to pit the Federation against the Klingons in a massive "land grab" situation, with plenty of involvement from the nearby Ferengi as well. You could then have exploration into the deep parts of the Beta Quadrant, which is relatively untapped in Trek lore.

I'd really like to see a non-Terran captain for the first time. I think that would have a good trickle-down effect of fully integrating the alien species of the ship and not keeping those dividing lines all the series seemed to have. I think we've had enough references to Earth's history, literature, etc., particularly from Picard and Sisko. What about exploring a whole new culture just through the eyes of an alien protagonist?

I also had a different spin for the Data/Odo character. Toward the end of the first season, the ship's first-officer (human female) suffers some of catastrophic brain condition, or viral infection, or something. She is saved, but not without suffering complete retrograde amnesia. She has totally lost who she is and all of her training. They plan to drop him/her off at the nearest Starbase, but during a mission this person suddenly displays powerfully enhanced mental aptitudes (the whole "we only use 10% of our brain" theory). Essentially she becomes a Data-like presence on the ship, only with emotions and much different philosophies. Because of her skills, she remains on the ship in a different role without Starfleet commission. This allows all the characters to move up in rank, and there could be a neat storyline for who becomes First officer and perhaps some rivalry that develops between a couple of other characters.

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I would like to see a more Firefly/Serenditpity sort of ship. A merchant/civilain vessel rather than a quasimilitary one. A ship that wasn't necessarily the best of the best but rather one that included a lot more common folk sort of stuff.

In turn I'd like the crew to be multigenerational as well as diverse in species. Though the range of species should include both the familiar as well as unfamilair to make for a seemless transition.

Also... more NON-HUMANOID species!

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Loving the whole Firefly/Serenity shout there. ;) That would be an interesting twist.

These are all fabulous ideas. I would love to see the Trek world move on, with diverse characters and fresh ways of looking at the universe. While I appreciate revisiting old characters, I think a fresh crew with a non-Terran Captain would be awesome.

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Honestly? I'm going to be annoying. I'd advance technology - the IPad/Acer Touch/Tablets/etc have out-done the PADD, but considering that these things were barely, *barely* out there at the times of productions, it's understandable. But still; the PADD needs to be updated. As does the basic console . . . Don't get me wrong, I like the consoles as they are, but after getting addicted to Iron Man and the Avengers, I know that CGI these does wonders and we really aren't that far from having "pure-touch" technology without the consoles in many different workplaces, if not homes - hopefully, in a few years, at least twenty, from now . . . shifty.gif

Cast? Oh jeez . . . Well, you have to have at least one of the characters in the five series to make a appearance. I'm sorry, but Star Trek wouldn't be the same without the occasional reference to one of the five Captains of the series. Whether they be an occasional guest star, appearing only once in the series, or being a Guinan type character, I think someone from past series needs to definitely be involved - but for gods sakes, not Tuvok.

That, and they definitely need a female Chief of Security. I think I can only remember Tasha Yar being Chief of Security on the Enterprise-D, but I don't remember any other woman taking the job on any ship before or after her, which is a real shame for me.

All in all, it's really the tech that needs a bit of updating - the cast I'm not particularly fussed about. If they do end up bringing out another series, then I'm all for it regardless. I won't be if it's corny and the actors are . . . not the best at acting, though . . .

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DS9 really shook up the Trek format for me (particularly during the Dominion War arc), as did the latter season of Enterprise - the lessons from which I feel JJ Abrams is trying to correct for) - so for me, a new Trek would have to reassess the formula.

Going backwards would only work in the Abrams-timeline, perhaps trying to bring the planned but cancelled Star Trek 2 series into being, but it wouldn't be possible to bring the same actors from the movie into the series, so any continuity is immediately dashed.

That leaves only going forward, which would allow for the better tech (as suggested above) in the same way that the jump from TOS to TNG did. I'd also like to see a storyline that dealt with the destruction of Romulus - perhaps bringing two universes into conflict (via a rift in the space-time continuum-type deus ex machina).

Whatever came about, it would also like a non-human captain. Perhaps a race we are very familiar with, like the Vulcans, Trill or Betazed.

I really hope they bring about another series, but with much tighter writing than Enterprise had to start with, and many more multi-episode story arcs.

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I agree with upping the technology levels. It would make sense for certain aspects of the ship to work with a proper interactive heads up display like in the Avengers but for other things to retain the use of consoles (Helm and possibly tactical.)

I would like the show set in the aftermath of the Hobus super nova. It could deal with the Federation during the fall out from trying to restore friendly ties with the now fractured Romulan Empire whilst trying to maintain friendly ties with the Klingon Empire. I would also love to see the show expand on species 8472, maybe even with season long plot arc dealing with an attempt to invade normal space in the Alpha/Beta quadrants. This would also give producers a chance to enshrine a name for them into canon.

As for cast...

Patrick Stewart - A few guest appearances as Jean Luc Picard, Federatiuon Ambassador to the RSE

Kate Mulgrew - A few guest appearances as Admiral Katherine Janeway.

Michael Dorn - A few guest apperances as Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire.

Benedict Cumberpatch - Captain Savok (a Vulcan), CO USS Hercules (Prometheus class starship.)

Stephen Amell - Commander William Dunheim (a Human), FO USS Hercules

Karren Gillian - Lieutenant Commander Erin Felize (an unjoined Trill) - 2XO & Chief Science Officer USS Hercules

Patti Yasutake - Lieutenant Commander Alyssa Ogawa (a Human) - Chief medical Officer USS Hercules

Other positions i'm having trouble thinking on. I'd like a Bolian and possibly a Tellarite in the mix of the main cast but can't think of any female/male to play them.

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While I agree uping tech to be consistant with RL advances is necessary, if you increase tech to much it can become a Deux Machina situation where evey problem can be resolve through the superior technology rather then the character's ingenuity and inventiveness.

You have to disable some part of the ship every episode just to give the stories a chance.

oH... and definitely have Romulus go *BOOM*. Shame to blow the poor thing up and then not take advantage of all the great stories that could potential spawn from it.

In fact, having a Romulan refugee/expatriot/whathaveyou could be inspiring tales. Where do their loyalties truely lie? Is there even a Romulan Star Empire left to be loyal to?

Oooh Oooh Oooh... maybe the fractured Star Empire is under going a civil war with various camps alighning more or less with remaining Instellar Supper Powers... the Klingon camp, the Federation freinds, the Cardassian allies, the Gorn or even Tholian! buddies.

I definitely agree on multi-episode arc. Even my kids know to look at the clock. (Nope. We're twenty minutes in. She can't be the killer.)

I think that's referred to as 'Space Opera'. Babylon 5 was good for that if I recall correctly, Why isn't that syndicated? Hmmph.

Also a big fan of A.Richards list of 'Guest Appearences.'

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Hence the endless criticism DS9 received as a rip-off of Babylon 5. Whatever the relationship between the two, the end result was some of the best Trek ever (IMO) - no doubt due to the Ronald D Moore effect.

The real issue here, as BSG rebooted, is that we now have a whole generation growing up whose only knowledge of Star Trek comes from a single movie, itself a reboot. TNG, by contrast, grew out of the TOS movies.

It is both a chance for a fresh start and to bring new blood and energy to the franchise. I hope they can do it...

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