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    Why no listed age or gender?

    If I'm gentleman then why am I writing a female character. How can I justify beginning to be able to understand the feminine mystique. And if my character 'squeals in delight' or wonder's if her uniform makes her butt look big, is that some sort of pathetic stereotyping. (cause really, who does that?) If I'm a lady... and my next character is a guy, then is it the same thing in reverse.

    Age is even worse.

    If I am old 50 or 60 or 70 (do octogenarians even know how to use computers?) then what am I doing playing in an arena that includes teenagers... some fairly young. Isn't that a little creepy or what?

    If I'm what 13.. 14 years old then can it get creepy in reverse? (sigh)

    And is it less creepy to be a 60 year old man or woman.

    Especially if ones writing includes the quasi-amorous exploits of a very young character? Is that less weird, creepy, etc than a far younger writer scribing the exploits of some Deltan cougar?

    Frankly, I'd rather what ever gets written to be judged on it's merit alone without suspicions of the writer's motivations... what holes they might be filling, what trauma is being worked through, et al.

    With that said, I'll confess to being a grumpy old man.

    How old? Really. Can we just settled for grizzled, grey and walks with a cane?

    And just to mess with any stereotype you have comfortably nurtured I'm also a single gay fellow raising 3 special need kids. (groan) But then all kids are special needs, right?

    Nuff' said... my soap box is getting a little wobbly here.

    Get off my lawn! You and your little dog, too!
  1. Just for the record we're in the TOS timeline, correct? Vulcan IS still spinning all hot and stoic?
  2. As a new Cadet, still in the throws of character creation it occurs to me how invitingly dramatic it would be to have a prior relationship with one or more established characters. I believe I spotted at least one Tellarite (would it be inapropos to ask if they might consider being a brother-in-law, uncle, family or childhood freind?) Same year (or even near year) Academy cadets are another obvious possibility. For Ęlopii, any Terran could be an estranged relative. And as she was an Ambassador's daughter, any diplomatic character might have a chance to recall the eager little girl in a certain
  3. It's the new Ferengi marketing calendar... adds 70 extra shopping days before Christmas. Are those guys geniuses or what?
  4. Thank you, both, gentleman. I went back and indeedy-do... I have received the aforementioned email. I was just eagerly awaiting the "notification" mentioned therein and was concerned I might not have dotted some 'i' or crossed some 't' and would be left snuffling out side in the cold bleakness of space while more attentive cadets cruised along without me. Knowing their lives would be so much dimmer, so more empty sans my own humble brilliance, I determined it was my civic duty...nay...my CIVIC PRIDE! to follow up and assert that my bags were packed and ticket was in hand. I could hardly all
  5. While I realize I may just be in an unseen que for notification, I can't ignore the possibility I may have missed something. Soooo... After posting an Arrival Introduction, is there anything I'm expected to do before training is scheduled. I have been dancing through the forum and website attempt to acquire some lay of the land though just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed sonething.
  6. While I agree uping tech to be consistant with RL advances is necessary, if you increase tech to much it can become a Deux Machina situation where evey problem can be resolve through the superior technology rather then the character's ingenuity and inventiveness. You have to disable some part of the ship every episode just to give the stories a chance. oH... and definitely have Romulus go *BOOM*. Shame to blow the poor thing up and then not take advantage of all the great stories that could potential spawn from it. In fact, having a Romulan refugee/expatriot/whathaveyou could be inspiring tal
  7. Steve here, retired in rural Florida twixt coastal swamps and inland cows. Sorta, kinda. Found the site through a google search for 'Star trek PBeM'. I'm eager to see how this works out.
  8. I would like to see a more Firefly/Serenditpity sort of ship. A merchant/civilain vessel rather than a quasimilitary one. A ship that wasn't necessarily the best of the best but rather one that included a lot more common folk sort of stuff. In turn I'd like the crew to be multigenerational as well as diverse in species. Though the range of species should include both the familiar as well as unfamilair to make for a seemless transition. Also... more NON-HUMANOID species!
  9. Collaborative fiction is uniquely fullfilling. I haven't sussed out quite how or why save that it has more appeal (to me) than the grind of MMORPG's or other rpg formats. Star trek fills that hunger for scifi though I've messed with Mutant, Dragonrider and Hogwart stuff as well. (Well I 'looked' at Hogwarts...haven't actual joined a group there.) I lurked a couple of days, reading over this and that. Noted each of the crews and such. It seemed like a laudable experience. So here I am.
  10. The diminutive young woman closed her eyes to the low hanging clouds above and lowered the colorfully patterned scarf that covered her sensitive snout. She drank deeply of the Promenade's atmosphere. It was heavenly. Filtered. Sanitized to a mercifully subtle degree, but Heavenly none the less. She was blissfully overwhelmed with the deliciously competing aromas of several nearby food vendors, the chorus of personal scents (mostly the acrid tang of her Terran cousins) and so many odors still as yet undefined. She opened her eyes reluctantly and gave a bittersweet sniffle. And her with hardly a
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