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  1. Just for the record we're in the TOS timeline, correct? Vulcan IS still spinning all hot and stoic?
  2. As a new Cadet, still in the throws of character creation it occurs to me how invitingly dramatic it would be to have a prior relationship with one or more established characters. I believe I spotted at least one Tellarite (would it be inapropos to ask if they might consider being a brother-in-law, uncle, family or childhood freind?) Same year (or even near year) Academy cadets are another obvious possibility. For Ęlopii, any Terran could be an estranged relative. And as she was an Ambassador's daughter, any diplomatic character might have a chance to recall the eager little girl in a certain Tellarite Ambassador's company. (sigh) While I realize there'a an apropriate caution not to over craft one's character so it might develope more freely in the future, I can't help but recall various reunions at the beginning of a story arc. Picard/Crusher(&Crusher), Picard/Guinan, Riker/Troi, Janeway/Tuvok, Archer/'Trip', Sisko/Dax and the later Dax/entire DS9 community.... and even Kirk himself had a tenous relation to the ever-melodic young RIley (from Tarsus days?) though that was more episodic. (hmmm) While I do hate suggesting an answer to my own question, a first character may not be best to pursue connections as one is still very much a question mark...unproven as it were. Perhaps this is a subject better addressed with secondary characters? By that time one would imagine there to OOC relationships to be developed. (shrug) Regardless... I think I'll ask anyway.
  3. It's the new Ferengi marketing calendar... adds 70 extra shopping days before Christmas. Are those guys geniuses or what?
  4. Thank you, both, gentleman. I went back and indeedy-do... I have received the aforementioned email. I was just eagerly awaiting the "notification" mentioned therein and was concerned I might not have dotted some 'i' or crossed some 't' and would be left snuffling out side in the cold bleakness of space while more attentive cadets cruised along without me. Knowing their lives would be so much dimmer, so more empty sans my own humble brilliance, I determined it was my civic duty...nay...my CIVIC PRIDE! to follow up and assert that my bags were packed and ticket was in hand. I could hardly allow the poor dears to suffer so... so...ignomonously. It's just the kind of thoughtful, gracious and mildly paranoid cautiously intreped cadet I am. Toodles til Monday the 10th, Ęlopii Azul, Space Cadet oH... is it too earliy to request extra transporter ration... I mean, if I get a doctor's note?
  5. While I realize I may just be in an unseen que for notification, I can't ignore the possibility I may have missed something. Soooo... After posting an Arrival Introduction, is there anything I'm expected to do before training is scheduled. I have been dancing through the forum and website attempt to acquire some lay of the land though just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed sonething.
  6. While I agree uping tech to be consistant with RL advances is necessary, if you increase tech to much it can become a Deux Machina situation where evey problem can be resolve through the superior technology rather then the character's ingenuity and inventiveness. You have to disable some part of the ship every episode just to give the stories a chance. oH... and definitely have Romulus go *BOOM*. Shame to blow the poor thing up and then not take advantage of all the great stories that could potential spawn from it. In fact, having a Romulan refugee/expatriot/whathaveyou could be inspiring tales. Where do their loyalties truely lie? Is there even a Romulan Star Empire left to be loyal to? Oooh Oooh Oooh... maybe the fractured Star Empire is under going a civil war with various camps alighning more or less with remaining Instellar Supper Powers... the Klingon camp, the Federation freinds, the Cardassian allies, the Gorn or even Tholian! buddies. I definitely agree on multi-episode arc. Even my kids know to look at the clock. (Nope. We're twenty minutes in. She can't be the killer.) I think that's referred to as 'Space Opera'. Babylon 5 was good for that if I recall correctly, Why isn't that syndicated? Hmmph. Also a big fan of A.Richards list of 'Guest Appearences.'
  7. Steve here, retired in rural Florida twixt coastal swamps and inland cows. Sorta, kinda. Found the site through a google search for 'Star trek PBeM'. I'm eager to see how this works out.
  8. I would like to see a more Firefly/Serenditpity sort of ship. A merchant/civilain vessel rather than a quasimilitary one. A ship that wasn't necessarily the best of the best but rather one that included a lot more common folk sort of stuff. In turn I'd like the crew to be multigenerational as well as diverse in species. Though the range of species should include both the familiar as well as unfamilair to make for a seemless transition. Also... more NON-HUMANOID species!
  9. Collaborative fiction is uniquely fullfilling. I haven't sussed out quite how or why save that it has more appeal (to me) than the grind of MMORPG's or other rpg formats. Star trek fills that hunger for scifi though I've messed with Mutant, Dragonrider and Hogwart stuff as well. (Well I 'looked' at Hogwarts...haven't actual joined a group there.) I lurked a couple of days, reading over this and that. Noted each of the crews and such. It seemed like a laudable experience. So here I am.
  10. The diminutive young woman closed her eyes to the low hanging clouds above and lowered the colorfully patterned scarf that covered her sensitive snout. She drank deeply of the Promenade's atmosphere. It was heavenly. Filtered. Sanitized to a mercifully subtle degree, but Heavenly none the less. She was blissfully overwhelmed with the deliciously competing aromas of several nearby food vendors, the chorus of personal scents (mostly the acrid tang of her Terran cousins) and so many odors still as yet undefined. She opened her eyes reluctantly and gave a bittersweet sniffle. And her with hardly an hour left to explore this wondrously vast market place. With a decisive grunt she brought out her PADD. She could sulk later. She had business to finish before reporting. Tapping deftly, she wondered if she could make a reasonable argument for voice interfaced PADDs. Probably not, as she envisioned a room full of crew members over talking each other so they might manage their datapads with Ferengi and Vulcan peers falling in pained heaps as they succumbed to sonorous cacophony. Okay. Maybe not her best idea, then. It didn't matter. She had just found her desired destination! Ęlopii Azul, or rather Cadet Azul, practically skipped off in a distinctively Tellarite stride, freeing her shoulder length, chestnut hair from it's duty bound bun as she went. No time to waste as she was already considering how swiftly she might make way back to the duty station in one of those dreadfully crowded turbolifts. With a grin, she considered how difficult it would be to talk Security into transporting her there. She had read residents had rations for such purposes and Ęlopii could only hope that cadets received similar consideration. It hadn't taken her long to dance through the crowds. All it cost were several impactive invasions of personal space, a goodly number of dirty looks and a few choice comments that the Station's Universal Translator didn't deem fit to parse out. When she arrived, the eager cadet deemed the transgressions well invested. The store was simply... divine. As she walked reverently through the entry arch to Sss'Ra's Fabrics, Ęlopii breathlessly scanned the host of textiles, some familiar as old friends with others unfamiliar, suggesting adventures waiting to happen. She did a slow twirl through the widely spaced racks in an attempt to take it all in. The enchanted cadet reached out for a raven's black swatch to hold against the dull saffron of her uniform top. The tacky yellow was sooo not her color and for the twenty-seventh time since leaving the Academy she wistfully wondered if her new assignment might adopt the less garish grays some crews used. Primary colors, indeed! She snorted derisively at the thought. “'Ello Sssissst'ra...,” a long-necked saurian of indeterminate species offered obsequiously, “May one be of ssservisss?” Ęlopii looked...up... with a surprised snort, startled by the abrupt invasion of her own delicate fondling of the shop's merchandise. “Why yes indeed! I half considered this was some fashion of self-service store. I take by your offer that this is not the case. Your prior absence was, no doubt, due to some matter of greater importance than assisting your customers.” The saurian drew it's angular head back, it's height giving the cadet a moment to reflect on the nature of the liberally vaulted ceilings in a starbase's vendor accommodation. Blinking slowly, it appeared the helpful creature was having some difficulty processing her retort. 'Typical saurian', the cadet snorted. “Look here, my good vendor! I am seeking a particular sort of fabric. A microporous cloth, such as Vulcan Enabi Silk or Klingon Bloodweave, but in some other color then flat black or that gaudy plum they seem so very, very fond of.” Ęlopii snuffled sadly, sure that the saurian vendor was not up to the challenge. Already wallowing in the despair of defeat, she looked one last time over the beautiful merchandise around her. “For the purposss, may one asssk? Desss'rt dussst? Ssssporra filtra'ing? Fume abrogating?” The large eyed creature loomed closer again causing the cadet to consider how pretty it's eyes were and if they evolved as some sort of distracting element to gain advantage over their prey... or their customers.” “The latter,” Ęlopii replied enthusiastically. “Fumes, that is! Noxious, persistent... most unseemly odors.” A deep throaty cackle escaped from the creature taking time to rumble up it's long neck and finally pass out it's tapered snout like a distant rolling thunder. “Yes, Sssissst'ra. Most undra'ssstood.” The cadet couldn't help but wonder if the saurian's 'understanding' was in part from the long nasal cavities that lined each side of it's long angular head. “Indeed? Very well then, what do you have?” “Callo'sssium Wool,” the saurian barked softly in it's raspy fashion and reached over to present a bolt of the very same fabric. A shimmering rust colored cloth rife with curious shadows in the incandescence of store's muted lighting. It fell like a exquisitely, delicate suede, the young woman considered. Draping the thick, velvety, dark russet weave over her face, Ęlopii drew in a slow, purposeful breadth. She shook her head in sincere disappointment, “Might as well be a fine shamy...” Sniffling curiously, she asked lamentably, “Does this come in a thinner weave?” “Sssuch can be ordra'ed, Sssisst'ra.” Immediately brightening, Ęlopii almost squealed in delight as she hopped happily in place. It really was a lovely material. Her momentary pleasure was vaporized when the alarm went off on her PADD. She had fifteen minutes to report to her new assignment. “Oh... stars,” the cadet nearly cursed from her ever increasing lexicon of interstellar expletives. Again the saurian let loose a gentle thunder of throaty cackling, “Sssissst'ra's Duty callasss to her.” Ęlopii snorted in amusement as she looked at the saurian with the rise of an impressed brow. Perhaps the creature was far more savvy then she had guessed. “Indeed.” “Thisss One'sss catalog isss lissst'da,” the creature helpfully rasped. “Bessst to fly Sssissst'ra. Your Massst'rasss are not renown for pay'shunsss.” At that point, Ęlopii couldn't help but laugh in the human way, a response she normally reserved for special occasions and trusted company. The sound trickled so much more lightly then her normal snorts and snuffles. She actually covered her mouth, embarrassed at the frivolity it. Such an unintended display made her feel quite vulnerable. She thought in quick passing that were she Klingon, she would have to dispatch the kind vendor for witnessing such weakness. If Romulan or Cardassian, a simple poisoning might suffice. Instead she took a page from her seldom used Terran Playbook and just pretended like it never happened. Simply no time for the application of a good, distracting disputation. “Your quite right of course,” Ęlopii demurred making a sudden (albeit reluctant) departure. With a final glance back, she added, “I shall return to discuss more equitable pricing, Vender Sss'raa. May you profit well til then.” It was half warning, half kindness and entirely sincere. As the young cadet rushed out, she almost missed the saurian drawing back, rapidly blinking and seemingly pondering the girl's final words with a puzzled tilt of the head. Rather then risk a potentially time consuming argument with local Security for transporter usage, Ęlopii darted in her distinctively Tellarite fashion to one of the large turbolifts conveniently available. She tried not to breath too deeply as she approached the small anxiously waiting crowd already present. She sidled away from a small Andorian child of indeterminate gender that smelled suspiciously sticky only to almost bump into a bloated Ktarian female(?) who had the aroma of needing desperate medical attention. In the brief, interminable wait, the cadet noted her own appearance in the shiny access panel before them and deftly respun her previously unleashed hair back into a passingly professional bun. Maybe she should just get it cut short she snuffled woefully. As the panel opened and purged itself of the steaming stew of occupants within, the young cadet gave a disgruntled snort and rolled her eyes. Gathering her scarf across her face she entered, closed her eyes and tried to find her 'happy place'. Maybe she she could argue for an added ration of transporter use... strictly for medicinal reasons, of course.
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