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  1. Peace for Paris #westandwiththeFrench

  2. Peace for Paris #westandwiththeFrench

  3. WTF - way to go ignorance and stupidity, way to go :(

  4. Everyone has this voting thing all wrong this election. Don't vote for a candidate because of their party's national policies, vote based on the candidates actions in the local area 9encumbant) or on their plans should they be elected (remember to try to read between the lines and ignore the electioneering bull[...] though!)

  5. well, off to work with GTAV doing its preload stuff on Steam so I'll be ready to go next week :D

  6. Good morning Truro, your weather report for today is smoggy :(

  7. Looking like perfect weather for the Eclipse :)

  8. This is one hell of a send off to mister Pratchett. I think he would have liked it.

  9. From: Lieutenant Commander Alexander Richards To: The Federation News Service Subject: To be published immediately RE: Nikael Kalre To whom it may concern. Though I as a Starfleet Officer can not condone the actions of a terrorist organization or its members, I can stand for their right to be heard through peaceful means such as the open letter that was received by your service. Though I may find the actions of any terrorist organization deplorable we can not censure any Federation citizens rights to freedom of speech and expression. With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured...the first thought forbidden...the first freedom denied--chains us all irrevocably.' Words spoken many years ago by Judge Aaron Satie. I believe that to censure Reza Kardgar for publishing the letter from Nikael Kalre would be the first link in a forged chain that sends us irrevocably towards a path of censorship and control, a path that moves the Federation away from the very ideals on which it was founded. In closing, we do not need to agree with the thoughts or actions of Nikael Kalre and his terrorist organization but we must continue to provide him with a means to legally express his views and concerns and those of his group. It is for the general public of the Federation to decide on whether or not to believe him and listen, not for the Federation News Service, the Council or Starfleet to dictate who has a right to speak and where. Thank you for your time, Alexander Richards, Citizen, husband, father, Starfleet Officer.
  10. My final thoughts on #LeonardNimoy now that he has left us, and as a proud Trekkie: "He has been and always will be our friend."http://youtu.be/eVIt0DYKssI

  11. Peace and long life Mister Nimoy, you will be sadly missed but remembered fondly by us all.
  12. [...] Rockstar #GTAV #Delayed #YouHaveHadLongEnough #[...]upinabrewery

  13. Looks at internet's reaction to Katie Price's child getting help for being disabled. Looks at all the morons saying Katie is rich she shouldn't get help. Laughs as he realizes she probably pays more in tax a month than their annual wage. Katie pays her taxes, her son is disabled, the benefits he receives are not for Katie but for him which is how the money is used. Sometimes the people in this nation disgust me to the point where i want to physically vomit!

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