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SB118 Ops: Quotations of the Week!

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Did you know that crossovers happen?

I direct you to my cardchive. If you go to the Garuda Sim Archive, you can find the post entitled The 14th Doctor, which inspired the card.

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Flynn: ::Taking his drink gratefully.:: An officer I met on Columbia. Really a sweetheart, and his hair had magical powers of always looking awesome. Couldnt resist! ::He paused in reflection:: I admit, it’s the first time I ever really connected with someone at that level.

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Flynn: ::Leaning forward, looking amazed:: Wow, sounds like quite a catch. If only we could combine these two gentlemen we might have one hell of a specimen. ::He smiled:: Though I have a feeling you would agree that our own respective individuals are perfect just as they are.

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Whittaker: "I want to conclude with a quote from a leader on Earth. He once said that 'this is a time for heroes' and in my eyes- that's exactly what we will do. We will do what is hard, we will achieve that which is great. This is a time for heroes and we will reach for the stars. Whatever gods you worship bless you, whatever gods you pray to bless this station and whatever gods you believe in bless the United Federation of Planets. Thank you."

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From Tatash...

Urgh, I swear Sal has microphones fitted to this place. ::he frowned, gesturing to the message appearing on his screen:: Looks like i'm sat with Andersen, Matthews and yourself Peters. Oh that's a shame Theo, Anders is on a different table. Tragic.


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A quiet scene of chaos. People collapsed, doctors cannot find out what is wrong...

::He scowled as he heard a little wail of alarm, spotting the furry little monster still resting beside Dal. His disdain was evident for only a split second, as his massive boot punted the small critter towards it's friends, rolling and wailing through the air.::
Tatash: "It was a hazard, Sir" ::He responded, thankful that his helmet concealed the amused smirk on his face::

And then a Gorn punts a tribble... B)

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