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Community Answers

  1. *furiously blushes* Thank you so much for the kind words! I think I can speak for both Marie and I when we say we are so proud of the story that we are telling and are so glad that it's being so warmly recieved!
  2. I came here to post this as well! Phenomenally written by a phenomenal writer!
  3. In other words.... a normal Monday for the crew of the Resolution.
  4. Thank you so much for the recognition @Genkos Adea! @Meidra Sirin and I worked on this months ago and we've been eager to finally post it. I just also want to say that as far as collaborations go, this one was an absolute joy. Meidra, you are a fantastic scene partner and I cannot thank you enough for your input and your boundless energy! ❤️ xxx
  5. I see Ikea is alive and well (and infuriating) in 2398!
  6. Congratulations to every who won an award- and again, to everyone who was nominated for an award. You all set a wonderful example of excellence in simming!
  7. Congratulations not only to everyone who won an award, but to those that were nominated as well! You're all proof of the talent and determination of this fleet!
  8. I was just coming here to post this same post! It's easily one of the greatest posts I've read in my six years with the fleet. Just absolutely phenomenal!
  9. This from @Yalu: I tell you, when I read that, I scream-laughed!
  10. There really are no words to describe just how moving and beautifully written this piece is. @Genkos Adea is one of my favourite writers in this fleet and this is why! -- ((The Surface, Briar Patch Planet of the Skarn)) Gabbro observed the curious, elderly Romulan walk towards them. They’d heard some of the flow in the odd uniforms talk about the man as a “Romulan”. They assumed that this was the man’s flow’s name, in the same way Gabbro’s flow was called the Skarn. They could feel the elder’s mind feeling at peace, and in response, they dropped all the rocks from their lightball form in preparation to receive the newest member of their flow. Ferzdy: Let’s go, Gabbro. Gabbro: ~ Of course, Ferzdy. ~ They continued on together, Ferzdy seemed hesitant in some way, although Gabbro could tell they weren’t looking back. However, he volunteered his thoughts without the need for Gabbro to read them. Ferzdy: I wish I could help them get their ship back in the sky. Gabbro was silent for a moment, considering the desire. There might be a way for Ferzdy to help, to boost the Skarn’s natural abilities. They’d done it a few times before with a dying creature from the southern hemisphere, a great sandworm that devoured huge chunks of rock. When it was dying, they had brought much of its consciousness into the Skarn, or so the legend went. Gabbro knew of it, but had no idea if it would work. Gabbro: ~ You might be able to join us. It is a ritual that has been done in the past, I believe. ~ Ferzdy: Yes, I will, if you can show me how. Ferzdy set the survival kit down on the dusty ground. Gabbro opened their mind and flew into the body of Ferzdy. They combined into a single entity for a few moments, filled with joy and wonder. Gabbro could feel the physical sensations of having a body, of having fingers, of smell and of touch. It was curious, but not unpleasant. They weren’t sure if it was Gabbro or Ferzdy who smiled, but radiant pink-and-orange light shone out in all directions from the footprints where Ferzdy taken his last physical steps. Then, after a moment, the three separated - Ferzdy’s body disappeared, the matter transformed into energy, and now there were two Skarn. Gabbro and FerzBall. FerzBall: ~Let’s go home.~ Gabbro wished for a moment that they still had access to the Romulan’s body, and that they could smile one last time, such joy did they feel. Gabbro: ~ We are ~ Fin ----------------------- Gabbro a Skarn As simmed by Lieutenant Commander Genkos Adea MD Second Officer & Chief Medical Officer USS Resolution G239502GS0
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