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SB118 Ops: Quotations of the Week!

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::He almost considered pointing out that Strekk had, in fact, ranted about all those things before moving forward. It seems like the Professor had an obsession with proving liquor was deadly at any cost. And when the usual arguments fell on deaf ears he used his knowledge of chemistry to cook up something explosive.


I dunno why, but this didn't only just seem a clever thing to say, but it struck me as funny too.

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He breathed an audible sigh of relief when he caught sight of Commander Falcon. Not only was he personally glad to see her, but back in the depths of his mind he knew Leo would have his hide if he came home to Falcon in sickbay. Or worse: the morgue.

Aye, Leo is rather fond of his red-headed lady... :hug:

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Taybrim: He was beginning to wonder how Leo managed this all the time without going mad. Then again maybe Leo was mad, and he just never noticed. On second though, nah, Leo was too well grounded to be mad. He just must have the patience of a saint.


A little from column A, a little from column B...

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Sal: = ::He found himself grinning equally widely at that, and for a moment he wondered keenly what Commander West would look like running about in his underwear.

Perhaps if he was a better telepath he would have been able to glean a mental image from the conversation, but instead he was left with only his imagination running wild.::

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Anders: Heck of a spread tonight sir. It was a lot of fun. ::Pointing:: I see that Fried Lizard on a Stick has made it off the Atlantis and on to the Star Base.

HAHAHAH! The lizards return!! :w00t:

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Arrhimen's entire speech was awesome, but I love this evocative bit the most:

Me and my crew of the Stormcrow are those Patriots and we will water the tree of liberty with green blood of the tyrants.

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Glancing at the Gorn, knowing that the ship was in good claws should there be a sudden attack.

Well said, Mr, Vondaryan, well said. B)

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Jonathan's life up to now had been dealing with bombs, textbook theory, rescuing small Pelians from wild, unauthorized cats and running from a boarding party when he should've stood and fought. Though how exactly to stand and fight with the bridge decompressing around you was a riddle for another day.

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::Kaitlyn could hear the disgust on Sal’s voice. For a moment, she considered following him and delivering that sweet, sweet face punch that Arrhimen so very much deserved?::

::Sal might even smile, after he recovered from the shock.::

Yes... yes he would!

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