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  1. Honestly, I don't know how I wasn't awarded this before now either. I am happy to receive it. I congratulate all of the recipients. @Sal Taybrim - I look forward to writing another cameo on a subspace call if needed. As for meeting TIm, I think we can arrange for it. I'll talk to you more off-list.
  2. I hope the competition continues. I really enjoy reading all the entries.
  3. As the white light consumed the screen, Chythar instinctively raised a hand to protect his eyes until the light faded. When it did, there was nothing -- he was no longer the bridge of his ship, there was nothing on the viewscreen in front of him. It looked like a big, blank space for a moment before it shifted to Skyfire Beach. Near the waterline, the only occupant of the shore was a redhead in a red Starfleet uniform. It wasn’t until she turned around to face him that Chythar made the connection in that he’d seen this woman before -- captain’s pips, red hair, eyes of a similar color to his o
  4. If it were Chris Harrington or Chythar, probably a Raktajino / Brew Continuum franchise. Tobian: Wine. Definitely wine. He grew up on a vineyard, after all. Carter or Cadfael: Um...parts shop? No other characters defined at this time for "entrepreneur" status.
  5. I chose Enterprise because it has pockets. Now, for some, that may not be a big deal; but anyone with any sense knows that pockets are super useful for anything. Tricorders go in pockets. Black holsters like on TNG don't work well without a belt that doesn't have pockets. Pockets for the win. Zippered pockets are better.
  6. Just so you know, for displaying your anniversary badge, the code is:
  7. Chythar's idea of a good time is going down Skyfire Beach with Devlin (his therapy dog).
  8. Probably something similar to the Horizon class, honestly. Though I will admit, the Blackwell is also tempting.
  9. That exchange was rather cute. You're welcome.
  10. I voted Harry Kim because seriously, who gets stuck serving as an ensign for 7 years? That's just rotten luck right there. Eternal Ensign is like "eternal cub" in a Werewolf game. You can get away with everything and your sins are swept under the rug by your superiors.
  11. Reunions can be fun. Some of the shows I watch make reunions seem like death traps or boring affairs, but if they're handled properly it can make for a good read.
  12. Tim at the awards banquet for the Veritas. It may work for the awardsy deco for the end of the month also. On the right is his SAC (Starfleet Archaeological Council) lapel pin. Meanwhile, Chythar...well, if he were here:
  13. My computer's too stupid to play this game right now. I need a smarter computer that won't crash when I load it.
  14. I've taken to using the ST:Beyond suit (see Carter Greyson's marine image) for some experimentation.
  15. So long as the food isn't alive, like in Klingon cuisine, I don't care if it's replicated.
  16. I'm seeing ST:A games played in this for some reason...it looks cool, and I want to try it.
  17. "I hear people talking about it all the time: the good, the bad, the middle ground. But what's Discovery? I don't have CBS Access."
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