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Ens. Luxa Lorana - We're not the only ones in this sandbox

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(( Bridge, USS Berlin))


Lorana was not a telepath like the Commander but she observed him in the uncomfortable silence that had fallen across the bridge of the Berlin.


Her enhanced hearing picked up the noises of the Berlin, Adea's fingers drummed against the arm of his chair, creating an uneasy rhythm to all of the other noises of the bridge, the instruments and the low thrumming of the ship itself. For her it was a symphony, a song that evoked an unknown danger.


In order to distract herself she focused on the job at hand, Lorana had completed her mapping, and set the ships scans to begin routinely scanning to collect data on the behaviour of the nebula. 


oO we may as well get some useful scientific data Oo


Caitians were curious creatures and Luxa more so than most. Some of the mapping she had extrapolated had begun to reveal curious oddities. There appeared to be pathways, ordinarily these would be created by regular starship vessels travelling through this area of space but surely that was not possible in the Paulson Nebula? 


A cough from one of the other officers brought her attention back to Adea and the others. 


Adea: Any change in the Artemis?


Lorana: No change. The communications array is down so they can't respond to our Comms. 


Lorana, at first, had suspected that the Artemis was bluffing attempting to get the Berlin to lower it's defences. The more time that passed the less it appeared to be the case. 


She thought of her friends over there. Her earlier misgivings about the drill began to creep back in and a sense of guilt washed over her. 


oO were we responsible for what's happening to the Artemis? Oo


Yellir: Response


Adea: I didn’t think there would be. 


Adea stood up and paced a little bit. She noted a slight limp, and remembered that he had a prosthetic leg. 


Adea: Right. Can we figure out a novel way of contacting them? Visually perhaps? Audibly? Something to find out what by the four is going on here.


Lorana: Commander, if we're assuming that this period of :: stumbles for the correct word :: pause, is due to a real issue, outside of the drill, then it's logical that the Artemis would be trying to contact us? They have no communications array, so they'll likely use external probes, buoys or lights. 


Yellir: Response 


Lorana turns to her station and runs an analysis on smaller objects around the Artemis, listening to the Chief Engineers suggestions while she works. 


Lorana: Triangulating for any communications signals coming from outside of the Artemis :: she catches a 'ping' :: That's weird. :: Checks again :: It's gone now, but I'm sure I got a reading. It wasn't Starfleet. Almost like sonar, some older transport vessels still use them to avoid detection, sir. They send a 'ping', almost like a bell in the night, for other vessels to triangulate their location. I'd have dismissed it as background noise of the nebula if I hadn't been specifically looking for alternative transmissions. 


She was familiar with this, the syndicate used them as well as non-Federation traders. The kind of people you don't want to encounter in a nebula. 


Lorana: I don't want to be too bold, Captain. :: Beat:: I think we're not the only ones playing in this sandbox? 


She transferred the mapping data, along with the suspected pathways in the nebula to Adea and Yellir's stations. Bringing up the larger map at her console, standing from her seat to indicate to the map, as she waited for them to digest the information.


Adea/Yellir: Response







Ensign Luxa Lorana
Science Officer
USS Artemis-A

I've been a fan of @LuxaLorana since she came aboard the Artemis, but this is a really lovely "nothing" sim. My act three opener for our current mission was intended to communicate time and boredom, and Olivia has seized upon that and taken it to wonderful depths. I particularly like the note on Genkos' drumming fingers and how she has built upon it beautifully. Keep up the good work!

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