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  1. After mulling it over, I'd have to stick with the Prime Directive's non-interference. Depending upon the situation, such as the lower-tech species being manipulated in a way that is harmful to them, I might intervene quietly.....
  2. Looks like a cross between a Federation and a Klingon ship to me..... "Delayed indefinitely" sounds pretty damn ominous.
  3. Now I need to find a way to shoehorn this into a piece of writing...... Antero, you still up for a beer and a fight with some Klingons.....? I'll need some volunteers to help run the place.......
  4. I've gone for Chekov as Santa, as we all know the stories of St Nick were first written by a little old lady from Russia..... For the Elf, I've said other; meaning Worf.......
  5. You mean you don't want the originals? Men and women with dodgy haircuts and smeared with gravy browning.....?
  6. I've now got the image of Flynn being just like Party Boy from "Jackass"....... Now that would liven up a briefing.......
  7. I'm probably being overly-picky, but when I read this was set about ten years before ST:TOS, I thought "Cool". Then I saw they're bringing in a completely new race my excitement took a bit of a hit. Why do we need a new species in this series? They'll need to be explained away seeing as they've never appeared in any other ST....... Picky, picky, picky......
  8. I suppose we could always start a support group for pastry addicts......
  9. My apologies to the other passengers on the shuttle, I ought to have introduced myself. Cadet Maxwell. I look forward to working with some of you in the future, provided our paths cross again.
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