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  1. Because we can feel that look and hear that tapping foot from forty decks away......?
  2. Not so much new characters, but I have a pair of PNPC's.... The first one is a Lt JG which is now equal to my character rank. She started out at that rank even when my character was an Ensign, but she wasn't "written" as a PNPC and was only made reference to. Since my character moved up a rank, she has become a 'proper' PNPC. The other PNPC is a Marine Private. The rank chosen deliberately so he's at the bottom of the food chain
  3. Oh lord.... "Confessions of a Starfleet Engineer" springs to mind.....
  4. Step 3: Try to remember if you got permission.....?
  5. Probably going to end up giving Maxwell a couple of kittens at some point Cats. I like cats......
  6. Actually, we're on a whopping great Trojan-class..... *ahem* I'll get my coat......
  7. Whoohoo! As a character note, the framed ones on the walls are actually 1970's originals. The ones in the rack are all from the replicator.....
  8. As long as he doesn't get me all blowded up in the process......
  9. So I've just stumbled across this by chance. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJ7zOFn0QYQ
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